How to wear a waist trainer correctly?

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New to waist training and wondering how to wear a waist trainer correctly?

How to wear a waist trainer correctly?These 5 simple steps will make it easier.

How to wear a waist trainer correctly? 5 simple steps to get you started

If it’s your first time wearing a waist trainer, you may be a little confused and unsure about the easiest way to put it on.

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Now, back to this article, follow the steps below for the easiest way to put on a waist trainer:

Step 1: Determine which side is up

Before you do anything, put the waist trainer on a flat surface, like a table or kitchen counter.

Figure out which part of the garment is the widest, and will be the bottom of the waist trainer and should go near your hips.

If your waist trainer has any labels or embroidered text, these might help you as well to figure out which way is up.

Step 2: Start from the bottom

Once you’re sure you’ve got it right, put on the waist trainer by starting at the bottom.

Start fastening the bottom of the waist trainer around the smallest part of your waist.

It’s usually somewhere around your belly button.

You shouldn’t have much trouble fastening the waist trainer if you start like this.

You’re putting the widest part of the waist trainer over the smallest part of your body.

If you cannot close the fasteners, then your waist trainer is most likely too small for you.

Step 3: Move the waist trainer down gradually

You will now fasten the waist trainer from the bottom going towards the top.

Close the hook and eye clasps one by one, from bottom to top.

As you work your way up, closing the fasteners will become more difficult.

This is because the waist trainer becomes narrower while your body becomes wider towards your chest.

Gradually move down the waist trainer over your lower abdomen to make it easier and continue closing up the fasteners.

Step 4: Confirm the waist trainer is positioned between your hips and your rib cage | How to wear a waist trainer correctly?

By the time you reach the top and have closed all the fasteners, you waist trainer should be in position.

The bottom part should be resting on your hips.

The top part should cover your lower ribs, also called the floating ribs.

The floating ribs are called this because they are not connected to the breast bone.

Step 5: Safety and comfort first

If you’re just starting out with waist training, it’s normal for it to feel very tight.

You’ll probably have difficulty bending your body around your waist because of it.

You’ll also sweat more around your waist due to this tight fit, but that’s normal.

However, it is not normal to be in pain, feeling uncomfortable, or having difficulty breathing.

Take off the waist trainer immediately if this is the case.

The garment may be incorrectly sized for your body or the model may not be suitable to your figure.

Consider returning the waist trainer and trying out a different size or model.

Don’t force anything or it too much so you don’t rip any seams or you won’t be able to return it.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable due to the fabric or latex, or your skin is irritated, try out another fabric or a latex-free product.

How to wear a waist trainer correctly? Conclusion

In summary, this is how to wear a waist trainer correctly:

  1. Make sure it’s the right way up
  2. Start fastening the bottom around your belly button
  3. As you continue fastening upwards, move the waist trainer downwards
  4. Once fully fastened, confirm the waist trainer sits between your hips and your rib cage
  5. Ensure your breathing is not restricted, you are not in pain, and that you feel comfortable

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