How to wear leggings properly? 6 Mistakes to avoid and 5 tips

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How to wear leggings properly? Leggings have transcended fashions and generations and are still cause for discussion.

How to wear leggings properly? 6 Mistakes to avoid and 5 tipsOften, leggings are pointed at and considered to be a garment that is not dressed up enough, looks too “cheap,” or does not suit all morphologies.

As a general rule, personal taste is the ultimate deciding factor in clothes. Leggings are different as they seem to be favored by most.  Avoid too short tops, choose the right shoes and accessories, and make sure that the material isn’t too thin, thus showing off all underwear.

However, leggings are one of the basic essentials of our wardrobe. This article will give you tips on how to wear leggings properly and how to combine them with other clothes.

And you’ll find an explanation on how not to wear them!

How to wear leggings properly? Introduction

The reputation of the leggings has been tarnished because of the wrong way people tend to wear them. Indeed, they have too often been confused with pants, matched with tops too short or too tight.

Then, its opaque aspect made it an alternative to tights, and it was associated with miniskirts or mini shorts.

And let’s not forget the many prints that could be found on the leggings of the early days: from sequins to leopard prints. Not easy to restore the image of the leggings after all that!

This article will give you tips on how to wear leggings well, especially how to combine them with other clothes.

Who can wear leggings?

Whether you are young or old, leggings have no age limit. Indeed, it is one of the only clothes you can wear from childhood to adulthood. Even if it has no age limit, it is more demanding in terms of morphology.

If the leggings are made from cheap, thin material they can let everything show. They will be more suitable for slim figures or those who do not have imperfections (such as cellulite, orange-peel skin, or bowlegs).

But don’t worry, if you have a more voluptuous body, you can also wear them. The most important thing will be to choose it well! Indeed, we favor a thick enough material but also a little compression. Paired with a flowing, loose-fitting top, it will give you a beautiful silhouette.

The legging is a basic that can be worn for any situation: at home, during sports practice, or at work.

Moreover, it takes up little space in your wardrobe and can be put on in a flash for your daily dressing. How to wear leggings is a different subject altogether.

The essential leggings

There are several types of leggings, and therefore the matchings will be different. Here are some examples:

The classic leggings

Often, the classic leggings are made of cotton or synthetic material, black in color, with a classic length and an elastic waist.

Tip: If you want to vary and avoid black, choose a neutral, dark shade like charcoal gray. Indeed, it will be much easier to compliment outfits around it.

To wear leggings well, pair them with something that contradicts them, such as an oversize blouse, a maxi woolen shirt, or simply a loose top. Choose loose and long tops and avoid crop tops or short tight tops.

Also, practice the “layering” technique which consists of layering clothes. Pair your leggings with belts, especially if you wear them with a loose shirt.

The chic version of leggings would be to wear them with a shirt, heels, and a blazer covering the buttocks.

The more casual version pairs them with a loose top, a shirt, and sneakers.

The jeggings

This garment is a mix of jeans and leggings. It was invented following the success of the leggings, which gave the manufacturers the idea for this hybrid model.

The jegging has a more worked aspect than the legging. You’ll find many with buttons, zips, and even sometimes pockets. It is easier to combine with short tops.

Tip: Choose neutral shades like classic or raw denim blue, gray, or black.

Leather or imitation leather leggings

This type of leggings is timeless and gives a rock side to your look. Just wear them with a tee-shirt that’s a little loose. For the sportswear version, pair it with a sweater and sneakers.

If you want to buy leather or leather effect leggings, please choose sober and matte. Opt for the matte rather than a shiny effect and avoid glitter or rhinestones.

Good to know: Do not combine it with a leather jacket as it could quickly turn into “too much”!

Tip: For a whole article with lots more detailed information about (faux) leather leggings, check out (Faux) leather leggings: A must-have for every woman’s wardrobe

The sport leggings

It is increasingly found in gyms, and it is necessary to choose a material appropriate for the practice of physical exercise. These materials are technical, and they will let your skin breathe, you will sweat less, and you will be more comfortable.

Good to know: Generally, technical materials have a shiny appearance.

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The cocooning leggings

Cocooning leggings are essential to accompany your winter evenings!

These would be preferably in wool that and matched with big socks and an oversized knit cardigan.

This style is ideal for staying at home in cocooning mode or even for a weekend outing in the woods.

Unforgivable mistakes

Now that you know the main categories of leggings, there are a whole series of tips for wearing them well.

Here are some mistakes to avoid if you want to wear your leggings well.

White leggings

Black leggings are a classic and should remain so! Avoid white leggings that can rarely be matched with any outfit!

Legging with borders

As the classic black was too sober, the manufacturers of leggings wanted to improve it by adding lace, rhinestones, or frills.

For children, it may be cute, but for adults, it’s a no go!

Transparent leggings

To be avoided outright so that no one can see your underwear! Indeed, it is enough that you bend a little or that the light is too strong for everyone to see your panties.  Embarrassing, right?

Leggings with a denim miniskirt

Even if you don’t want to wear s miniskirt with bare legs or tights, don’t wear leggings with this garment. In this case, go for opaque tights as an alternative.

“Cheap” combinations

Leggings are hard to match with other clothing and generally do not match well with low-end garments. So, you will have to be very careful when matching your clothes.

Too casual

Given its practicality, leggings are often paired with sneakers or a loose sweater.

Not so much now as “smart casual,” but more of a “laissez-faire look.”

5 tips for wearing leggings with style!

Here’s a list of 5 tips to follow if you want to wear your leggings in style:

Avoid tops that are too short

Ideally, pair your leggings with a long shirt, a tunic, or a long sweater to show off a nice silhouette.

Don’t wear it with tops that are too short and too tight.

Choose stylish accessories

It is essential to add some accessories to make the leggings feminine and achieve an urban look.

For example, change your sneakers for sandals or wedge sneakers in summer. Then, in winter, choose small ankle boots. Indeed, the city shoes will make the difference!

Also, accessorize this outfit with a trendy handbag, and you’re all set.

Dare to be a little fancy

Even if the black cotton leggings are a must, you can upgrade them by choosing more fancy models.

For example, there are ¾ leggings with macramé on the bottom of the leg, printed leggings, or even colored leggings.

So there are several options for choosing a trendy and elegant legging.

Cousin of the leggings, underwear fashion!

Want to be even more “chic”? Consider bell-bottom or wide-leg underpants. These two cuts are original and unusual, especially sculpting the curves without tightening them. Pair them with a lingerie-type camisole or a printed tee.

Advice for your budget

Think about second-hand and online clothing sales if you want quality leggings, but have a limited budget.

Also, don’t forget the sports stores where leggings are usually less expensive and more durable.

How to wear leggings properly? Conclusion

Whatever your age or size, leggings are suitable for every body type and generation! How to wear leggings is another thing, and although a fashion essential, it is essential to wear them well to avoid looking sloppy.

Often associated with sports or cocooning, leggings sometimes suffer from a bad reputation when wearing them in everyday life.

However, this garment has a real potential to create stylish outfits, and you just need to match it with the right clothes.

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