How to wear leggings with a dress in style?

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How to wear leggings with a dress is something that many ladies get wrong, and yet it’s so easy to get right.

How to wear leggings with a dress in style?Today, we find more and more leggings in fashion stores as an essential garment for our wardrobes.

As a general rule, it is easy to wear leggings with a dress in style. Make sure: that the fabric, patterns, and colors match, that the style of the dress allows for it to be paired with leggings, never to wear them as evening or formal wear, and to put your best foot forward with confidence!

It is sometimes tempting to wear leggings with a dress on the days when you do not want to have your legs exposed, so read on to make sure you get it right.

How to wear leggings with a dress: Introduction

Wearing leggings under a dress is easy, just put it on and then put the dress over it.

And yet, it’s essential to ensure that the length and style are correct and that you don’t look like a clown when you want to look trendy and sophisticated.

This article will give you all the necessary advice to wear your leggings under a skirt.

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Tips for combining dresses with leggings

One of the basic rules is to keep it simple. Indeed, if a legging is of a color or has patterns that you would not wear as tights, do not choose it! Indeed, it can sometimes be complicated to dress in printed leggings.

Also, keep in mind that this is a modern look by nature. Therefore, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pair leggings with a vintage dress, but you should be aware that you will be displaying a mix of styles.

It is quite possible to wear leggings with almost any dress. However, there are several factors to consider:

The length of the dress

One of the elements to consider is the length of the dress. Indeed, it will affect the appearance of the leggings you will wear underneath. There are three types of lengths:

Short or medium length

Generally speaking, short or mid-length dresses are best suited for pairing with leggings.

However, if you combine leggings with long dresses, they won’t add much to your outfit. Plus, it could be interpreted as ridiculous, especially if all you see are a few inches of a different color sticking out of the hem.


These are perfect to wear with leggings. In fact, miniskirts allow you to show off a bright and fun color while looking a little more modest than with bare legs.

Pairing miniskirts and leggings allows you to sit and stand more easily, without fear of showing more than you should.

Depending on the type of leggings you choose, they can also be very sexy.

Up to the knees

Dresses that end at the knee also look great with leggings. Again, you’ll get extra color and warmth if needed.

If you pair your dress with boots, leggings can replace tights. Indeed, sometimes socks can be more comfortable than tights inside a pair of boots.

Good to know: Tights have a smooth surface and are not as thick as socks. Therefore, your boots may not fit as well with them. In this case, you get comfort, modesty, and warmth.

Adjust accordingly

Choose tight leggings under dresses as they are the most effective. On the other hand, looser leggings can give you a “saggy” look.

However, they can be worn under a very loose and flowing dress. In this case, they should match the style and fabric.

Tip: If you are self-conscious about your knees and calves, wear three-quarter length leggings under a knee-length dress. This can make the dress look longer and slim your calves.

The fabric of the skirt

Any skirt pattern and fabric can be flattering with leggings.

Heavier, stiffer fabrics (like velvet or denim) are a little more suitable because they are less likely to cling to the legging material. However, consider the legging size if you prefer a lighter skirt fabric.

Opt for flat belts so that the outline does not show through the skirt, especially if the latter is higher than the leggings.

When it comes to miniskirts, today, regardless of age, all women can wear them.

Good to know: At the time, showing your knees was considered inappropriate for more mature women.

If a woman has beautiful legs, there is no reason to hide them! However, not all women want to show so much skin, so leggings allow you to have a bold style.

Be careful when mixing colors and patterns. Even if it’s a casual look, it’s best to reserve the brighter patterns for the dress or skirt and keep the leggings simple.

If you want to wear leggings more “wildly,” pair them with a tunic or shorts instead.

How to dress for the seasons

Some women think that combining leggings and dresses improves comfort, brings eccentricity, and also allows them to draw attention to beautiful shoes.

However, there are ways to wear this style for all seasons and weather!

You can wear something shorter than what you usually wear. This is especially interesting when you pair a loose dress with leggings on a windy day.

The sports leggings are more modest and more breathable than the tights. They help keep you comfortable all year long while keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.

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You can leave your feet bare and wear sandals while keeping your legs covered in summer.

In winter, wearing thicker leggings with socks and boots will keep you warmer than tights. Moreover, if they are black, they will give a slimming aspect.

On the other hand, you should avoid overcomplicating things.

While leggings may look elegant under dresses, they are still inappropriate for evening events.

For example, it’s better to be bare-legged than to wear your leggings on a hot summer night.

Also, even if you wear expensive leggings with elaborate patterns, it’s best to avoid them at cocktail parties and other semi-formal events.

Generally, wearing leggings under a dress is a casual look. Therefore, this style should not be applied to a non-casual event.

How to wear leggings with a dress: Conclusion

If you’re going to a casual event, you can wear leggings anywhere, no matter your age, and with any type of dress.

These new wardrobe essentials can help you hide your legs’ insecurities or offer a little warmth and modesty to an outfit that might not otherwise be appropriate.

Go for neutral-colored leggings, like black and navy blue, and you can pair them with your dresses.

Spice up your outfits with a few pairs of fun leggings that will draw attention to your gorgeous legs and turn some heads when you go out.

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