How to wear plus size leggings when you’re curvy?

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How to wear plus-size leggings when you’re curvy? So many plus-sized women shy away from leggings and they really don’t have to.

How to wear plus size leggings when you're curvy?Wearing leggings when you’re curvy is often scary because you fear what others may think of you. Who hasn’t seen the undesirable effects of badly cut or transparent leggings?

As a general rule, plus-size leggings are the best choice for curvy figures. Don’t go too small. The right material should be supportive and opaque to avoid any embarrassment and see-through incidents. Select the right shoes and make sure that your chosen top isn’t too short or too tight.

No need to panic! It’s totally possible to wear leggings well on a daily basis when you have curves and even look chic with them. Just read on.

How to wear plus size leggings when you’re curvy? Introduction

Comfortable, easy to put on, and ideal for an evening out or shopping, leggings have become essential in our wardrobe.

Often associated with a garment between pants and tights, it is suitable for all ages and all morphologies.

This article will give you tips to wear leggings when you have curves. Indeed, it is essential to pay attention to specific details to avoid certain oversights.

Let’s zoom in on the tips and mistakes to avoid for wearing leggings when you are curvy.

Choosing the right size leggings

Even though the elasticity of leggings allows all sizes to wear them, it is essential to choose the right size of leggings to look stylish and beautiful. Avoid too small sizes just to look “thinner.”

Preferably, choose long leggings. Short leggings and short sweat leggings risk giving a “sausage” effect. In addition, it can affect blood circulation in the calves.

Also, choose leggings with “support” because it preserves your abdominal belt while enhancing the shape of your silhouette.

Choose the right color and material

First, choose leggings that suit your style and taste. But when making your choice, go for sober and dark colors.

There is a wide range of leggings, with different colors and patterns. It is important to make the right choice of colors and materials and choose soft materials with good “compression.”

Wear tops that fit your body type

In association with your leggings, it is essential to choose suitable outfits. Forget about loose and baggy outfits that add unwanted volume to your silhouette.

If you wear long leggings, ideally wear them with sweater dresses, tunics, short dresses, oversized cardigans, lumberjack shirts, or loose sailor shirts, and all with a high belt.

The most important thing is choosing long tops that reach the buttocks.

Invest in quality leggings

Buying good-quality leggings can avoid some visual discomfort regarding the elastic of the fabric. For example, low-end clothing can become too visible or give you an unwanted pudgy look.

Choosing quality sports leggings also ensures that they stay in good condition longer after multiple uses and washes.

Select the right shoes

A good outfit will only be validated if it is accompanied by the right choice of shoes. When you wear your leggings, choose comfortable and versatile shoes.

We advise you to wear sneakers (the base of the casual outfit), pumps (for a guaranteed chic effect), wedges, boots, heeled sandals, or even classy ballerinas.

What to avoid

Overall, avoid anything that was not cited as a “good example” above. Yes, it’s a bit reductive, but it’s the best way to prevent a fashion faux-pas when wearing leggings.

Don’t think that these tips are only for women with curves. Leggings that are poor quality, colorful, have a leopard effect, are shiny, or have lace are not suitable for anyone, so it doesn’t matter if you wear size 36 or 42.

In summary, when it comes to leggings, you will have understood that “less is more.” Therefore, sobriety and quality are your best allies for a trendy and casual look.

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What to wear with leggings when you are curvy?

When you’ve found beautiful leggings that are sober and elegant but especially super comfortable, all that’s left is matching them with other clothes to create your daily looks!

Here are some golden rules for wearing leggings when you have curves.

Tops to choose from

Knowing that the leggings are super-tight by nature, we match them with a loose top or even slightly oversized. We avoid tight tops or too short tops. Instead, we try to play with beautiful volumes to create a harmonious silhouette.

The tunics are clothes that will go very well with leggings. For example, don’t hesitate to wear an asymmetrical tunic with your leggings or simply a shirt tunic (always a chic and fashionable essential).

You can also pair your leggings with a long sweater for a trendy sportswear look.

The oversized jacket

If you have a denim jacket a little too big, it will fit almost anything, including black workout leggings.

A crop-top bra or graphic tee with funky accessories is the perfect finishing touch.

Fashion faux-pas to watch out for

When putting together an outfit with leggings, there are two things to avoid: looking pudgy or looking like a bag.

To avoid that pouty look, just choose a flowing top that is a little long and banish Lycra tops and other tight-fitting fabrics.

To not look like a bag it’s not much more complicated. Don’t overdo it with the oversized top, and add a few accessories to make the whole look more chic.

The shoes we like with leggings

Regarding shoes, everything is possible or almost with a legging. Indeed, it all depends on the look you want to achieve.

Whether it is pretty sneakers or even a pair of pumps, ankle boots, or wedges, your choice will depend on the outfit you will wear.

Tip: don’t wear ballet flats that may make your feet look very big.

Ideas of looks with leggings when you are curvy

Here are some ideas for chic and stylish outfits to match with leggings when you are curvy:

  • Sporty look: high waist leggings + bra + sneakers
  • Chic and feminine look for the office: leggings + flowing blouse + long knitted cardigan + pumps.
  • Weekend casual look: leggings + long sweater + sneakers
  • Everyday chic and casual look: leggings + tunic + heeled boots.

8 tips for wearing leggings when you are curvy

As said before, the leggings are not only reserved for thin girls. Us girls with big curves also have the right to wear them!

However, if you are curvy and want to look great in your leggings, there are a few tips to follow.

Choose your leggings in your size

It may seem logical advice, but sometimes some women want to look thinner and wrongly think that buying a garment one size smaller will make them slimmer.

In fact, if you choose a legging that is too small, it will always ride up, and you will look like you are wearing Bermuda shorts.

Be careful with the length

It is advisable to choose a long legging that reaches the ankle when you have curves. Indeed, it will cut the calf and give a “sausage” effect if it is too short.

While if the leggings come to your ankle, they will lengthen your legs and silhouette.

A dark color

If you do not like your legs and decide to wear leggings, it is better to choose black leggings that perfectly camouflage the small complexes.

Light-colored leggings tend to highlight orange-peel skin, precisely what you don’t want to show!

Covering the buttocks

One of the basic rules when wearing leggings is to cover your buttocks to slim down the lower body!

Leggings are never worn as underwear but rather as tights, so we can match them with a sweater dress, a tunic, and a top that’s long enough.

High-quality leggings

If you are curvy and want to feel beautiful in your leggings, buying good quality is essential.

Indeed, it avoids that the elastics are too visible and that we look too tight and sulky in our leggings.

An opaque material

When we have curves, it is preferable to choose a black and opaque legging you can’t see through so we can better hide our minor defects.

We avoid satin materials, lace, or other frills that will only add volume to your silhouette.

The right choice of shoes

As previously explained, with a legging, you can wear a lot of types of shoes.

Choose high heels if you want a super sleek and slimmed-down silhouette. We opt for boots and sneakers for a more casual look for work.

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The tregging is the cousin of the legging and is usually made of vinyl, leather or faux leather.

Therefore, we avoid wearing these vinyl or leather materials that are not super comfortable, especially when we have rounder shapes.

But rest assured, treggings do not fit many people anyway, whether you are thin or round.

How to wear plus size leggings when you’re curvy? Conclusion

Even if you have curves, you can wear leggings and have a chic and casual outfit.

However, there are a few fashion faux pas to avoid in order not to have a sulky appearance.

The most important thing is to be confident when wearing your outfit with leggings and, above all, to own your curves and your femininity.

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