I want to start running but I’m embarrassed

Megan Smith
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I want to start running but I’m embarrassed… It’ s a common complaint of overweight people which we try to resolve in detail below.

i want to start running but I'm embarrassedAre you too embarrassed to go for a run? Are you afraid that other people will see your plus-size body in motion?

Then this motivational post is definitely for you!

We will share several interesting pointers to stop feeling embarrassed about running in public.

Many people desperately want to start running but are too ashamed to do so in an open space.

If you’re currently overweight, running in public may be beyond your comfort zone. However, here are a few practical ideas to get you started:

Find a running buddy to give you that extra push

Partner up with a friend to be your running pal. It doesn’t matter if they are seasoned runners or are newbies like you.

Having another person with you will keep your mind off any inhibitions you might have. Plus, friendship will make the run more fun.

There will be times you will absolutely need some inspiration.

A running companion can be a fantastic tool to find the motivation to continue throughout less pleasant times.

Bear in mind that the running community is very inclusive

Everyone was a new runner once. A lot of them started running much later than you think.

They remember what it means to be a new runner and will totally understand what it feels like.

Runners typically support other runners with enthusiasm, particularly ones just starting out.

Work out on a treadmill

If you are actually struggling about running in public, then use a sturdy treadmill adequate for your weight in the comfort and privacy of your home.

A treadmill will build up your endurance, which will make you feel more confident.

When you then shift to running outside, you won’t be as self-conscious.

A treadmill can likewise help you remain active during winter when it’s too cold or if other weather conditions are prohibitive.

Bonus: You can lose weight on a home treadmill too (which is good for your health and confidence).

Dress like a runner (I want to start running but I’m embarrassed)

Using the ideal clothes for exercising may help you feel more comfortable when running in public.

Sports-specific clothing sends out a message to others and yourself that you know what you’re doing (whether you do or don’t, it’s all about the impression).

Wear running shoes instead of generic gym shoes or tennis sneakers.

It will not only help you look better, but you will have a stronger and more confident stride.

Wearing modern fibers can help in reducing your general weight for a lighter, much faster run.

For the ladies, it’s essential to wear the best sports bra possible.

Bras that only offer a little structure and assistance might work well when you’re just walking around the house but may not be sufficient to avoid discomfort when running.

Register for a race for additional inspiration

Are you the master of procrastination? Do you need a challenge to get moving?

Then signing up for a race could be an excellent source of motivation for you.

It provides a timeline for your training and serves as motivation, and will spur you past any embarrassment you may feel.

A tangible objective will encourage you to conquer any stumbling blocks on your way to becoming a seasoned runner.

It will also arouse the competitive side in your soul. Because who wishes to be the last one crossing the goal? Not you, right?

Remember that the majority of people you pass will not see you

The majority of people are so involved in their own lives that they will not notice you as you go by. If they do see you, it will only be fleetingly.

How many people do you encounter which you don’t remember? Honestly, most people won’t pay any attention to you.

And if they do, it’s unlikely that they will know if you’ve just run around the block and dropped to a walk to catch your breath.

Camouflage yourself (I want to start running but I’m embarrassed)

On a practical level, using a hoodie can help you look great while you’re running.

Several runners use a hoodie throughout each running session, even if they’ve lost 40lbs since they first started exercising.

For them, anything that boosts their confidence while working out is worth doing, so the hoodie stays.

Run with a newbie running group

Lots of running groups have newbies, and there are also many new running groups forming every day.

Try to find groups in your area; you might want to consider using Facebook or other forms of social media.

Being with a group of novices will make you feel less conspicuous on the roads. There are a lot more newbies out there than you realize!

Run in the dark if you don’t want any company

Run before sunrise. Not only will it be too dark for people to see you, but it will also probably be too early for others to see you.

You can also run after sundown. Just be careful of traffic. You might wish to think about reflective clothing for vehicles to see you easily.

Use mantras to motivate yourself

If you start to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed out on the roads, remind yourself that you’re not stuck at home on the couch. You’re running!

Use easy phrases like “I can do this” or “One more step” to keep yourself moving forward. Seriously, you’ve got this!

A Positive Mental Attitude is important to revel in lasting weight-loss success.

Tip: Be sure to read our page about how to lose weight on the treadmill to boost your weight loss efforts even more.

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