Important gaming chairs features that you need

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What kind of important gaming chairs features are definitely worth their money?

important gaming chairs features that you needIt’s fair to say that the top reasons for choosing a gaming chair boil down to comfort, efficiency and physical health at your workstation.

If you’re an avid player, who typically spends hours and hours in front of a console, you should choose the best gaming chair possible.

Many feel it is imperative to ensure correct posture and help gamers win more.

Read on to understand why…

What are the benefits of gaming chairs?

We cannot stress enough the importance of ergonomics; chairs with a good ergonomic structure are developed specifically to fit your body and accommodate the spine curvature.

The study into these chairs ensures maximum comfort for your back, neck, and shoulders.

Using them will prevent the usual aches and pains that hit anyone who keeps the same position for long periods.

A correct posture will also ensure good blood circulation, which will go a long way in keeping gamers healthy and well despite their sedentary lifestyle.

This naturally leads to gamers being less distracted by discomfort or pain, thus concentrating more on their game and making it more likely to win.

Even if you’re just looking for a comfortable solution for your workplace, gaming chairs are versatile enough to be used in an office or a desk.

10 Important gaming chairs features you want your gaming chair to have

Are you ready to embark on your search for the best gaming chair possible? Let’s go!

Before checking your options, you really should ensure that you know which gaming chair suits best.

We thought it would be helpful to list 10 must-haves to look for:

Ability to adjust

This is quite a vast task for a chair and refers to practically everything, including the seat height range to the tilt angles of the backrest.

The very best will offer various choices and accommodate players who are either very short or very tall.

As for tilt angles, look for gaming chairs that sport a tilt lock feature that can be locked in numerous angles, allowing for different back positions.

Quality frame, base and wheels

Funnily enough, it seems that these features are rarely given the importance they deserve.

They may not directly affect neck and back support, but they do determine the chair’s sturdiness and durability.

The best choice vis-a-vis durability is a metal frame, while bases with a minimum of 5 feet are the ones to go for.

You might also want to find a model with quiet casters (wheels). You really don’t want to hear your chair creaking while you’re using it. 🔊

Read our related article How much weight can a gaming chair hold? for more details about gaming chairs and their maximum weight limit.

Comfy cushioning: Important gaming chairs features

Go for memory foam for your cushion and you’ll be eternally grateful for it.

It’s firm enough to support you while being soft enough to offer a great deal of comfort.

It also doesn’t sag when compared to others. The same can be said for cold foam.

Top-quality upholstery

This refers to seat covers, and there’s a good choice on the market for this.

Natural leather is an excellent choice if looking for quality and sturdiness.

Mesh is often the preferred choice of those looking for a material that breathes well and is cooler on the body.

The soft and reliable support that mesh provides also makes it quite popular, especially if the gaming chair is intended primarily for your place of work.

Appropriate measurements

This is often overlooked, and you’ll understand its importance after reading on.

In short, this refers to the maximum body weight and height that the chair can hold.

For example, a gaming chair that fits your body specifications can go a long way in offering maximum comfort.

Make sure that your choice allows you a good range of movements for your arms, changing the seat height and tilting the backrest as much as is needed.

Outstanding compatibility

What you need from your chair in terms of compatibility depends on what sort of gaming you do, whether it’s PC or console gaming.

If you use your PC or laptop, you can opt for a gaming chair also intended for office work.

On the other hand, if you’re a console gamer, you’ll want to consider a more specialized version.

Check what chair is right for you in every little detail before you spend your cash! 💵

Armrests that are well-built

We certainly agree with putting emphasis on neck and back support.

But all too often, wrist and arm support are overlooked, when in fact, they need the same high degree of attention.

Even more if you’re a gamer who needs to press buttons and uses a keyboard.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into PC or console gaming, the armrest is vital to arm and wrist care.

Instead, choose a chair with armrests that can be adjusted to just the right angle to your body, so your arms are resting comfortably.

Ergonomically constructed

We know we seem to harp a lot on ergonomics but bear with us.

This feature is the one most related to health, posture and comfort, or in other words, how much can a chair adapt to your body.

The primary focus of an ergonomical gaming chair is back support, especially the lower part. You must ensure that the backrest has sufficient curvature to give optimal support.

The chair must also be high enough to support the whole of your back, right up to your shoulders and head.

General design: Important gaming chairs features

Here we refer to perhaps the more fun part of your search, looking at those extra features which catch your eye.

A bucket seat is easily recognized by its raised sides that offer the feel of a safety seat, which is especially desirable for racing games.

You might like the look of a chair with a waterfall design that alleviates pressure on the thighs.

A winged backrest not only looks fabulous… It will help you maintain stability, regardless of your movements.

If you’re serious about upgrading to a gaming chair, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all the choices on the market.

Instead, make sure you know what you want, and you’ll find it much simpler to decide. The above is a valuable guide.

Removable head and lumbar pillows

Back and head support on gaming chairs comes as a standard feature; however, some may offer models wherein this support may be removed and re-attached as needed.

Back pillows really do give that added support, but you must make sure to pick one that can be easily adjusted to your height.

The same goes for the head pillow. If it doesn’t fit well, then you’re better off without it.

Important gaming chairs features: Conclusion

Yes, we’re convinced. Gaming chairs are the cherry on the cake but you must do your homework to avoid getting ripped off.

Let’s list again some of the major considerations you simply and unequivocally must look out for before buying a gaming chair.

Use this list of essential factors to consider when buying a gaming chair, and tick off every suggestion before deciding:

  • Is this the right chair for me? (does it have what you need if you’re a console player, or is it a PC gaming chair?)
  • Can it support my weight? Read Gaming chair tips for plus-size gamers for more details regarding weight limits of gaming chairs
  • Does my height fall within the recommendations for this chair?
  • Is the construction quality the best I can afford? Definitely check our list of best gaming chairs for big men to discover some of the best options for plus-size gamers!
  • Does this chair offer good ergonomic support?
  • Are the chair dimensions adequate for my body type?
  • Does it offer the flexibility I need in terms of adjustments?
  • Is this chair compatible to use where I need it?
  • Does this chair appeal to me visually?
  • Is the cushioning and/or upholstery of this chair comfortable and breathable?
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