Indoor trampoline VS outdoor trampoline: Which one to choose?

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Indoor trampoline VS outdoor trampoline is one of the very first things to consider when you’re looking to buy a trampoline.

Indoor trampoline VS outdoor trampoline: Which one to choose?Trampolines come in so many varieties. Luckily, choosing the right one is easy after considering a few parameters. Currently, the available trampoline models can be used in the garden and inside the house.

As a general rule, considering whether to get an indoor trampoline vs an outdoor model depends on the end user. Is it for a baby, a child, or an adult? Are you looking to have fun, or are you using it as a fitness tool? Do you have enough space outdoors in your yard or garden for a safety net?

You want to have a trampoline, but you don’t know where to install it? Whether it’s an indoor trampoline or a garden trampoline, we’ll tell you how to make the right choice.

Read on to learn how to make the best choice according to your needs.

Indoor trampoline VS outdoor trampoline: Introduction

Before you move on to buying a trampoline, you should ask yourself who will use the trampoline.

There are many varieties of trampolines, and each product is designed to suit the age of the users. According to the characteristics of the model, we find these copies:

  • Baby trampoline
  • Children’s trampoline
  • Adult trampoline

If you want a baby trampoline, most existing models are trampolines for indoor installation.

They usually have a small diameter compared to a conventional trampoline.

The structure is designed to accommodate small children, and their small size is well suited for a room with enough space.

If a child will enjoy the new trampoline, a garden trampoline is recommended where they can let all their restlessness out.

Besides, a trampoline with a safety net is not suitable for use in the home, except for baby trampolines.

When it is the older children who want to use a trampoline, there are many choices. For example, there are adult outdoor trampolines and indoor trampolines, better known as mini fitness trampolines.

An outdoor trampoline is often just for fun, playing around, and performing jumps and tricks. In contrast, the mini fitness trampoline is dedicated to exercise or treating physical conditions.

Why choose an indoor trampoline?

Indoor trampolines are currently the least numerous on the market. Indeed, the models are limited to mini fitness trampolines and baby trampolines.

This makes sense since it is impossible to install a large trampoline with a safety net in a house.

When you want to give a nice gift to young children, the items available are those with a small jumping area. For example, a baby trampoline has a size that is well compatible with the size of a room.

These models come in two distinct formats: the trampoline with a protective bar and the miniature trampoline with a safety net.

The trampoline with the protective bar is very similar to the fitness trampolines, except their features are quite different.

The miniature trampoline with a safety net can be installed in any room of the house. Indeed, its dimensions are specially designed for indoor use.

The mini fitness trampoline is designed for sports use, mainly for adults who use it as training material.

However, older children can also use this type of mini trampoline if they want to practice.

Before your purchase, your choice of an indoor trampoline is right if:

  • The outdoor space does not allow the installation of a garden trampoline
  • You want to exercise while staying at home
  • Sports (and music) are part of your daily life
  • You want to have a fun and sporty equipment for your children
  • You have a young child, and you want to introduce him to the concept of fun and exercise

Why choose a garden trampoline?

As its name suggests, the outdoor trampoline is the classic model found in a garden. This is the structure with several accessories for optimal use.

The garden trampoline is usually equipped with a safety net, a ladder, and a ground anchor kit. The design is quite different from a mini trampoline since the jumping mat has a much larger diameter.

In addition, their frame and springs are designed to withstand every force generated by a jump.

Suppose you have a large enough area to accommodate a trampoline in your garden or yard. In that case, the garden trampoline is the one for you.

This type of trampoline comes in many varieties, so you should select according to your requirements. Each product has its own characteristics and accessories, so choose according to the users.

When we talk about users, children over 6 years old and adults can use a large trampoline.

Unfortunately, children under this age must make do with a baby trampoline.

Buying a large trampoline allows the whole family to have fun. Apart from the entertainment aspect, the outdoor trampoline is excellent sports equipment. It offers you the opportunity to spend time with loved ones while having fun.

Choosing an outdoor trampoline is possible if:

  • Children are over 6 years old
  • The mini trampoline may not satisfy children or adults
  • You want to take advantage of a playful and sporty equipment
  • You have a clear land ideal for its location

What to keep in mind before selecting the ideal trampoline?

Before selecting the ideal model, you must first identify your who is using it. If the trampoline is exclusively for a baby, you should choose a mini indoor trampoline.

Then there is no better choice than an outdoor trampoline for children over 6 years.

Depending on the needs of adults, they can opt for large diameter trampolines or a mini fitness trampoline.

Whatever trampoline you want to have, you must make sure that it is designed according to strict standards. In addition, their manufacturing quality must be top-notch to ensure safe use.

Since a trampoline will be used for a long time, go for high quality.

If you are buying an outdoor trampoline for the first time, you must choose a package that includes a safety net. This way, you can make every jump without fear of falling out.

Tip: For more help on choosing a trampoline with or without a safety net, check our other article Trampoline with or without safety net? Safety tips and insights

Trampoline accessories like a ground anchor kit, ladder, and cover can be included in the product. Some items do not have one, but it is recommended to have as many accessories as possible.

Indeed, all these elements contribute to the good use of the trampoline. If the package does not include accessories, check that some parts are sold separately.

If it is a first mini fitness trampoline, your checklist will be different.

Generally, springs or elastics are used to hold the jumping sheet in place. Each type of support has its own properties, and you will choose according to the characteristics you are looking for.

The trampoline price does not really influence the choice between an outdoor or indoor structure. This setting will only come into play when you are about to compare trampolines in the same category.

And if your decision between an indoor trampoline and a garden trampoline has already been made, you just need to choose the suitable model.

Indoor trampoline VS outdoor trampoline: Conclusion

After reading this article, you should have found out that it’s not so difficult to choose.

The end user and your available space play critical roles in your choice, so after having taken those into consideration, it’s time to go shopping!

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