Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Pros and cons

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Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? The answer is yes.

Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Pros and consBut what if you can’t afford it?

Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Introduction

The time has come again: all your favorite bras are worn out and you really need to go to the store for a new pair.

You search through the racks, scan some price tags and are faced with a dilemma.

Do you go for the quick fix and walk out with a cheap bra or do you invest three or four times as much for the long term?

Let’s assume that not everyone has the above choice because of budgetary constraints.

Of course, a cheaper bra will always do the trick in such cases.

But if you do have a little more to spend, what is the best choice?

We list the pros and cons of cheap and more expensive bras.

Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Benefits of a cheaper bra

They are cheaper than expensive bras

Obviously. Duh. Less money.

Less expensive means more bras for the same money

It can be a hefty investment if you really need to buy several at once.

You  can buy three to four cheaper bras at the price of one expensive one.

Easily and conveniently available

You can find cheaper bras not only in specialized lingerie stores but also at larger clothing brands and chains.

If you had to be there anyway, it’s easy to grab a new bra off the rack too.

Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Disadvantages of a cheaper bra

They do not last as long

The price difference between bras is mainly in the quality of the material.

Cheaper bras are usually made from inferior materials so they will wear out faster than those made of high-quality fabrics.

Often this has to do with, among other things, thread density: the more densely woven the fabric is, the longer it stays beautiful.

But because more fabric is then processed per square centimeter, it is often also more expensive.

This actually applies to substances in general as well.

You might think: cotton is cotton, but it’s not.

High-end clothing and lingerie brands use only the cotton threads that do not have balls on them.

The leftovers are used again for cheaper clothing and bedding.

The bra is less ergonomically shaped

Cheaper bras are usually mass produced. That in itself is not a bad approach but it does mean that less time is put into finishing and imparting a fit to the bra.

In addition, a cheaper bra is made up of fewer parts than an expensive bra, which makes the bra more difficult to adjust for a particular shape or size of breasts.

Not always available

Cheaper bras are often only available in the most common sizes. For example, do you have a small size, but a large cup? Or the other way around?

Then there’s a real chance that you won’t be able to turn to cheaper brands.

This is because making such special sizes is expensive and does not always fit into the production process of a mass brand.

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Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Benefits of a more expensive bra

A good bra lasts for years

Because the quality of the fabrics in an expensive bra is often better than in a cheap bra, it will last much longer.

And this is also the case if you do not wash the bra by hand but in the washing machine.

The fabric is less likely to lose quality, the lace is less likely to deteriorate, and the elastic in the band is less likely to stretch.

The fit is often better

An expensive bra consists of more parts than a cheap bra.

An expensive bra easily consists of more than 40 different parts and pieces of fabric; a cheap one often consists of far fewer parts.

The more components there are, the more specifically the fit of a bra can be tailored to a particular breast type.

As a result, more time and attention is automatically put into making such a bra which also benefits the quality.

Special sizes are also available

Since making a bra is more time consuming with more expensive brands than with the cheaper ones, they might as well include special sizes in the production process.

As a result, there is actually a bra for everyone in the right size at more expensive brands.

For bigger bras in particular, have a look at our best bras for big boobs page.

Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Disadvantages of a more expensive bra

They are pricey or even expensive

A quality bra costs a nice sum of money. Never mind if you need a number of them.

We often even have shoes and winter coats in the house that are cheaper than that.

If you have to go through life with budgetary constraints, an expensive bra is not always an option.

Matching panties and thongs are also expensive

Many women do want a matching set.

But that means you also have to buy the more expensive thongs and panties to go with the bra and so the whole fun package costs a nice chunk of money.

More difficult to obtain

Not every town has a specialized lingerie store.

It can take some searching to find a nice luxury bra if you are in need of one.

Tips for nuancing the investment

A tip to justify the high purchase price: calculate what it would cost each time you wear it.

If a cheap bra breaks down after 60 days of wear, but a more expensive bra (twice the price) lasts 240 days (4 times as long), the more expensive bra is therefore still cheaper in the long run.

Do you find it difficult to estimate how long a bra will last? Ask an experienced salesperson for advice.

Even if you have a slightly different size, it could make sense to invest in a more expensive bra that is the right size.

Is it worth it to buy expensive bras? Conclusion

It is one of those times when an expensive bra is worth the credit card bill.

It’s still a matter of weighing up what you’re willing to spend on a bra and what your needs are in terms of wear time and comfort.

If you are easily satisfied with how a bra fits, it may not be necessary to pay more.

But if you take off a bra as quickly as possible at the end of the day, it might be worth checking whether this is due to the its quality.

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