Is sauna good to lose belly fat? Weight loss myths debunked

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Is sauna good to lose belly fat? Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in a hot room, while that stubborn belly roll slowly melts away.

Is sauna good to lose belly fat? Weight loss myths debunkedBut losing weight just by sitting in an overheated room… Is that at all possible?

In the sauna, temperatures run high and you start to sweat quickly which is, of course, the purpose of a sauna.

Through sweat, waste products come out of your body and your body will be purified after the sauna visit.

As a general rule, regular sauna visits alone will never remove stubborn belly fat, but it has other health advantages that shouldn’t be ignored, such as improved circulation. A sauna is useful for lasting weight loss when combined with the right exercise and healthy eating.

However, you may have come across a statement you will also lose weight because of the fluid loss. Because all this moisture loss via perspiration should eventually lead to weight loss, right?

Well, it’s not quite that simple. So, it’s well worth diving into the details below to find out.

Is sauna good to lose belly fat? Introduction

Lose weight by going to the sauna is a myth, constantly circulating as many people step on the scale before a sauna visit and discover that they have lost weight after the sauna visit.

This weight loss can only be explained by fluid loss and it does not mean that you will lose weight in the long run. After all, you will quickly regain the lost moisture afterward when you drink water.

Your body itself will also ensure that your fluid levels return to normal.

In a sauna, you will sweat a lot and lose a lot of moisture. Your body itself notices that you lack fluid and will ensure that your fluid level will return to normal values.

That way, you will naturally return to the weight you were at before the sauna visit.

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Better blood flow to the body

So in a sauna you won’t be able to lose weight but that doesn’t mean a sauna doesn’t have other benefits.

In fact, thanks to increased sweating, you will more easily remove waste products from your body. In addition, your blood vessels will expand due to the higher temperatures.

This ensures better blood flow throughout the body. Oxygen is better transported through the body and excess fluid will be more easily removed.

Benefits of saunas

Visiting the sauna will not make you lose weight. But of course there are other benefits to having a sauna.

The advantage of a sauna is that you can get rid of waste products and excess moisture from your body more smoothly.

This is because blood flow to the body is improved. This is obviously good for your body and overall health. Furthermore, during a sauna, you unwind and have the opportunity to relax for a while.

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Combining sauna with exercise for optimal effect

Do you suffer from excess weight?

It can be interesting to combine sports and sauna baths.

Do you really want to lose weight? Then you’d be better off swimming laps, jogging, biking, etc.

Visiting the pool where you swim many laps, for example, allows you to lose weight thanks to the calorie burn.

However, spending time in the sauna will not suddenly make you burn more calories.

A sauna is an ideal tool for relaxation and complementing a sports session. By visiting the sauna, you will unwind and enjoy some relaxation. And the optimal elimination of waste products is a nice bonus.

Don’t neglect your nutrition

Through sauna bathing you lose weight but you certainly do not lose fat.

Exercise is indicated to burn calories and fat.

In addition, you should focus on a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat smaller portions regularly and never skip meals.

The ultimate combination to lose weight?

Sport in combination with a healthy diet in combination with regular sauna baths.

Slimming down remains a gradual process

To promote the breakdown of fat reserves, we must simply feed our bodies fewer calories than are required for daily activities.

Slimming down is still a very gradual process. You can start it perfectly in combination with sauna baths if you think smartly about your diet.

Avoid excessive portions and avoid soft drinks, beer and spirits (almost all of which are high in calories).

Therefore, drink plain mineral water or unsweetened mineral and vitamin-rich fruit juice. A little fasting after the sauna doesn’t hurt anyone (sleep easily displaces our hunger).

Would you like to combine a sauna visit with fasting? Never start sauna bathing with an empty stomach as there may be circulatory difficulties. The day after the sauna is best suited for fasting.

You can achieve maximum effect if you change your diet in combination with regular exercise and regular sauna baths.

Installing a sauna yourself?

Do you want to focus purely on losing weight? Then it’s better to focus on exercising first and supplement this ritual with sauna baths as a bonus.

But to relax, the sauna is ideal. Moreover, it is an ideal tool to remove waste products from the body better.

Would you like to be able to enjoy your own sauna? Then you can have a look at the assortment of various manufacturers for a wide selection of quality saunas at different price points.

Is sauna good to lose belly fat? Conclusion

We’d love to say that having regular sauna sessions is the only thing you need to remove that belly roll but it’s not.

On the other hand, it has many added benefits that will certainly help if combined with regular exercise and the right nutrition.

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