Is tent camping better than RV? Which is right for you?

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Is tent camping better than RV?

Is tent camping better than RV? Which is right for you?Easy to answer: what do you want? Do you want the raw, ultimate camping experience, or do you want something more comfortable?

Why should you go camping and how would you do it (with a tent or with an rv)?

Camping is more affordable in terms of rates.

There are activities for children at the campsite (swimming pool, games etc.) and it offers several types of accommodation.

Is tent camping better than RV? Introduction

How to choose  between renting a mobile home or a pitch in a tent?

Let’s list the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile home vs. tent.

Is tent camping better than RV? The mobile home

Before showing you the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile home, let’s remind you what a mobile home is.

It is a dwelling of (traditionally) rectangular shape.

It can be used as a permanent residence (annual rental, for example) or as a secondary residence (weekly rental for vacations).


The mobile home is more economical than a hotel room in terms of price, especially if you go with your family.

You will have all the necessary comforts to share social moments, since there is a living room and kitchen.

Renting a mobile home gives you access to the various activities offered by the leisure park or campsite where it is located.

These campsites often offer children’s clubs, dance parties, but also sports activities in a pool or gym.


The mobile home is a fairly high end vacation accommodation with a higher price than a tent pitch.

It is sometimes frowned upon. as it is not thought to be accommodation in the true spirit of camping.

Reasons why you should rent a mobile home

Renting a mobile home is the ideal solution for a family camping trip.

If you have more than one child, this is the perfect option, as it allows you to enjoy comfortable and spacious accommodation.

Your family members can organize themselves freely, move around, and enjoy a wide range of leisure and sports activities.

The mobile-home offers an appreciable comfort of life especially when you have small children or when you are camping with elderly people.

Is tent camping better than RV? Privacy

Choose a mobile home if privacy is important to you.

This small house will allow you to have a real closed and secured place.

Once you walk through the front door, you’ll feel right at home and be able to move around.

You won’t be sharing your living quarters and bathroom with outsiders.

It is the ideal way to live the camping experience with family or friends.

Comfort and good value for money

The mobile home offers all the necessary comforts and equipment that can be found at home.

These include space, a fully equipped kitchen, or even a large terrace.

Of course, having your own home for the vacations allows for a more intimate atmosphere, especially with the family.

Also, the quality-price ratio is totally in your favor.

Prices are affordable for what the mobile home offers in terms of equipment.

Access to all services and activities of the campground would also be included.

While living comfortably you will still be able to enjoy all the amenities (sturdy commercial swing sets for example) offered by a campsite for kids and adults alike.

Finally, it is also possible to buy a mobile home, just as some people buy a second home.

It can be a solution to enjoy the camping during the whole summer.

Some campsites do not accept RVs so remember to ask beforehand.

Is tent camping better than RV? The tent

Before explaining its positive and negative points, let’s define the word tent first.

A tent is a temporary, collapsible dwelling made of a rigid frame covered with canvas.

The campgrounds are designed to offer dedicated tent sites (flat ground, sanitary blocks, access to water and electricity, etc.).

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Honestly? The tent is the essence of camping!

Indeed, the purists will say that being in a tent is the true philosophy of camping.

Being close to nature, living in the open air, picnicking on a folding table with folding chairs is the ultimate experience.

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Moreover, camping in a tent allows you to practice activities in nature with your friends, your family.

Campers also enjoy a certain spirit of conviviality.

Economically speaking, it’s the cheapest choice.

This allows for an extra budget to enjoy other activities during the vacations.


Staying in a tent can be more complicated with young children.

Indeed, they have many needs (to be changed, to be fed, to sleep comfortably), which leads to more things to carry.

These are of course in addition to the tent and other essential furniture.

Fortunately, you can rent some equipment from the campsite and won’t have to carry it around.

The biggest disadvantage is of course the weather; it can ruin or flood your tent and equipment.

The quality/price ratio

If you’re looking for unbeatable value for money, a bare site to pitch your tent is the place to go.

This is the cheapest accommodation you will find at the campsite, ideal for those on a budget but still allowing you to enjoy all the activities of the campsite.


If you want to discover and experience the camping atmosphere 100%, you should choose a tent.

There are several reasons for this choice.

First of all, traditional camping is historically about pitching a tent!

The appearance of caravans, then motor homes and mobile homes only served to evolve to more comfortable levels.

The tent allows you to revel in a campers’ atmosphere.

The one where you live in the middle of nature, awakened by the sunrise and lulled by the sound of crickets at nightfall.

The one where you meet people during a washing up session in the common areas, that you finally meet again for an aperitif the same evening.

As you can see, camping in a tent is a whole way of life.

If you’re looking for that atmosphere, then you know what to choose!

Is tent camping better than RV? Conclusion

Whether it is a rental or a pitch, a mobile home vs a tent, they all offer great vacations and a chance to get away from it all.

Vacations are more mobile in a mobile home, and you enjoy the wind of freedom!

With a pied-à-terre at the campsite, you are free to move around and visit the area.

Opting for a camping site for your tent or mobile home also allows you to live in the heart of nature.

You can have, just for you, a private space in the middle of greenery or closer to services and amenities. Your call.

Manage your vacation and your stay by creating your own quiet living space with a camping trip.

Thank us when you get back!

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