Is there any benefit to a gaming chair? Insights for plus-size people

Megan Smith
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Is there any benefit to a gaming chair? is a valid question asked by people of all sizes and weights.

is there any benefit to a gaming chairWith the increase in popularity, a question about gaming chairs frequently pops up: Are gaming chairs really necessary?

And believe it or not, it’s a serious bone of contention.

Opinions are usually split down the middle: some prefer gaming chairs, while others wouldn’t change their standard office chair for the world.

So who’s in the right? We’ve decided to check it out.

Are video gaming chairs overrated and too expensive?

Sometimes gaming chairs are thought of as being too expensive.

Sometimes the brand name pushes up the price, and you end up simply paying more for the name rather than the product itself.

Some argue that there are just as good office chairs as gaming ones and at a much lesser cost and that retain the same features and quality.

We’ve come across articles claiming that gaming chairs are not worth the cost.

However, they often go to the extreme and showcase brands at the high end of the market, simply due to their popularity.

The more you pay, the higher your expectations, and you may end up disappointed simply because the functionality and comfort of the chair don’t match the price.

So the answer to the question is simple. Not all gaming chairs are overpriced.

But as in everything, some command a higher premium simply because of their brand name rather than anything else.

Is a gaming chair right for you?

Let’s face it: Video gaming chairs are glorified workplace chairs with a very simple purpose: To make those long hours of studying, working, and gaming sessions more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a somewhat distinctive chair to complement your office setup, then yes, a gaming chair is a great option!

Comfort (Is there any benefit to a gaming chair?)

Video gaming chairs are genuinely comfortable.

They’re called gaming chairs for a reason: gamers sit down for hours on end.

It’s no different from buying a quality bed mattress.

And if you’re sitting down for more than 6 hours a day, then a video gaming chair can be an excellent financial investment!

If you’re spending so much time on it, then you may as well buy the best gaming chair possible. They usually boast a reliable warranty too.


Quality is another major factor. No matter how much you pay, you should have the maximum quality offered.

We’ve discovered that the different prices for models of the same brand are usually determined by the size of the chair.

It’s a reasonable cost. Higher production expenses are triggered by the need for more materials, such as the frame and foam cushioning.

Learn more about the materials used by reading our article What are gaming chairs made of?.

And don’t forget those little extras such as various armrest positions (although we have found that these account for little of the price).

To make things easier, we thought we’d make a list of all the gaming chair pros and cons that we encountered.

Gaming chair pros: Is there any benefit to a gaming chair?

  • Unique & initial style
  • Steel frame (in many cases)
  • Several excellent heavy-duty gaming chairs are available with a high maximum weight limit (Read How much weight can a gaming chair hold? for more detailed information)
  • Inclinable backseat (as much as 180 ° in some cases)
  • A lot of adjustable parts: Armrests, cushions, height, tilt, tilt stress
  • 2-year warranty on parts on the majority of designs and long (10+ years) on the frame
  • Sturdy and heavy (the lightest gaming chair can still weigh around 55 lb, with larger ones hitting approximately 85 lbs.)

Gaming chair cons

  • Not genuinely ergonomic: All video gaming chairs come with a back cushion. Without it, the back doesn’t have an ergonomic style.
  • The distinct design of a gaming chair may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The back and seat side wings may make it uneasy for bigger users (especially if you have broader shoulders or thighs) since they become part of the steel frame and may look good but are not always practical.
  • Knockoffs everywhere: Because of the growing popularity of video gaming chairs, there are a lot of knockoffs on the market. Please ensure you purchase from an authorized dealer. Don’t spend money on a cheap copy as you will regret it later on.
  • Branding can be too expensive. Gaming chairs often display way more branding compared to workplace chairs. Look at an expensive, branded gaming chair for example. You’ll find its logo everywhere (on the back, headrest and cushions).
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