Metal vs wood swing sets for heavy people

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Are you torn between metal vs wood swing sets for heavy people? Have a look at the pointers below to help you choose!

Metal vs wood swing sets for heavy peopleWe’ll compare the two kinds of swing sets for heavy-duty use. Most metal swing sets are created for business playgrounds.

They’re known for their long-term strength. They can usually hold up to more weight.

Most backyard swing sets are made out of wood, though.

Still, there are a few producers of durable metal swings developed for plus-sized adults and kids.


Overall, metal playsets don’t need maintenance. Unless the metal covering is scratched or chipped.

Typically, wooden swing sets need to be painted every 1-3 years. However, wood playsets can last a lifetime if you take a little care.

The maintenance can be done by a regional wood carpenter.

It’s essential to check all parts regularly. No matter which material the swing set is made of, it needs to be checked often.


Not all swing sets are as adjustable. Wood playsets usually have more options. Some even have customizable styles.

Swing sets made out of metal are usually sold as pre-designed kits. This is not always the case.

A lot depends on the producer of the metal or wood swing set.

We highly recommend choosing a swing set made by a professional.

Can adults go on swings? Yes, it’s possible for adults to swing on a swing if the swing set is manufactured by an experienced business or brand that focuses on high-weight capability.


Cheap metal swing sets can easily break or flex. This is especially the case when the set starts to rust.

Be sure to look for premium metal playsets that use thicker gauge steel.

This material guarantees long-lasting durability on a metal structure.

Considering a natural, wooden look? Cedar is naturally decay-resistant.

It doesn’t need harmful chemicals to protect the wood.

Cedar lumber playsets are the best for outside usage.

There are other great lumber alternatives for long-lasting sturdiness. Redwood, for example.

However, absolutely nothing has better durability than a cedar swing set.


The building materials of a swing set play a huge role in the appearance of the set.

Within the material class, there are still endless designs. Obviously, taste differs.

Each household has a different view on “the perfect look” for swing sets.

Metal swing sets tend to be more colorful. These mostly have the same designs in various color options.

Wood swing sets usually have more neutral colors on the main structures. They’ll have brighter colors on the devices.

In general, consumers choose a natural-looking swing set that blends in nature.

This way, the set fits better in their garden. Since a colorful swing set sticks out in the natural colors of their backyard.


The building material won’t affect how difficult or simple the installation will be.

Do you want to install the swing set yourself?

We highly recommend asking these questions:

  • Are all holes pre-drilled?
  • Does my swing set have a detailed assembly plan?
  • Does it also have setup instructions?
  • How long would it take two experienced installers to build my swing set?
  • Do I need any special tools for the assembly?

Are you not on a tight budget? Or are you not that handy?

Consider employing a professional installer. Even a local professional or garden enthusiast could install it for you.

This way, you’ll know your swing set is constructed correctly.


There are national security requirements that guarantee safety. All premium manufacturers of backyard playsets have to follow these rules.

These requirements secure the safety of your kids, their friends, and yourself.

You must always find out if the swing set of your interest complies with these security standards and how much weight the swing set can hold. !

The used materials aren’t the only aspects. The building and design are also crucial aspects of safety.

Metal and wood are both strong structure materials. However, it’s also important to look at how the materials are installed.

  • Does the structure have good stability for swinging and climbing?
  • Are all the parts correctly sealed or covered with security elements?
  • Can kids safely climb up into the play structure?
  • Are the steps flat and anti-slip?
  • Is the slide appropriate for their age?

You will see a variety of options for play activities. You know your kids and their abilities the very best.

Look for play functions that challenge your kids to improve strength and stamina. But: make sure they can do it safely!

Tip: If your child happens to be a bit overweight, then certainly read how swing sets fight childhood obesity!


Both wood and metal can be extremely strong building products:

  • Want to buy a metal playset? Make sure it’s made out of heavy gauge steel.
  • Want to buy a wood playset? Make sure it’s made out of thick cedar lumbers.

These material requirements are essential for the structure and play surfaces.

The best wood swing sets also integrate metal brackets at vital structure joints.

Can’t decide? Get the best of both worlds!

Go for the beauty of wood, combined with the strength of steel.

Summary – Metal vs wood swing sets for heavy people

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a small swing set or an enormous play structure.

It’s always important to mind these factors before buying your set:

  • safety
  • durability
  • look
  • modularity
  • maintenance
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