Mind-blowing facts about sleep you need to know

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We take sleep for granted, but it’s a very important time of our life and we thought we should give you some mind-blowing facts about sleep.

Mind-blowing facts about sleep you need to knowWe’ve included sex and how it helps, how not sleeping can make you fat and how the more you sleep, the more you learn.

Did you know that most Americans get two hours less sleep per night than they should?

After reading this post you will understand that the consequences of this can be embarrassing and even serious.

For many people, sleep is still considered a non-obligatory period that can be reduced or compressed.

Many people dare to cut down on their sleep, without suspecting how serious the consequences can be.

Let’s see what’s really going on:

Mind-blowing facts about sleep: making love helps you sleep better

Making love is a practice that, beyond the pleasure itself, favors sleep thanks to the secretion of pleasure hormones responsible for reducing your stress and anxiety.

If your companion complains that you fall asleep too quickly afterwards, explain that your body must have produced so much oxytocin that you need to sleep to recover!

This hormone, combined with various brain neurotransmitters (serotonin, vasopressin, etc.), facilitates your falling asleep without snoring.

There’s nothing like a good cuddle with your other half!

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all enemies of your sleep

Anything that helps you stay awake is an enemy of your sleep time.

We are constantly exposed to incessant online use both in our personal and professional lives.

This constant intrusion, especially through social networks, is developing environmental conditions that are unfavorable to a good sleep.

Going on social networks before bed, where the messages are sometimes insulting and provocative, only stimulates your brain.

You may become angry or agitated, and that activates your awareness centers.

It will be difficult to calm down, and therefore it will be harder to fall asleep.

Tip: Apart from social media agitations, don’t give your house guests a reason to get agitated with you as their host, make sure to compare good portable beds before you buy.

Mind-blowing facts about sleep allowing us to acquire new knowledge

Sleep, in addition to replenishing your energy stores, especially for your brain, allows you to encode your memories and learning.

However, don’t expect to learn Chinese in your sleep.

Even though neurons are active when we rest, sleep does not replace learning.

No, you won’t skip studying during exam time, but reviewing your lessons before you go to sleep will be very beneficial.

Indeed, REM sleep and slow wave sleep would help strengthen the links and connections between your neurons, the biological support of your memories.

They allow you to replay what you learned the same day or before and thus promote the biological imprint of your knowledge.

Lack of sleep is the primary culprit in the obesity epidemic: mind-blowing facts about sleep and your waistline

Chronic sleep deprivation impacts your entire body.

Interestingly, the proportion of obese people has more than doubled from 10% to 25%.

At the same time, we have lost an average of more than two and a half hours of daily sleep.

According to several research teams, chronic sleep deprivation is the main factor in obesity.

As you sleep less, your body will secrete less leptin, a hormone that curbs your appetite.

And this causes a vicious circle: the more you cut your sleep, the more you are hungry, a natural physiological reaction to the loss of energy due to lack of sleep.

Thus, the more you gain weight and the more you develop sleep pathologies like apnea!

Lack of sleep (or sleep debt) affects your brain capacity, cardiovascular and immune functions.

That explains the increase in risk of accidents or the development of respiratory diseases such as snoring and sleep apnea.

A night of eight hours of sleep or less in children increases the risk of high blood sugar and even type 2 diabetes, even in those of average weight.

Tip: Read our other article How does lack of sleep affect the brain and cognitive performance? for more effects of sleep deprivation.

Women are more affected by night work

Night work is physiologically not good for our bodies.

Moreover, it seems more difficult for a woman to adapt to the particular conditions of night work.

Physiological differences (hormonal, rhythm of the biological clock) increase and we develop a stronger pathological susceptibility to develop insomnia.

This would make women less responsive to the physiological effects of night work, which would increase the risk of breast cancer by 50% and 70% in flight attendants who are also subject to the effects of jet lag.

Fatigue is the cause of 15% of visits to the doctor

In half of the cases of medical visits due to fatigue, the reasons for this tiredness remain unknown.

For most people and health professionals, fatigue is known and understood, but often the causes remain mysterious, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Nevertheless, it is better to talk to your doctor and try to find out if the problem is poor sleep quality.

Lack of sleep causes accidents

Fatigue induced by drowsiness has been implicated in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion in 1986 and the Challenger space shuttle explosion (also in 1986).

When you cut in on your sleep, the accumulated debt is quickly equivalent, over a period of one or two weeks, to a sleepless night.

But unlike an all-nighter, when you cut your sleep short, the effect is more insidious because you are no longer aware of your lack of and drowsiness.

You’ve gotten used to it.

But the effects on your behavior have not disappeared.

It’s like being drunk.

If you are sleep deprived and feel very sleepy you must listen to your body. It’s best to take a break if you’re driving.

Drowsiness is the cause of half of all truck driver fatalities, making it the leading cause of workplace death.

Mind-blowing facts about sleep: Conclusion

From business to pleasure, this post has, we hope, given you an insight into why good quality sleep is so important.

Whether it’s for your sex life or career prospects, it is evident that you need a balance in life which includes sleeping well and for the right amount of time.

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