Myths about abs and what you should (not) eat to get a flat tummy

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Myths about abs and what you should (not) eat to get a flat tummy float about and we try every quick solution possible.

Myths about abs and what you should (not) eat to get a flat tummyAnd we usually fail. We’ve all seen those enviable abs on celebrities.

There are certain small habits to adopt or change to ensure a flat stomach.

Diet, stress levels, and proper exercise are crucial elements to avoid bloating and a bulging belly.

Myths about abs and what you should (not) eat to get a flat tummy: Introduction

Who wouldn’t want a flat stomach to showcase on the beach or fit into their favorite pants!

Unhappily, the stomach area is where fat accumulates quickly,

But we don’t want to go on an extreme diet to get a flat stomach, that’s another myth about abs.

On the contrary, we should adopt a balanced diet and try out some crunches.

It’s your lucky day: we have several tips to help you get a flat stomach without messing up your life.

You need to do abdominal exercises every day

The abdominal muscles are not very strong.

Plus, we use them when we laugh, walk, sit, etc.

So you can understand the importance of regular care.

On the other hand, you may not want to do crunches every day.

On days when you’re not doing crunches, do something else, such as running, fitness, gluteus maximus, swimming, riding a bike, dancing, etc.

Myths about abs: Skipping meals makes you lose weight

Fasting can have many benefits: detox, rapid weight loss, energy gain, etc.

But this is certainly not one of the recommended methods to have permanent results.

When we skip meals, our bodies move into a reactive mode to be ready if it happens again.

As a result, it will seek to store more during the following meals.

If you skip meals, don’t do it regularly. This only slows down your metabolism.

Doing crunches burns fat

Will I burn any belly fat if I do crunches?

No, unfortunately, our metabolism doesn’t quite work like that.

When we burn calories, it affects the body, and not a particular spot.

To burn calories in quantity, you must raise your heart rate.

The most effective way is to do a physical activity that involves large muscles or muscle groups (e.g., squats).

You could try an activity that combines several muscle groups (e.g., running or jogging).

The abdominal muscles are not considered a “big” muscle group; therefore, exercise targeting that area burn on a few calories.

To burn more calories, and lose fat, do full-body workouts: squats, jumping jacks, running, cycling, burpees, lunges, mountain climber, and many more!

Do not eat starchy foods in the evening

We often hear this piece of advice.

Starchy foods provide a significant caloric intake, and consuming large amounts of calories before bed isn’t a good idea.

What is true is that eating complex sugars (fast sugar or sugar in pasta and bread) causes an insulin spike.

However, following a peak of insulin, our metabolism increases fat storage.

That is why they should be avoided in the evening, but it is still essential to count calories over an entire day.

A good abdominal session is a minimum of one hour

The abdominals are relatively small and weak, so they can’t handle as much effort as other muscles.

On the other hand, they should be exercised for short but intense periods.

5 min without a break is better than long sets with one.

Training methods like HIIT or Tabata are very effective in the ab area.

Additionally, wearing a waist trainer can help you reach your fitness goals. Find the best plus-size waist trainer for weight loss here.

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Diets don’t work because you put all the weight back on afterward

It is true that some restrictive diets work but have the opposite effect when you stop them.

These programs hide one essential thing:

it is not what you’re eating on a program that matters, but what happens when you return to a regular diet.

In many programs, you are told, “that’s it, you’ve lost 20 pounds, good luck”. And leave you to it.

After being deprived for several weeks, we throw ourselves at the very first tasty that comes along.

And disaster strikes.

You need to learn tips on how to lose fat when you want to, but more importantly, how to avoid regaining it!

Remember that the goal of many programs is to make you lose weight and put it back on so that you repurchase their products!

To have a flat stomach, you need to work out

This is probably the most common misconception!

Indeed, having a flat belly results from balanced and flexible muscles.

The area has some muscles, including the psoas and the transverse.

These are the ones that make you have a flat stomach. And to build up those muscles, you need to do exercises such as yoga, Pilates, etc.

For more detailed information about getting a flat stomach, read How to get a flat stomach and things you should know

Myths about abs: Slimming dishes make you lose fat

They may be low in calories but are loaded with additives and flavoring agents which can cause dysbiosis.

In addition, prepared meals generally contain fewer minerals and vitamins than the fresh food you cook yourself.

Some golden rules for losing fat

Having a flat stomach is, above all, a question of good digestion and lifestyle:

Eat 3 vegetables and 2 or 3 fruits a day, preferably seasonal.

The fresher they are, the more vitamins you get out of them! And you’ll have a great variety!

In addition, digestion has already started in the mouth with saliva.

Poorly digested food stays in your intestines and makes your stomach swell.

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Avoid food that you don’t digest well but can’t resist (certainly if you suffer from gastroparesis).

Eat slowly. By eating too fast, you won’t chew properly, making food less digestible, and you’ll swallow air.

The satiety signal does not have time to be sent to the brain, and you’ll eat more than you need.

Do not mix meat and starch in the same meal.

You will find that you will tend to eat less in quantity by eating much more slowly.

These tips may seem obvious, but they are crucial for your digestion and hence, for a flat stomach!

Myths about abs and what you should (not) eat to get a flat tummy: Conclusion

We have gathered all the relevant info to help you and simplify your life by going straight to the point.

We have given you tips for a firm, flat and muscular stomach.

You can lose fat quickly, lose weight permanently, and get visible abs with a balanced and healthy diet.

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