Plus-size beach chairs with high weight capacity: Buying tips

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A large beach towel can feel like your best friend when you head out to the beach. Imagine how you’d feel if you might also bring one of the best plus-size beach chairs with you for a day in the sun.

plus size beach chairs with high weight capacity buying tipsThere’s a lot of innovation going on within the niche of XL and XXL beach chairs.

This results in excellent extra-large beach chairs for sale which are comfier and budget-friendlier than ever before! 

Discover various buying tips and all the ins and outs below:

Some key traits of large-sized beach chairs

  • Higher weight tolerance
  • Most plus-size beach chairs come with a carrying bag
  • Usable by people of literally all weights and sizes
  • Extra strong frames (durable materials)
  • Easy folding alternatives for storage
  • Sturdy seating with large surface
  • Seat widths of 21 inches or even larger
  • Breathable mesh for the seating and the back
  • Integrated cup and drink holders
  • Reinforced backrest
  • Plus-size beach chairs are well-balanced and strong
  • Mainly positive and good reviews on online shopping platforms
  • Reliable warranty

Who can take advantage of owning an XL or XXL beach chair?

The goal of an XL beach chair is to support those who are unsupported by the standard beach chair model.

In the XL and XXL beach chair classifications, you’ll find various comfortable, heavy duty beach chair options.

They all can easily support at least 300 pounds while keeping the classic, low-profile beach chair design.

You will also discover alternatives for those that need much more weight support.

Tip: If you’re willing to buy a beach chair that looks more like an outdoor camping chair than a beach chair, you can find models that support as much as 750 pounds of weight!

Some of these heavy duty beach chairs in the XL and XXL furniture categories feature a width of 23 inches or more (from arm to arm). 

Some might integrate cup holders while others may integrate an armrest and even a footrest. 

There are so many options to pick from. You can really select a plus-size beach chair with all the gadgets and accessories you need. 

With that said, everyone benefits from these bigger chairs.  They provide more carrying capacity and a larger seating surface.

Would you like to have your child or grandchild sit on your lap in such a plus-size beach chair for a while? No problem at all!

You can even share some of the seating with your favorite pet (like your dog who may also adore the beach).

XL beach chairs are strong, versatile, comfy and all set to brave and face the sand.

What are extra large beach chairs and why are they required?

Beach chairs in the heavy-duty classification range offer a few unique advantages. They are wider and firmer than classic beach chairs. 

These classic beach chairs have a weight restriction. A classic beach chair can’t safely support your weight if you weigh more than 250 pounds. 

And for basic, entry-level beach chairs, the weight limit can be as low as 180 pounds.

Good solution for plus-size and/or tall people

There’s a kind of cliché when marketers and manufacturers try to explain weight restrictions.

They state that if you weigh more than 250 pounds, you are obese and should use an XL beach chair.

But that’s not true! Many tall people are weigh enough to look past this basic misconception.

And even if you are corpulent, you also deserve to enjoy the sunlight and a light sea breeze on the beach.

You should have a beach chair that is built to satisfy your needs without being judgmental!

So that’s why extra-large beach chairs are needed. They are built to support ladies and men who are taller than average and/or weigh over 250 pounds.

By making a smart investment in a sturdy beach chair, you can also enjoy a day out at the seaside or lake in comfort.

Benefits of a plus-size beach chair

People who are tall and plus-size now know the many advantages of owning a larger beach chair with a high weight capacity. 

Beach chairs for plus-size ladies and men:

Have you avoided or postponed the purchase of a beach chair in the past?

Exactly because you were worried that the beach chair wouldn’t meet your unique needs?

In that case, it is definitely time to take another closer look because beach chairs for plus-sized people do exist!

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Any downsides to owning plus-size beach chairs?

The only disadvantages associated with having an XL beach chair are the setup (installation) and storage requirements of the chair.

For example, your fingers might get pinched by the folding system, but the possibility of that happening is minimal. 

If the weight limit is crossed, then this might result in damage to the chair or an injury to the user. 

In practice it can be extremely simple to violate the weight limit of a beach chair without even knowing it.

For example, if you weigh 265 pounds and your 80-pound daughter sits on your lap for a moment, you’ve already crossed a 300-pound weight limit.

The metal or aluminum elements of a beach chair may also get very hot after being in direct sunlight for too long. 

If the beach chair you’re interested in has this kind of heat sensitivity, be very careful. 

Conclusion: The overall design of an extra-large beach chair supports those who feel that a classic beach chair doesn’t offer sufficient back support.

Whether you’re plus-size, very tall, or both, a heavy-duty beach chair and its design enables you to maximize the fun you can have at the beach!

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