Plus-size patio chairs: How to find durable ones? Tips and tricks

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Finding XL furniture, for example, plus-size patio chairs, can be difficult and time-consuming.

plus-size patio chairs how to find durable onesAnd finding suitable heavy-duty patio furniture that is both comfy and good-looking is even harder.

The amount of plus-size people in the United States is still growing today.

But being plus-sized, you will experience difficulties finding any kind of heavy-duty patio furniture at a random local shop.

That’s why we decided to explore the plus-size options that the online world has to offer.

We read dozens of complaints and reviews and called more than 25 producers to ask them questions about their patio chairs and their weight capabilities.

And we also contacted several online patio chair stores for selection tips and guidelines.

We ended up with an informative list of selection tips for plus-size patio chairs:

Selecting strong patio chairs: Things to think about

Are you researching the market for solid plus-size patio chairs and/or furniture?

Then you’re probably already familiar with the extreme variety of types of furniture.

But not just that… Different manufacturers use various materials for every other kind of furniture.

In general, any furniture and patio chair that is supposed to be sturdy will have a few things in common.

Typically, a patio chair has a weight capacity of around 250 pounds on average.

Are you plus-size or tall in any way?

Then you’ll want to be sure that all of the following things apply to any plus-size patio chair you want to buy:

Transparently stated weight capacity

If a manufacturer doesn’t openly state the weight capacity of the patio chair, then don’t buy it.

If a producer does not openly say that the patio chair has a higher than average weight capability, it probably doesn’t.

High weight capacity furniture is normally built for that reason.

So it is nearly always mentioned in the advertising and product manual as a Unique Selling Proposition.

Long-lasting fabrics or wicker

If your future plus-size patio chair will be exposed to the sun, you’ll need to get a cover for it.

You should also remove the pillows when you’re not using them. Store them inside during winter.

Or you can already accept that the sun will eventually have its way with the cushions and material… But we don’t recommend giving up on your patio furniture so soon!

The more water and UV-resistant a material (umbrella, canopy, patio chair, etc.) is, the longer it’s going to last.

Keep the ideas and techniques that are mentioned above in mind.

Then, you’ll most likely succeed in choosing a gorgeous patio chair ideal for people who are on the heavier side.

Firm padding

Squishy, fluffy cushioning might be more comfortable in the beginning.

However, after using this kind of soft cushioning for a while, the foam will start to wear down eventually.

Especially when the pillows are directly exposed to the weather elements and other external factors. They won’t have any sort of solid durability.

Firm cushions are a better choice. They usually soften within a few months of use.

This means that they will stay comfortable while still keeping their shape.

Few bolts and/or screws

Most failures that happen with patio chairs take place because of screws or bolts.

They break, twist, or fall out quickly if they are not correctly fixed.

The fewer joints with bolts and screws the patio chair has, the fewer failure points your furniture will have and the sturdier it becomes.

The most sturdy heavy-duty patio chair is typically a one-piece metal chair with no bolts nor screws in its frame.

Metal frame

The most robust patio chair for plus-size people is made from one strong piece of aluminum.

It doesn’t rust while it looks modern, it is lightweight, and it remains extremely strong.

Sadly, a patio chair that’s made from aluminum in one piece is impossible to find. Instead, you’ll need to look for the next best thing…

We highly recommend choosing outdoor furniture that has metal as the main component for the frame.

If metal isn’t an option, try to find all-wood patio chairs and furniture.

Do not ignore ergonomics! Avoid any patio furniture that has an all-fabric back or seat.

This type of furniture doesn’t have a high weight capacity and typically can’t handle weather conditions well (especially direct sunlight and heath).

What to look for when buying an XL patio chair

Plus-size furniture such as XL outdoor chairs for plus size people are not just created to offer larger dimensions.

They are also more springy and much better built than average sized patio chairs.

Plus-size patio chairs generally cost more than standard patio chairs.

This is because they are made with a larger seating surface and high-quality materials and also offer extra weight support.

Try to look for extra wide seats and additional cushioning for extra comfort.

Adirondack chairs, for example, are an excellent choice because they are oversized and made from high-quality wood.

Try to find producers and online shops that provide free shipping on orders over a specific dollar value.

Also, be alert for additional shipping charges on heavier products.

Before buying these heavy-duty lawn chairs for big or tall people, check the dimensions of each potential chair.

This way, you’ll ensure that you get a patio chair with the proper measurements and weight carrying capacity that you are trying to find.

XL plus-size patio chairs: Final tip

Including plus-size patio chairs and furniture in your outdoor living area offers comfort, luxury, and style.

It also gives extra peace of mind, knowing that your seat is safe and sturdy and really can support a plus-size individual without any risk or danger.

Best plus-size patio chairs for sale

It’s very time-consuming and exhausting to drive from store to store just to search for the best furniture for heavy people and plus-size patio furniture in particular.

Do you want to save yourself some time and trouble? Then check out the best tall and big lawn chairs for plus-size persons.

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