Power Recliners vs Manual Recliners: Insights, Pros, and Cons

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Finding the perfect recliner chair for your house and body can be difficult, especially when it comes to power recliner chairs vs. manual recliners.

power recliners vs manual recliners insights pros and cons

Do you go for power, so you can recline with only the push of a single button?

And choose the easier option if you are plus-size and/or tall?

Or do you choose a manual recliner chair (also known as a push arm recliner) that needs a little effort?

And select an option with more of a visual appeal?

Whether your recliner is powered or manual, you want a comfy recliner chair that matches your style preferences.

There are pros and cons to each kind of reclining chair.

Luckily, we're here to break them down so you can select the best big man recliner that also fits your home, interior, weight, body, age, and size!

Power recliners VS manual recliners: Introduction

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There's an obvious difference between a power and manual recliner: one is motorized, and the other is not.

A power recliner chair allows you to recline with the mere push of a button, but it needs to be connected to a wall outlet.

A manual recliner chair, also known as a push arm recliner, needs your body weight to push back and recline by positioning your hands on the armrests for use.

The cost of either kind of reclining chair depends on the quality and brand.

Depending on the brand, you can find both powered and manual reclining chairs starting around $600 to $3,600, or perhaps more.

And do they make recliners for heavy people too? Yes, multiple brands and manufacturers cater for the wants and needs of plus-size individuals.

Manual recliners

Pros of manual recliner chairs

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Manual recliners are carefree in comparison to power reclining chairs:

  • they have the flexibility to go anywhere in your house
  • they tend to be less bulky
  • many designs don't look like an ordinary recliner chair

Many manual reclining chairs are really trendy and at the same time a bit sneaky: You wouldn't know they recline until you press them back!

Some manual recliners can be equipped with power, as long as the producer can do so.

Is there's a manual recliner you like that has this feature?

Then make sure to let your designer know, so when you buy it, the manufacturer can add space for the motor.

This can prove to be handy in the future in life when you are older and/or heavier.

Cons of manual reclining chairs

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One big con of a manual recliner chair is that it needs effort to push it back.

It may not be the best alternative if you think that you'll struggle with this.

Nevertheless, it's essential to keep in mind that not all manual recliner chairs are the same.

As far as ease of use goes, stressless manual reclining chairs are most likely the easiest to push back because of their constant mechanism.

Power recliners

Pros of power reclining chairs

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A significant pro of a power recliner is its simplicity and ease of use.

It's an excellent choice for someone who wishes to simply get back and instantly relax, or for the person who likes a little high-end in their life.

Because they need less effort to use, power recliners also benefit those with an injury or restricted mobility.

Take into consideration that with a power reclining chair, the motor will do all the work.

You don't have to use any muscles to push off the armrest or lean back.

Cons of power reclining chairs

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One con of power recliners is that many need to be connected to a power outlet for them to work.

However, you can get a different battery pack. This allows you to ride your recliner chair around the house and place it anywhere you like.

Their durability might not be the same as manual reclining chairs because power recliner chairs are motorized.

Power reclining chair motors can burn out or potentially be faulty over time.

This doesn't mean they can't last a long time, but it's something to remember. Read all the details about it in our blog post How long do power recliners usually last?.

The quality of the motor is usually indicated by the price of the reclining chair. So avoid something that seems too good to be true!

Additionally, power recliners tend to look bulkier and have the appearance of a recliner.

Whereas a manual reclining chair blends in a bit easier with your interior.

But this is subjective and comes down to your personal design preferences.

Power recliners VS manual recliners: Which type should you choose?

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When choosing a recliner chair, there's no right or wrong. Therefore, your choice will come down to your personal preference.

What should you pick? A power or a manual reclining chair? Keep in mind that both types of recliners have a different recliner mechanism.

They're both popular, and manual recliners never became old-fashion when the power alternative emerged.

Most producers offer both choices. Focus on a safe reclining chair, which means it should have an adequate weight capacity to serve you.

Comfort and appearance are also crucial factors to consider.

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