Reasons why buying a swing set is an excellent idea

Megan Smith
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Most people consider swinging on a swing an activity for youngsters. This article illustrates why buying a swing set is an excellent idea for adults too!

reasons why buying a swing set is an excellent idea for adultsGoing from the healthy competition of “highest swinger” to a daredevil’s show to dive from the top of the swing.

The free and enjoyable motion of swinging provided hours of fun when you were younger!

But did you know swinging also helps your body? Even if you’re a plus-size adult now?

Advantages of swinging on a swing

A few of the many advantages of swinging on a swing are:

Enhances social skills

Nearly everybody enjoys swinging, no matter your age, skill, or weight.

Swinging can be an enjoyable activity for 2 or more individuals in the garden.

Even if you have nothing else in common. Swinging is a great way to start new relationships and conversations!

Healthy and active way of life

Swinging on a swing can help to lose weight. By swinging on a swing, you can burn calories!

It all depends on your body, your physical fitness and the intensity and duration of your swinging sessions.

You can at least burn 100 to 200 calories per hour. The constant moving of your body as you pump to keep the swing in action is a workout.

While websites, tv shows and video games keep you and your children inside, a swing set is an investment that you can enjoy outside.

You get tons of fresh air, you get to work out and you can get healthy and fit.

Nowadays, most of the time we spend watching TV. Sometimes we even tear up a bag of popcorn or potato chips.

Why buying a swing set is an excellent idea for lazy people? Because having a swing set in the garden can help you live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

It also helps with relieving tension and energy!

Gross and fine motor skills

Pumping your legs and arms strengthens your overall motor skills.

Gripping and finger coordination strengthen your fine motor skills.

Swinging on a swing set also helps to improve your balance and coordination.

Including swinging on a swing into your day-to-day routine can help the development of your motor skills and the growth of your muscles.

The more you swing, the more balancing and coordination skills you will acquire.

Sensory combination

There’s a reason why swinging on a swing is often used in professional sensory treatments.

It’s full of sensory input. First of all, you have the rhythmic and consistent motion.

Second, you can enjoy the gentle blowing of the air as you move back and forth.

Swinging on a swing set provides light sensory stimulation.

The type of swing for sensory treatment depends on the kind and amount of sensory training you want.

Tip: Compression swings are fantastic for people who want deeper/harder sensory input.

Stress relief (swinging is calming)

Most of your childhood swinging memories are probably fun.

It is really hard to be stressed or upset when swinging. It’s simply a very easy and relaxing activity.

This is because of its balanced motion and the soft, fresh air outside.

The swinging motion makes your legs want to move. And this motion triggers the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are also known as happy hormones. As a result, you’ll probably feel less stressed out and happier.

Enhances core muscles and balance

Swinging on a swing gives your core muscles a good workout.

It also improves your sense of balance. This is because it works your pelvic muscles.

Why buying a swing set is a great idea for plus-size adults? Because swinging helps you to burn calories and fat.

So can swinging on a swing help to lose weight? Absolutely!

At the same time, you also strengthen your abs and arms!

Swinging is good for treating autism

Adults and kids with autism benefit from swinging on a swing.

Swinging can affect the brain’s ability to process sensory information. This really helps in terms of brain improvement.

This way, swinging can help an autistic person to stimulate specific sensory experiences.

The sensory motions we’re talking about are:

  • touch
  • motion
  • bodily awareness
  • sight
  • noise
  • the natural pull of gravity

When swinging on a swing set, the person can process these sensory movements.

As such, swinging on a swing has the potential to help in treatment!

Swinging motions can be used as a treatment to help people with special conditions.

It can help them relax, reduce their anxiety and it can help to relax their minds.

When swinging on a swing set is used as a therapy option, it helps the autistic person when they feel stressed, unhappy or disturbed.

Conclusion: Why buying a swing set is an excellent idea

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Swinging can help both your mental and physical health!

But let’s not forget the biggest reason to invest in one of the high weight capacity swing sets for adults for sale.

It is tons of fun! No matter your age or size. So go for it and get swinging!

Tip: Read a few of our safety tips that explain how to swing safely before you begin!

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