Relaxing in your garden: 14 Tips to reduce your stress levels

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Relaxing in your garden is a great way to reduce stress. With soothing sounds, plants and flowers, it can quickly become your little oasis in a world of madness.

Relaxing in your garden: 14 Tips to reduce your stress levelsWith a job, family, and social obligations, life sometimes just seems to rush us by.

How nice is it then when you can take a break and relax in your own garden or on the balcony?

Relaxing in your garden: 14 Tips to reduce your stress levels

Whether you live in the heart of a city or in the countryside, these tips can make your garden a haven of peace and tranquility.

And the best part is: you set your own budget.

Create a great sitting area

Ultimate rest involves learning to relax both your body and your mind.

Picture a giant beanbag, a comfortable rocking chair, or a nice hammock in your garden.

This allows you to dream away and forget all feelings of stress and busyness for a while.

Moreover, these are places where you can meditate or get together with friends or your family to eat or chat.

You could even opt for a fire pit so you can keep warm during cool evenings.

There’s nothing like a cozy crackling fire and it looks amazing too. With all these tips, you are sure to feel relaxed.

Soothing sounds

Sounds from a busy street or the neighbor across the street who plays his music just a little bit too loud prevent you from relaxing.

Add relaxing sounds to the garden to cover up these disturbances. Consider a soothing fountain or a bamboo wind chime.

Of course, you can always take a wireless speaker out into the garden and play your favorite soothing music or sounds.

Provide adequate shade

Sitting in your garden in the blazing sun is not very pleasant, especially if it’s really hot. So try to create some shade in the garden.

A parasol can be a good solution. Looking for something that can make shade on your entire patio? Then a shade cloth might be the best solution.

Of course, a fixed outdoor awning is also an option if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

It’s a little more expensive, but you’ll have a good shelter that you can extend when you need it.

Make room for relaxing in your garden

Even if cleaning up isn’t your favorite thing to do, it reduces stress in your mind and makes you want to sit outside more often.

So sweep the patio, sort out the gardening stuff, store it neatly in your shed, garden shed, or storage room, and just throw away anything that is broken.

It gives you a wonderfully satisfying feeling, and you certainly deserve to sit back and relax afterwards.

Introduce fire if you have a large garden

A fire pit, fire basket or fireplace adds instant warmth to the garden, especially during the colder months or at night.

What could be more relaxing than chatting with friends or family over a fire?

Or cuddling with your loved one while gazing into the flames, along with a delicious glass of Chianti and some cheese and nuts?

Use well-dried wood to make a fire, or else you can forget the romantic evening. You’ll only smell of smoke.

Integrate water into the garden

It is well known that rippling water has a calming effect, but do find out if this applies to you before you start digging a well for the pond.

Watching fish swim can be very relaxing, as can the sound of a fountain.

A water dish is also an excellent idea, and the birds are delighted with that.

Stimulating natural fragrances

Sweet-smelling flowers like gardenia or lavender not only make your garden smell wonderful, they also help reduce stress.

The colorful flowers make your garden look warm and inviting in the process.

Plant several types of herbs (rosemary, lemon balm, mint, and so on) in your garden as provide a wonderful fresh scent and you always have fresh herbs on hand.

Definitely give herbs a place in your garden

The scent of these plants works directly on the brain and provides a relaxing effect.

Place them in lovely pots or in the open ground and occasionally cut some off to make tea or use in dishes.

Give a bag of dried lavender from your own garden as a gift is a marvelous idea, don’t you think?

Large planters

Large planters allow you to screen off your cozy seating area a bit, giving you more privacy. Most planters are also good to use on a (roof) terrace.

Place a garden plant in it that provides good protection such as Bamboo or ornamental grass.

But if you like the idea of attracting more butterflies and insects to your garden? Then a butterfly bush or lavender is also suitable.

A butterfly bush should be pruned in the spring. So you won’t be sitting in a secluded spot all year round.

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Install good yard fences that allow for relaxing in your garden

When you sit outside, you don’t want to be disturbed. So it’s nice if you have an excellent yard fence.

Do you already have fences or garden walls? Then check them and verify that they are still standing firm.

Maintain yard fences properly. Is the fence on the property line?

Then also discuss with the neighbors how you can maintain the separation together.

Better a good neighbor than a distant friend! Yard dividers are often a source of bickering so it’s best to make clear agreements about them.

Integrate more green

Dead plants are an excellent reason to visit the local garden center.

Colorful flowers and healthy plants give both your garden and you a natural boost.

Escape the chaos at work and at home and get inspired by the latest garden trends while visiting a garden center.

For example, to create a peaceful atmosphere in your garden, you can combine green and white plants that you plant together in groups.

Prefer a more colorful look for a boost of energy when you walk in the garden? Then choose different plants that will bloom soon or are already in bloom.

Create a quiet place in your garden

Where you can seclude yourself for a while to read, relax or take a nap.

Nestle under a tree with some pillows, hang a hammock under a grapevine, create a cozy spot with plants or bamboo screens, or place a rocking chair on the patio or balcony.

Choose comfortable garden furniture

The best way to enjoy the sun and the outdoors? Sitting in your own garden of course. Sitting is one thing, but on what?

Do you want a lounge set, lounge chairs, rocking chairs or a hammock to relax?

Whether under a parasol, by the pool, on the terrace or on an apartment balcony, there really is plenty of good-quality outdoor furniture to be found (online).

Prices can be quite good too and you usually don’t have to settle for the price.

The more comfortable your garden furniture, the more likely you are to sit back and spend time outside: at the dining table, in your rocking chair, in the lounge set or in the hammock.

Add a few pillows and a refreshing drink and you won’t want to go anywhere else to relax.

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Compare before you buy

Garden furniture is far from comfortable. They are made of rugged materials, which means they tend to be harder and stiffer than indoor furniture.

As a result, many people do sit outside for a cup of coffee but then prefer to move inside for comfort.

Yet, in principle, this is not necessary.

Choose a good garden set to relax comfortably on, especially if the set is ergonomically shaped and fits your body shape well.

In addition to comfortable chairs, chaise longues, lounge sofas, rocking chairs and armchairs are also great pieces of furniture for relaxing and unwinding outdoors.

If at all possible, try out the furniture before you buy it. If buying online, make sure you can return the item without too much hassle in case it’s not to your liking.

Check out the best rocking chairs here for heavy-duty outdoor use.

Do you enjoy being able to stretch out completely? Then a hammock or lounger might be just the thing for you!

Maintain your terrace

Can you fully relax if your garden is not tidy? No, that is impossible.

Of course, it is much nicer if the terrace is tidy. So above all, make sure you take good care of it.

It’s a bit of work, but it will take much longer to get everything just right again if you neglect it for too long.

In addition, you can make it easy on yourself by buying an electric weed brush or weed burner. Then you can very quickly make a large patio weed-free again.

In addition to your patio, you also need to tidy up your borders and plant beds to avoid looking at weeds and clutter.

Relaxing in your garden: Conclusion

You can create your own little world. All you need is patience and careful planning.

Set a budget and slowly start to create your idyllic get away. You can make it suit for all seasons.

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