Should I be embarrassed of my cellulite?

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Should I be embarrassed of my cellulite? Be comfortable with your cellulite? Impossible, you might say!

Should I be embarrassed of my cellulite?If there is one flaw that every woman mentions on her body, it is often cellulite. Cellulite is the complex of many women, even though it’s as common as the hair on your head.

Even today, it is not seen enough in lingerie or swimwear ads. And yet, cellulite is more common than we think.

Cellulite is nothing to be embarrassed of even though it has a negative connotation because it does not correspond to the ideal of smooth and perfect skin. However, this bumpy, orange-peel skin is actually very common since 8 out of 10 women have cellulite, and even very thin women have it.

It is time to accept our body with its flaws and it is precisely by showing this cellulite that we will be able to normalize it and feel more comfortable with it.

With this article, we will try to convince you to accept it and that despite everything, it is part of us.

Should I be embarrassed of my cellulite? Influencers that normalize cellulite

Even if social networks often want us to believe otherwise, the perfect body does not exist.

Today, some influencers claim they will help women feel “normal” and claim their defects.

Remember this: cellulite is a natural phenomenon and most women have it.

On social networks, even influencers explain that cellulite is a physical characteristic of each woman, just like wrinkles. Everyone has them but it varies from person to person.

If these new “models” for society accept their cellulite, then why not you?

Accept and own your cellulite

To stop being embarrassed by your cellulite, it is important to look it in the face and learn to love it.

Look at yourself in the mirror, take the time to look at it and don’t be ashamed of your body.

Start trying to tame it by massaging it with creams, and if you want to tone it down a bit always try massage methods such as palpating and rolling.

For a DIY solution, read our article on the manual palpate and roll technique with the use of cellulite rollers: Are cellulite rollers really effective? Do they work for cellulite?

Or, you could go to a salon for some pampering and ask if they offer treatments to reduce it.

You can also tackle it by practicing sports, which will help improve circulation and thus reduce cellulite over time.

To accept one’s cellulite, it would be interesting to succeed in reassociating one’s body (and in this case cellulite) with the notion of pleasure.

Having a good self-image allows you to stop being ashamed of your cellulite

The fundamental rule to fully accept one’s cellulite is to accept oneself and to respect oneself.

It is important to love yourself (and it is not pretentious to love yourself) because loving yourself is important to accept your flaws.

It is not easy to love and have confidence in yourself.

It is a long-term goal to work on yourself, but it will also help you to accept that you have flaws (including cellulite) like everyone else.

Try not to fixate on your cellulite, you have many other wonderful qualities.

Reduce cellulite with little tricks

As you will have understood, cellulite targets almost all women, whether they are round or thin.

Even if it is important to accept your cellulite, you can try to reduce it by using some methods. Here are some of them:

Some beauty tips | Should I be embarrassed of my cellulite?

For those who still want to reduce their cellulite at all costs, here are some more tips:

  • Use an anti-cellulite slimming cream: slimming creams are a good way to prevent cellulite before it appears. The use of the cream combined with regular physical activity reduces cellulite.
  • Finish your bath/shower with a jet of cold water on the area: it stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Give yourself massages: massage yourself gently with a horsehair glove, use the palpate-roll technique, in short, massage yourself as much as possible to prevent cellulite.

Other health tips

To reduce cellulite, you can also adopt a few healthy habits:

  • Treat poor blood circulation: avoid wearing tight clothing, taking hot baths and excessive sun exposure
  • Avoid stress: adopt a less stressful lifestyle by practicing meditation or yoga.
  • Bye-bye yo-yo effect: it is important to stabilize your weight to delay the appearance of cellulite.

Should I be embarrassed of my cellulite? Conclusion

No, no a thousand times no.

There are no miracle recipes to feel good about your cellulite, but the most important thing is to accept yourself.

Should I be embarrassed because I have cellulite? The answer is no because these marks, these dimples are a part of you!

Today, it is time to learn to love our body with its flaws including cellulite.

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