Skinny Jeans Can Be Bad for Your Health: Potential Health Problems

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Skinny jeans can be bad for your health: wearing too tight clothes under the wrong circumstances can lead to health problems such as infections and impaired fertility.

Skinny jeans can be bad for your health: Potential health problemsAnyone who wears skinny jeans has experienced it, that feeling of being hemmed in.

But those who wear these popular pants often and for long periods of time will sooner or later experience more than just a tightened feeling.

Skinny jeans can be bad for your health: Introduction 👖

Below we explain the consequences of wearing skinny jeans constantly.

From irritations and fungal infections to real nerve damage, the ailments are sometimes not so trivial at all.

“Those who want to be beautiful must suffer” they say… but is it worth it?

Spoiler alert: it’s not worth it wearing too tight skinny jeans. ⚠

Instead, you can resort to other tips and tools to make your thighs look thinner.

Nerve damage from wearing skinny jeans

Concern about wearing skinny jeans arose after an Australian woman was hospitalized with nerve damage from wearing pants that were much too tight.

That woman had put on skinny jeans on a hot day to help with a move.

As a result, her legs swelled and she could no longer stand upright.

Many people suffer from swollen feet and legs in high temperatures, and labor or physical exertion causes your muscles to expand.

Wearing too tight pants in these conditions causes tremendous pressure on your nerves and can have a number of consequences.

So putting on skinny jeans to do hard work is not a good idea.

They’re a fashion statement, not a workman’s clothes.

Irritation and fungal infections from skinny jeans

Yet the consequences need not always be extreme.

What sometimes occurs in practice are irritations to the female genitalia due to the friction.

And when combined with sweat, like butt sweat in an office chair, it can lead to fungal infections.

There’s not much you can do to prevent this: wearing more comfortable, looser pants is the only remedy (have a look at the best jeans for guys with big thighs and get inspired!).

If you still want to wear skinny jeans by choice, alternate and put on loose sweatpants after a day of walking around in tight jeans.

Lower sperm quality due to too hot testicles

It has been scientifically proven that wearing too tight pants has a detrimental effect on male fertility.

All conditions that raise the temperature of the testicles cripple the production of good sperm.

The reason testicles hang outside the body is that they need to be able to cool down to produce good semen. And that is not the case when a man is wearing skinny jeans.

Such jeans are too tight and too hot to ensure optimal sperm quality.

Fertility tip for men

Prolonged sitting and wearing tight pants causes the temperature in the testes to rise.

So a man who wears skinny jeans gets warm testicles and therefore warm sperm.

Such a temperature is not good for the quality of the sperm and it may make it harder to get pregnant.

So put on a nice pair of loose boxers and loose or stretch pants to boost your fertility.

Varicose veins continue to require support stockings (skinny jeans are not the answer)

What wearing skinny jeans does to varicose veins is unclear.

Those who suffer from it should wear tight compression stockings in any case.

So you might think that skinny jeans have a beneficial effect on varicose veins, but this is rarely the case.

Support stockings exert pressure at the bottom of the legs and less pressure at the top so that lymph fluid can be better drained.

But with skinny jeans, you have the opposite effect. They are looser at the ankles and tight at the thighs.

Stomach and intestinal problems caused by skinny jeans

Depending on the model, gastrointestinal problems may also occur and disturb your intestinal transit.

Pants with low waists cause few problems, but those with high waists have the same effect as shapewear and corsets on the abdominal area.

You may experience belching or overweight people may experience stomach and intestinal distress due to the increased abdominal pressure.

Instead, there are other clothes to wear for big thighs and hips.

No scientific studies have been done on skinny jeans yet, but corsets have been shown to have this effect.

Skinny jeans can be bad for your health: Conclusion

It may have come as something of a shock, but tight clothing – especially skinny jeans – can have a detrimental effect on your body.

If you really want to wear them, make sure you alternate them with looser clothing.

Tip: If you’re looking for a good pair of jeans for heavy guys, we’ve compiled these reviews of top jeans for big guys.

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