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Are you looking into sleep questions and answers for a refreshing night’s sleep?

Sleep questions and answersThere are so many unanswered questions about how to rest, that we thought we’d provide sleep questions and answers to give you a break.

Why sleep before midnight?

Is this another pearl of wisdom from our ancestors or just plain common sense?

It is known that, under normal conditions, growth hormone is made and released during a deep slow wave sleep.

In adults, this occurs mainly during the first three hours of sleep (the first two cycles, which contain most of our deep slow wave sleep) at the usual times.

Our ancestors followed the rhythm of the seasons and midnight (in solar time) was, as the name suggests, the middle of the night.

The growth hormone, encourages growth in children, promotes healing, and recovery after arduous sports.

It also allows the consolidation of memories and the manufacture of cells, including spermatozoa.

It is also glycolytic (meaning it breaks down glucose) and lipolytic (which means that it destroys fats).

In other words, it is a vital hormone, and our grandmothers were right!

If you go to bed three hours later than you should, you won’t have any deep slow wave sleep, and therefore no growth hormone.

Sleeping in late, no matter how long, won’t change that.

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Sleep questions and answers about pets: Is it good to sleep with your cat or dog?

Yes and no!

If you’re allergic to cat hair, (more rarely to dog hair) then it’s not a good idea.

In this case, sleeping with an animal that causes asthma, rhinorrhea (clear nose discharge) or watery eyes is to be avoided.

Take into account the animal’s behavior: some dogs are noisy, stirring while dreaming, whimpering, barking, and keep getting up.

Cats may purr or rub against you, and some find that disturbing.

It all depends on your pet’s personality. You just have to test it to see if you can live with it.

On the other hand, having a pet means you’re not sleeping alone, and feeling reassured is always a good idea.

Sleep questions and answers about sports in the evening: Good or bad for sleeping?

Yes to sport, within reasonable limits.

Regular sports activity for seniors, at least three times a week, promotes good sleep, as several studies have shown (tip: going camping is also an excellent idea for older people to stay busy and active in nature).

Nevertheless, as it is necessary for the body’s core temperature to drop to a certain level in order to fall asleep.

It is recommended that there be a time gap of at least one or even two hours between the end of the sports session and bedtime.

In other words, don’t go to bed right after a frenzied game of squash, insomnia guaranteed!

Sleep questions and answers about food: Which meals help you sleep better?

Our body needs strength, therefore proteins.

In the morning, hearty breakfasts, if possible in the English style, are recommended: eggs, bacon, cheese, fruit, in short, anything you can eat with pleasure is welcome.

In any case, these calories will be burned by daytime activity. On the other hand, at night, since we are inactive, our body stores calories.

It is best to eat as little as possible in the evening and stick to small amounts of slow sugars – pasta, mashed potatoes, rice, etc. No meat, no cold cuts, no sauces.

This should not, of course, prohibit the occasional deviation, as partying, usually in the evening, is an excellent way to stay in shape psychologically!

Be careful with alcohol: even in very small quantities, it aggravates snoring, causes apnea.

It may put you to sleep but it will be a short sleep and you’ll wake up with a dry mouth and headaches linked to dehydration.

Does the full moon disturb sleep?

According to science, no.

Only one (Swiss) study claimed the contrary, but its author retracted the statement.

All the research on the subject has never shown the slightest influence of our moon on sleep, moods, violent episodes, or as some claim, childbirth.

On the other hand, the influence of the moon on sleep is very real in two specific cases.

If you believe it does affect you, you can suffer from insomnia (autosuggestion), and the moonlight can disturb your rest, if too bright.

Sleep questions and answers about temperature in the bedroom

Classic question: What is the ideal temperature for sleeping? Each one of us has his own preference.

In fact, there is only one correct answer: your ideal temperature is the most comfortable one.

It is difficult to sleep if you are too hot or too cold, but it is generally considered to be around 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Room temperature is important as if too high, it can often cause short tempers which before nighttime, tend to be even shorter and are not conducive to a good night’s rest.

In general, women feel the cold more than men, hence the endless arguments about the open or closed windows, blanket thickness, etc.

You might want to have a sufficiently large bed with two separate mattresses and bed linen for each to choose their preference.

Is it better to fall asleep to music? Audio sleep questions and answers

Music is one of the more soothing sounds, like the sound of the sea.

This sleep ritual can be quite helpful.

It depends, of course, on the type of music.

It’s hard to believe that trance, heavy metal, electronic dance music and hard rock will help anyone sleep better.

On the other hand, the swaying of the sea, a piano piece or any other soothing (nature) sounds, are usually quite effective.

Some apps offer sedative sounds like the sea or a waterfall, and it works!

Sleeping alone or together?

This question is often asked by couples, especially if one of them is a poor sleeper.

So is it better for sleep to sleep alone or not? The debate rages on and has not yet been decided.

On the one hand, those whose sleep is very light and wake up at the slightest noise or movement will suffer from the presence of another in the same bed.

On the other hand, touching the skin of someone you love encourages the secretion of oxytocin, the hormone of attachment, which has soothing, calming virtues.

In the same vein, making love is also an excellent way to induce good sleep, as endorphins are good natural sleeping pills.

A word of warning: endorphins may increase snoring, nothing is perfect in this world.

The only reasonable answer is to test both situations, and choose the better one.

Sleep questions and answers: Conclusion

We hope that what we’ve researched and written will finally give you some answers to your sleep questions.

We have explained how important it is to get the right amount of sleep and what to do to get it.

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