Small balcony furniture and design ideas: Best tips

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Looking for small balcony furniture and design ideas? Do you have a balcony, or a beautiful garden and terrace? Your outdoor space is an extension of your home.

Small balcony furniture and design ideas: Best tipsThink about how to use the available space as efficiently as possible. Since a balcony or terrace is generally not super large, you would really have to use the available space wisely.

How can you decorate a balcony in the best possible way? What do you need to consider? And what are important considerations when creating a balcony that is completely to your liking?

Decorating a balcony requires some planning and thought. Balcony decoration tips and design ideas include taking into account style, requirements, planting, quality balcony furniture, and accessories.

Scroll on to learn more about every one of these tips to design your balcony to your liking.

Small balcony furniture and design ideas: Introduction

From A to Z, we’ll discuss how to decorate a balcony with plenty of tips and what to look out for.

It is precisely by paying close attention to these points of interest that you will be able to make the right decisions for yourself.

Are you about to redesign your balcony? Or are you currently not completely satisfied with your current balcony?

Have you recently moved into a new apartment?

In all these cases, this article will introduce you to some of the best tips for decorating your balcony.

Read on and let your inspiration take over.

Tips for decorating a balcony | Small balcony furniture and design ideas

It may be obvious that there are several aspects to consider when decorating a balcony.

The nice thing is that you can still go in many directions with this space.

However, we have gathered some important tips for you which will help you to design your balcony as you wish.

Decide what style you like

It’s important that you start determining what you like.

Looking at photos on the Internet (Pinterest, Instagram, Google images, and so on).

Take a look at photos of other balconies and pay close attention to the furnishings.

When doing this, also pay close attention to the style of the balconies so you can start to determine for yourself what exactly you like.

You can then start to act on this and style to your heart’s content.

List your requirements

You should also think carefully about how you want to make use of your balcony.

For example, do you want to spend time on your balcony in a very relaxing way?

For example, with a soft plastic lawn, a comfortable lawn chair for heavier people or a durable rocking chair, and beautiful mood lighting?

Or do you not mind also having some maintenance of plants, herbs, etc.? Do you want to grow a mini greenhouse specifically for balconies?

Try to imagine how you would like to use your balcony.

When doing this, also think carefully about your budget. How much money can you spend on the new design of your balcony?

Based on your personal requirements, you may already have some ideas, for example, when you want to buy new garden furniture.

If you know what you want, you can start looking very specifically for the matching furniture.

Provide planting on your balcony

It may be a good idea to opt for some plantings on your balcony. The choice of plants, by the way, is entirely up to you.

In any case, as you might have expected, there are many options to choose from.

For example, you can choose to place one or more planters on your balcony (or hang them from the railings).

By placing a beautiful plant or flower in the planter, you can immediately create a better atmosphere.

You know what else you can opt for? A vertical garden. On one of the sides of your balcony, you can hang all kinds of plants.

These plants create a cozy atmosphere and create a natural contrast to the building itself.

At the very least, the planting will stand out against the tiles, concrete, steel and wood of your balcony.

By putting the right plants or flowers on your balcony, you know how to dress up your balcony nicely.

Select the right balcony furniture

Do you really want to spend a lot of time on your balcony? Or would you rather spend the occasional afternoon or evening on your balcony?

In principle, this doesn’t really matter.

If you have a balcony, it is advisable anyway to buy the right furniture for it and intended for this purpose.

For example, would you love to have a lounge set on your balcony? Then choose a special balcony lounge set.

This is a fairly compact lounge set that consists of two sunbeds/loungers in many cases.

Placing these loungers side by side creates a pleasant and cozy seating area. An added benefit is that this lounge set doesn’t take up too much space.

Do you lead a busy and stressful life? Then it may also be wise to check out certain heavy-duty outdoor rocking chairs.

Such chairs fit perfectly on an average balcony in terms of size and are very soothing because of their rocking function.

For more information related to rocking chairs, have a look at these articles as well:

Invest in the right accessories

Once you have purchased the right furniture for your balcony it’s time to dress up this furniture in a fun way.

Something that is definitely going to help with this is the right accessories. If you choose the right planters, for example, you know you’re on the right track.

This is also the case if you choose the right cushions and the right flooring (artificial lawn, wood, rubber, etc.).

Also consider a parasol or sunshade if your balcony catches a lot of sun. You can still get a nice color, but protect your skin.

Dare to invest in solid furnishings

Dare to invest in the design of your balcony. Why? Because with good and durable furnishings, you can enjoy your balcony much more.

The saying “cheap is expensive” fits this context to a ‘T’.

By decorating your balcony entirely to your liking, you will enjoy it more. And your beautiful apartment too.

Therefore, plan a generous budget – you’re worth it.

Have fun and good luck decorating your balcony!

Small balcony furniture and design ideas: Conclusion

Plants and the right furniture will go a long way toward decorating your balcony (Tip: Focus on heavy duty furniture if you are plus size!).

Don’t neglect it, it can well become your little oasis in a sea of madness that is today’s life.

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