Sugar as Dangerous Addiction of Our Time

Heather Campbell
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This article exists to make you aware of sugar as dangerous addiction of our time. A sugar addiction is an addiction that undermines our health and vitality.

Sugar As Dangerous Addiction Of Our Time Box Full Of Chocolate Snack BarsThis is because sugar represents a constant assault on our unique bodies and our precious, vibrant minds.

So be sure to read on because this is an essential article if you want to start living healthier!

Sugar as dangerous addiction of our time: Introduction

Do you also belong to the group of people who panic when there appears to be nothing sweet in the house? Do you get cranky if you run out of jam, cola or chocolate? Or is your day not the same if you can’t eat that delicious chocolate-covered cookie?

If so, chances are you are also struggling with sugar addiction!

Sugar addiction is not only related to willpower but also to physical dependence (and exposes us to various hidden health risks).

Eliminating sugar from your diet can make a significant contribution to your current health and vitality.

Lack of vitality and health in the United States

We in the United States are getting unhealthier and fatter. Frightening figures are rising yearly about the increase in obesity (which is a risk for chronic diseases), type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, depression, burnout, menopause symptoms, etc.

There are a lot of middle-aged women and men who, unfortunately, do not feel their best.

While here in the United States, we have so much wealth and prosperity around us, and we could be so healthy and happy…

In practice, living and enjoying have instead become surviving and complaining. So why is this, and how did we end up in this situation?

More importantly, what is the solution, and what can we do about it?

Getting off sugar is no easy task

Rehabbing a sugar addiction can be highly challenging. But it is definitely achievable for everyone.

Ignoring our human need for love, friendship, security, support, and self-actualization has ultimately led to a continuous suppression of our feelings.

Many people don’t even know how to get in touch with their feelings and start feeling them again.

We have begun to numb the pain from our inability to connect with our feelings and desires with addictions such as alcohol, drugs, work, smoking, fast food, soft drinks, and – yes – sugars.

To restore the balance, we have started to seek happiness outside ourselves… But lasting and sustainable happiness is not found outside yourself. It is found inside of you.

Internal self-reflection is the key

So you need to look for your internal pain. Where is your pain? Pain numbed with sugars and other “narcotics.”

What need is not being met for you? Why do you still settle for the consolation prize? What keeps you from loving yourself completely?

You can only come out of the spell of addiction when you feel this pain and actually name, acknowledge, and confront it through self-reflection.

The awareness process is crucial

Our times and society call for awareness of sugars everywhere and for taking responsibility. Especially when it comes to our own health.

Gone are the days of blind faith that everything in stores or touted in advertisements is good for us.

Unfortunately, profit maximization of the food industry does not go hand in hand with what is healthy for you and me.

The days of blind faith in our doctors are also over now. There is so much we do not yet know about our bodies and health.

The more we know, the more we realize that we still know so little (an excellent example of this is our intestinal system and the impact of our gut on our lives and health).

Everyone needs to learn and experience how important nutrition is to their health.

So much human health and, therefore, human potential is lost due to the overabundance of foods that our bodies are not equipped for.

They are food products full of chemicals that our bodies do not know what to do with. So much of our food is just filler. It contains too few building blocks and too many toxins.

They are products into which more and more sugars are slowly and gradually put. And sugars certainly fall under the toxins…

Poor health hinders countless dreams and desires

People’s beautiful dreams do not come to life because of a lack of energy.

Great desires are not realized due to a lack of good health.

Are you struggling with too much desire for sugar in your life?

Then you should urgently begin to realize that health and vitality are primarily within our own sphere of influence.

Eating and drinking sugar-free means being constantly on the alert

Perhaps you can now see the benefit of consciously choosing to stop eating sugar and drink sugar-free…

But beware: While not eating sugar anymore is very doable, it is also not as easy as it seems in practice!

In fact, sugar is a very persistent part of our American society. It really is in everything, you name it.

Therefore, simply not eating sugar does not automatically mean that you no longer ingest sugar.

For example, it is in toast, cold cuts, meats, bread, and many other foods that we think are “safe.”

In other words, this means you have to be constantly on your guard. And it also means continually having to say “no” to anything and everything.

It even means spending entire days reading labels and asking questions of waiters in a brasserie, cafeteria, snack bar, or restaurant. Indeed, very tiresome all around.

Back to the basics as a guideline

Not eating sugar means literally and figuratively going back to basics. So that starts with buying the right foods at the supermarket and cooking your meals.

But it also asks you to look where you are still using sugar to cover up things you know are not right.

This thought exercise can be very confronting.

So it’s no wonder so many people are addicted to this sweet seducer that makes you feel good about yourself in no time.

However, this is often short-lived, and you end up paying a (very) high price…

Some nuance is in order

In itself, I have nothing against sugar. Sugar occurs in nature, it is not the devil, and we need it.

Only we don’t need sugar in the excessive amounts we currently consume!

On average, we eat more than 110 pounds of sugar per person per year. To outline this visually for a moment: That’s 5 buckets or 1 wheelbarrow full of sugar!

In these quantities, sugar becomes an assassin that slowly eats the body from the inside out and robs it of its valuable minerals.

That’s also really the dangerous thing about sugar! You don’t feel what it does until you don’t eat it for a while.

Only then do you experience how much energy sugar robs away, that it:

Sugar as a dangerous addiction of our time: Conclusion

I invite you to make a conscious choice to let go of as many (and perhaps all) sugars in your life as possible and get back to yourself.

Start living the life you were born to live, using all your talents and your own wisdom.

Sugar-free living is the ultimate strategy to create a healthy and delicious life without added sugars!

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