The Most Relaxing Types of Body Massages

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The most relaxing types of body massages are waiting for you to enjoy them when you take a moment away from your daily routine to relax. Suppose you are thinking of taking a day just to pamper yourself at the spa.

The most relaxing types of body massagesWhen we think of this kind of day, we often imagine ourselves lying on a massage table and enjoying a relaxing moment.

Indeed, the massage during a spa session plays an essential role and aims to relax the body and the spirit.

There are several types of relaxing body massages. Classical manual massages traditionally make use of kneading, rubbing and caressing techniques. Other relaxing massage techniques include national (such as Japanese or Thai massage), vacuum, foot, stone therapy, or hot stone massages.

So, are you ready to relax? Read on to learn about the different body massage techniques that can help you achieve maximum relaxation of the body. After that, we’ll even provide you with a number of relaxing massage oil recipes.

The most relaxing types of body massages: Introduction

Before presenting the different categories of massages, it is important to distinguish two types of massages:

  • Classical manual massage: this is a massage with traditional techniques, such as rubbing, kneading and caressing.
  • The material massage: a massage that will be done with the help of various devices.

The so-called “national” massages

As you may have already noticed on a massage price list, we can also find so-called national massages such as the traditional Thai massage. Here are three examples:

Japanese massage Shiatsu 🇯🇵

Shiatsu is the traditional Japanese massage whose main characteristic is the use of fingers that press on biologically active points.

This technique is renowned because the massage therapist notices stiffness and irregularities on the patient’s body during a session and immediately treats them. Only high-level professionals can do this.

Thai massage 🇹🇭

Thai body massage is based on acupuncture points, during which the therapist will use his palms, thumbs, wrists, elbows, knees and feet to massage you.

This technique aims to totally relax the body and mind.

Spanish massage 🇪🇸

The Spanish message is an original technique where the masseur’s movements are very gentle, deep, painless and non-repetitive.

Stone therapy or hot stone massage

This type of body massage uses smooth, simple and semi-precious stones. For example, we use sea pebbles, sandstone, marble, or volcanic stones.

A hot stone massage session is often performed as follows:

  • The body is lubricated with aromatic oils.
  • Then, stones heated above body temperature (usually up to 104 F°) are placed on biologically active points of the body.
  • And finally the massage is done by moving the stones around.

If the session is intended to have an invigorating effect, then tonic essential oils are chosen (such as citrus, basil, ginger, rosemary or sage essential oils). This body massage is done with quick movements.

On the other hand, if we wish to have a more soothing effect, we favor relaxing oils (such as oregano, myrrh, valerian or jasmine essential oil). The massage will be performed with slower movements.

Getting a hot stone massage on your back alone is difficult and time-consuming to do. But it is possible to massage other parts of the body:

  • Coat your hands with aromatic oils and massage the desired areas with light movements and small hot stones.
  • In a large bowl of hot water, place stones of different sizes. Add infusions or fresh herb shoots and a few drops of aromatic oils.

This type of session’s thermal and aromatherapy effects increase the blood flow and cells in the treated areas.

In addition, the amount of oxygen activates their activity, which has a beneficial effect on a person’s general and local condition (e.g. muscle pain decreases).

The biologically active points correspond to the same points as those used during an acupuncture session. Therefore, this technique can be considered a replacement for the old practice of acupuncture.

The biologically active points most often affected by this technique are the sacrum (for radiculitis, osteochondrosis and pelvic organ diseases) and the upper back (for the common cold).

However, only a specialist should perform this type of stone treatment session so that there is no deterioration of the condition.

The recommended duration of a hot stone massage is:

  • From 10 to 20 minutes if you do it yourself at home.
  • From 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in special salons once a week.

It is especially important to do this regularly if the therapy is done not only for pleasure, but also as an additional remedy.

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage, performed with special equipment, can help against cellulite and obesity, especially in conjunction with exercises to fight cellulite.

The therapeutic effect of this massage is due to the fact that the vacuum created by the device affects not only the skin itself, making it smooth and elastic, but also the muscles and subcutaneous fat.

The massage can be performed in two ways:

  1. In the first case, the specialist installs jars in which a vacuum is created on the problem areas of the patient’s body.
  2. In the second case, warm massage oil is applied to the problem areas. Then, a device is moved over the entire area to be treated. Therefore, the impact restores blood circulation, the massage activates lymphatic flow and relieves muscle tension.

In both cases, this leads to the disappearance of edema and cellulite.

The treatment of cellulite through massaging is due to the fact that under the influence of a vacuum, the fat is simply destroyed and thus the thickness of the fatty tissue is reduced.

Professionals recommend a complete program for maximum effect, consisting of approximately 7 to 10 procedures. These should be done with an interval of a few days.

Often, after 4-5 sessions, you can see an improvement in skin color and a tightening of body contours.

This occurs not only because of the activation of blood circulation, but also because of an increase in the natural production of collagen. This last property of massage gives excellent results in rejuvenating sagging skin.

The vacuum massage is therefore recommended in case of:

The skin of the problem areas under the influence of the vacuum is between the massage accessories. As a result of the pressure exerted, the connective tissue capsule in which the fat cells are located is destroyed.

As these fat-filled capsules cause the “orange peel” effect on the skin, their removal restores smoothness to the skin.

The fat broken down by the massage no longer stagnates in place, but is eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system.

This promotes the resorption (breakdown and assimilation) of edema, the reduction of excess weight, the increase of elasticity and softness of the skin.

However, this cosmetic procedure has certain contraindications that must be taken into account when planning a vacuum massage treatment. This technique is not recommended in case of:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Swelling and inflammation of the skin
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, causing dysfunction of musculoskeletal functions
  • Varicose veins (applies only to the area selected for massage)
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To get the best results in the fight against cellulite and obesity, you can buy a special device to perform a vacuum massage at home.

The device can be adjusted to different degrees of intensity of massage movements, allowing you to choose an individual program to avoid bruising.

The effect of vacuum massage will last between 6 to 12 months, which of course depends on your lifestyle.

So, if you give up harmful products and regularly perform supportive anti-cellulite gymnastics, the appearance of new dimples on the skin can be avoided.

In any case, once a year, it is advisable to undergo a complete vacuum massage treatment to maintain the results obtained.

In addition to the cosmetic effect of vacuum massage, we cannot fail to mention its therapeutic characteristics.

Thus, a vacuum massage session will help relieve muscle tension, pain and find a good mood.

However, before you begin such a massage, be sure to contact a specialist and find out if this procedure will benefit you.

Foot massage 🦶

This type of massage can be performed as a stand-alone procedure, but is often optional during a spa session.

This technique relieves psychological stress very effectively, uses acupuncture points on the feet, and strengthens the feet muscles, which is a good prevention for flat feet.

Foot massage can also be therapeutic thanks to the technique of foot reflexology which gives access, energetically speaking, to all the organs of the body

Relaxing massage oil recipes you can make yourself

If you decide to do self-massage at home, why not make your own massage oil? Nothing could be easier than to make it yourself!

Choose a virgin vegetable oil for massages, preferably organic and rather “dry” (not greasy to the touch), such as jojoba, sesame, macadamia, hazelnut or grapeseed oil.

Then, you can also add, in lesser quantity, a richer vegetable oil which will bring certain properties to the skin like the musk rose of Chile if you suffer from some scars, or an oily macerate of calendula if your skin presents irritations.

To perfume your massage oils and give them specific properties, simply add a few drops of essential oil, to be chosen according to its properties and affinity with the skin.

Remember: Some essential oils are dermocaustic, meaning they can burn or sting the skin.

For all the recipes of massage oils that we are going to present to you, choose a dark glass bottle so it is protected from UV rays and will keep for longer.

Here are the different types of massage oils to make yourself:

Relaxation oil

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 1 oz of jojoba oil
  • 10 drops of true lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil.

Special “aches and pains” oil (applied locally)

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 0.65 oz hazelnut oil
  • 0.30 oz of arnica macerate
  • 5 drops of essential oil of lavender aspic
  • 5 drops of essential oil of wintergreen.

Anti-stress oil

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 1 oz of jojoba oil
  • 10 drops of true lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of essential oil of geranium of Egypt.

Slimming oil

This type of massage oil is to be applied to the concerned areas: thighs, buttocks, stomach.

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 1 oz macadamia oil
  • 30 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

Healing oil (stretch marks, scars…)

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 0.5 oz of jojoba oil
  • 0.5 oz of Chilean rosehip oil
  • 15 drops of essential oil of Italian helichrysum.

Aphrodisiac massage oil

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 1 oz hazelnut oil
  • 15 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil.

Massage oil pleasure

For a 1 oz bottle, add:

  • 1 oz of organic vanilla macerate (or jojoba oil)
  • 10 drops of jasmine absolute
  • 5 drops of neroli essential oil

The most relaxing types of body massages: Conclusion

There are still many other massage techniques that can help you relax. When choosing a massage, it is important to choose it according to its beneficial effect on our body and also our mind.

It is also possible to relax at home and make your own massage oil according to your desires.

So escape from your daily routine and enjoy a moment of relaxation with the power of relaxing massages.

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