The Need to Please Others Is a Common Human Need

Megan Smith
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Not everyone may know it but the need to please others is something almost all of us share.

The Need to Please Others Is a Common Human NeedOne of the worries we all have is to want to please at all costs. Indeed, this is a common human characteristic, and its obviousness is no longer debatable.

Needing to please other people is what many of us experience. This leads us to try to change, adapt and reach often unreasonable beauty goals because we feel that by pleasing others, we will appease ourselves of any complexes that we may have. It takes time to understand and accept yourself.

However, the satisfaction from this need goes through the image we portray.

The need to please others: Introduction

Some people may wonder how others perceive it. For example, questions like: “How am I? “or “What do they think of me?” are at the heart of the complexes that bother us.

Indeed, the most minor defect can become an obstacle to our feeling beautiful.

Therefore, everything is good to ensure that our physical appearance, whether in private or professional life, attracts looks and kind thoughts that will help restore our self-confidence.

One thing is sure, with the number of people on earth today, it is impossible to please everyone!

This article will discover this human need, which concerns wanting to please.

We question our own beauty

A large majority of women report feeling disgusted about their bodies. Indeed, only a tiny minority believe they are an example of the feminine beauty ideal.

Generally, women judge their beauty as “average” and think their weight is “too high.”

As a result, how we look at ourselves is often cruel and obstinate. In this context, beauty seems to be defined according to narrow and fixed stereotypes that are supposedly representative of society’s beauty canons.

Today, the person as such is put aside for the benefit of his appearance and the image he shows. However, it is essential to point out that there are no formal criteria for beauty!

Indeed, Westerners have an exact vision of the harmony of the woman’s body, and that of non-Westerners is quite different.

For example, in Mauritania, women must be well-fleshed. Indeed, the practice of force-feeding is still in use in this country and consists in making young girls drink milk in vast quantities to gain weight.

This custom is denounced because the health risks related to obesity have been highlighted by doctors.

Another example, Asian beauty criteria are the opposite of Western ones. To feel beautiful in Asia, you must have a white complexion. Indeed, the major cosmetic brands offer whitening creams on the Asian market.

This is quite the opposite in the West, where women will rather rush to self-tanning creams or sunbeds to get a tanned complexion!

Generally speaking, in the North, the “perfect” woman must be slim and appear young and healthy to meet the fashionable criteria.

In this case, it will be an emphasized necessity relayed by the media to “succeed in life.”

We want to seduce

When we start to doubt, the complex can intrude into our lives. For many women, daring to finally be “yourself” is a process that takes time.

Their role in today’s society, the family, and the professional responsibilities they have often lead them to let themselves be overwhelmed by daily life.

Therefore, the need for seduction will take a back seat. So we start to gain a little weight, let ourselves go, and become less enthusiastic about life.

In this context, the breakup with your husband or partner can act as a shock, and you finally look at yourself! Indeed, the mirror reflects an image that is no longer the one we imagined.

But be careful not to let yourself be tempted by cosmetic surgery that you might regret later.

Generally, people will try to regain their seductive power by following diets, even if it means taking risks for their health.

When doubt and complexes have taken a grip, everything is done to adhere to the ideal of thinness and youth.

Appearance is becoming more and more important

Our appearance and self presentation conditions our relationship with others, whether in love or at work.

Studies have pushed the analysis to show that beauty is a means of social discrimination.

It would seem that being white, beautiful, and thin are criteria for success that the elites would impose on the lower classes.

Another research was demonstrated on two students with equal skills. Still, one is “beautiful” and the other a bit less. Both can graduate as they have the same abilities.

However, in the case of poor grades, the prettiest one is likely to be rated slightly higher. Indeed, some teachers readily admit that they are influenced by a cuter student because they feel seduced by them.

From then on, this attitude will give this student an influx of confidence that will accompany him all his life.

Another example where appearance seems to matter is during a job interview. Indeed, recruiters will not admit it openly, but access to the first interview is often favored by a flattering appearance.

In addition, the integration within the company will be facilitated if the person has an advantageous physique. For sociologists, appearance would even play a role in good career development.

But is it possible to seduce others when you are already not seduced by yourself?

It is important to know that self-confidence is built over time, with experience, and it is enough to feel worthy of being loved to attract this love.

Indeed, the more we feel watched, valued, and listened to, the more liberating energy is released, making us grow wings! The resulting self-confidence is soothing, both for oneself and for others.

Moreover, self-confidence allows you to let go a little, know yourself in all its facets, and be more loved for what you are.

The need to please others: Conclusion

Pleasing everyone seems to be a common need for all human beings. However, in the society in which we evolve, we are more and more confronted with beauty canons that question our beauty.

However, it is essential to remember that there are no formal criteria for beauty and that each person is beautiful in their own way!

The most important thing is to please yourself, especially to accept yourself.

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