Things to do to relax and de-stress: Fun & brilliant ways to relieve stress

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Things to do to relax and de-stress are sorely needed in today’s world. Relaxation is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Things to do to relax and de-stress: Fun & brilliant ways to relieve stressRelaxing reduces stress, makes you feel happier, and lowers the risk of health problems. Less stress will help you relax and cope better with tension both at work and at home.

Because let’s face it, nobody likes being rushed, flying around, making a fuss without stepping back and, in the end, sitting at home exhausted and burned out.

More and more people are experiencing persistent burnout. Fortunately, there are some simple and easy tricks to quickly reduce your stress and feel more comfortable again.

There are many things to do to relax and reduce stress: relax your muscles, meditate, take breaks from work, write, turn off social media, listen to music, tidy up, be creative, take it easy, enjoy life, laugh, seek warmth, craft or color, read a book, do nothing, cuddle, go for a walk, sleep, go camping in nature to relax, etc.

There is no shortage of fun and brilliant ways to relieve stress, find out below what works for you and do more of it.

Things to do to relax and de-stress: Introduction

Relaxing can be done in many ways. Relaxation can be done, for example, by exerting yourself physically, using mental relaxation methods, or by being creative.

Try out different tips and see what works best for you and choose a regular short activity that you can easily integrate daily into your schedule and planning.

For example, listen to music, go for a 20-minute walk, or meditate.

You can thereby reduce your tension and stress consistently and be disciplined.

Tips for relaxing and reducing stress

Relax all your muscles

Tense muscles cause you to function badly. Pain in your head and cramped neck and shoulder muscles lead can be debilitating.

By taking fifteen minutes to relax all the different muscle groups in your body, you will ensure that you rest physically and mentally.

Find a place where you can lie quietly for a while.

Close your eyes and then, one by one tighten the different muscles in your body, and then release them.

From your feet, lower and upper legs, buttocks to your belly, back, shoulders and arms to your lips and forehead.

Do it and you’ll immediately realize how soothing it is.

Meditate | Things to do to relax and de-stress

Meditation, yoga and mindfulness are all proven ways to reduce stress. It doesn’t have to be all light and fairy or spectacular.

They are ways that you can do it anywhere and at any time. In as little as 2 minutes, you can quiet your mind.

Also practice your (abdominal) breathing:

  • Inhale through your nose for 5 counts.
  • Hold your breath for a moment.
  • Exhale through your mouth for 5 to 10 counts.

Rest for a while after every job

Going on and on without taking a moment to rest? We all think this is very normal these days.

But do know that it is healthier to do nothing on a regular basis. It is crucial to release tension and gain energy.

Among other things, it makes you more productive and motivated.

After each taks, do nothing for a few minutes! Take a walk, brew a delicious coffee, stare into nothingness, continue reading a book, talk to your colleagues, and so on.

Write | Things to do to relax and de-stress

Writing down your thoughts, emotions or pending tasks in a notebook will help clear your head and make it easier to let go of daily stress (and consider going camping to let go of all the stress).

Pause social media

Take a closer look at how social media affects your feelings and mood. Are you experiencing pressure or stress?

If so, delete some apps or try to cut down on social media use.

Listen to music

Sit, lie or walk and listen to music that relaxes you. Or walk along the sea on the beach or in the forest and listen to the sounds of nature.

According to several large-scale studies and surveys, listening to quiet music is an excellent medicine against stress.

Music distracts you. As a result, you relax, your blood pressure drops, and you breathe more calmly.

In addition, listening to music reduces the production of stress hormones, which simultaneously causes your brain to produce endorphins.

This is a hormone substance that makes you feel good.

Clear up

Of course, it doesn’t sound like relaxation but a tidy workplace and home give peace of mind.

Think of how your home and workplace can be less cluttered. Get rid of items you don’t need and use bins and cabinets to get clutter out of sight.

By tidying up and cleaning, you are also exercising and burning calories at the same time.

Finally, you can also relax on an inviting terrace or balcony: How can I make my terrace look beautiful? Design ideas & tricks

Be creative

Find a hobby in which you can express your creativity and emotion. For example, painting, brewing beer, photography, cooking or playing an instrument.

Take it easy | Things to do to relax and de-stress

Are you stressed and need to constantly be on top of your game? Then slow down.

Walk slower, ride your bike without haste, brush your teeth at leisure, take time to cook your food, go to the bathroom at leisure, and so on.

Slowing down your pace from time to time will allow you to unwind, be more relaxed and experience less tension.

Enjoy life

Are you living your life? Or is life controlling you? Consider this carefully.

Find the right balance between fun activities and the things that “should” be done.

Recharge your batteries by doing something you enjoy.

Celebrate success with your loved ones, laugh and dwell each day on the little things in life that you are grateful for.

Embrace humor and laughter

Do you feel tense and tremendously stressed? Then conjure up a smile because laughter reduces stress and soon makes you feel calmer.

Laughing releases endorphins in your brain. And these then reduce the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Watch a funny clip on YouTube, an animal video on Facebook, read something funny, orf ind the humor in certain absurd real-life situations a little more often.

This is how you always stay on top of stress.

Seek warmth

Heat helps the body relax so take a warm bath, sunbathe safely or go to the sauna and relax.

Craft or color | Things to do to relax and de-stress

No, crafting and coloring is not just for kids. It is also something for adults to combat stress efficiently. After all, while cutting, pasting and coloring, your mind relaxes and the tension leaves your body.

They fade into the background and you become calmer. That’s not surprising.

For a moment, your attention is completely focused on what you are doing such as crafting something or coloring a drawing.

And that has a positive effect on your mood.

Read a book more often

Reading is also great against stress and to calm your nerves.

Fifteen minutes of reading every day is enough to relax more. According to several studies, reading reduces your amount of stress by more than 50%.

Check out our top rocking chairs guide for outdoor heavy-duty use and invest in a suitable one. Thus, while reading, you can also enjoy the relaxing effects of the rocking movements.

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Do nothing

Turn off the TV, put your phone away and do nothing at all for a while. Let your imagination do the work and try to just enjoy the moment.


Cuddle with your children, your parents, loved one or your pets. Hugging helps to relax and after 20 seconds of hugging, hormones are released that make you happier.

This too has been scientifically proven.

Move | Things to do to relax and de-stress

Go play sports, work in the garden or take a walk in nature. Exercise has been proven to reduce the stress hormone.

Healthy exercise outside is highly recommended. Plus, it also burns calories, which is good for your figure.


Getting a good night’s sleep reduces your stress hormone. Ensure regularity and at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to your health, stress levels, and mood. Also, invest in a decent mattress.

Things to do to relax and de-stress: Conclusion

It seems that we live our life constantly fighting against time. We have to consciously make a decision to try and take things slower.

Switch off social media. Go for a walk. Try exercise. We’ve tackled this and more.

I hope these tips against stress can help you relax more easily. Of course, there are many other ways to experience more peace.

Find what works for you, and be open to different experiences.

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