Trampoline Exercises as Cardio Workout for Weight Loss

Trampoline exercises are excellent exercises for effective cardio training. 

Several scientific studies (more info below) confirm that trampoline exercises have extraordinary benefits for weight and cardiovascular health.

In addition, trampolining allows you to work quasi every muscle in your body. 

Therefore, Trampolining is not only relaxing and fun but also improves agility, overall coordination, strength, balance, and self-confidence regarding fear of falling.

Discover a wealth of information about trampolining and its benefits to your health and slimming efforts below.

Trampoline Exercises as Cardio Workout for Weight Loss

Trampoline exercises are excellent for physical and mental well-being

Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise or cardio, is essential to staying healthy and fit.

But what most people don't know is that using a trampoline is probably the most effective way to do cardio training. 

Exercises on a mini-trampoline, also known as rebounding, are steadily gaining popularity. As a result, this exercise is also receiving increasing attention from the scientific community.

The most recent studies on trampolining revealed several surprising benefits.

Trampolining is an enormously exciting cardio discipline, especially in terms of strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Trampoline exercises as a cardio workout

Cardio workouts increase oxygen consumption and stimulate our body's aerobic metabolism. 

Fat burning effect

Group Exercise Rebounding Class Ladies Jumping On Mini Trampolines

This stimulates our bodies to burn extra carbohydrates and fats to provide the necessary energy for muscle exertion.

Thanks to cardio training, the increased metabolism helps us better control our body weight and makes us feel more energetic.

And the positive effects of aerobic training go far beyond that!

Other physical benefits of trampolining

Cooling Down After Mini Trampoline Exercises Group Class Ladies Outdoor

Cardio training via jumping on a trampoline provides numerous other great benefits, including the following:

  • In the medium to long term, you will increase your life expectancy with this form of cardio training
  • Trampolining strengthens your immune system
  • Thanks to this cardio workout, you will improve your endurance and condition
  • It lowers your blood pressure
  • Trampolining keeps your joints supple
  • It increases your lung capacity
  • Rebounding allows you to better control your blood sugar levels
  • Better heart strength
  • It is conducive to your mental health (see below)

Mental effects of cardio, such as rebounding

Regular aerobic exercise also significantly impacts various aspects of our lives that, at first glance, seem to have nothing to do with physical fitness.

Trampolining makes us better tempered, allows us to enjoy better sleep quality, and helps us cope with stress.

In other words, trampoline exercises are a genius tool to boost our physical and mental well-being!

Additional info on rebounding on mini trampolines

Trampoline training on mini-trampolines is already well established in people's homes, fitness centers, and sports clubs.

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Scientific studies on trampolining

Several scientific studies on trampoline exercises and rebounding gave impressive results.

Several research teams have since scientifically established the unique benefits of trampolining and rebounding. 

Trampolining is a full-body workout that produces extraordinaire results in cardiovascular effects. 

The following is an overview of some of the studies and the findings:

Big Trampoline Exercises For Weight Loss Outdoor Environment

Rebounding exercise for overweight women to improve their health

A 2018 study found that exercise on a mini-trampoline is beneficial for the health of overweight women.

Eighteen women were part of a study that took 3 months to complete.

Thanks to the trampoline exercises, the following significant improvements were observed:

  • Endurance (cardiovascular fitness) increased significantly as a result of trampolining at maximal effort
  • Diastolic and systolic blood pressure values also decreased significantly
  • The exercise capacity of overweight women increased
  • Glucose profile improved (positive in terms of diabetes prevention)
  • Significant improvements in fat mass, muscle mass, and lean mass in the obese women

Exercises on a mini-trampoline ensure several positive effects on the overall health of overweight women.

Trampoline exercises should therefore be integrated into exercise programs for overweight individuals.


Trampoline training is better than running training in 2 ways

A 2016 study showed that trampoline training is a more effective training method than traditional running training.

Specifically, trampoline training is better than running training on 2 counts:

  • To increase maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) 
  • To lower the fat percentage

Trampoline training causes higher fat burning than running training

Specifically, the study results showed that rebounding decreased fat percentage by 31.61% while walking resulted in a 20.3% decrease in fat percentage.

Put another way, trampolining produces a fat-burning rate 55.7% higher than classical running.

Trampoline training provides a higher VO2 max than running training

Rebounding Workouts On Outdoor Mini Trampolines Excellent For Weight Loss

VO2max increased by 7.82% in trampolining, while VO2max increased by only 3.05% in classical running.

In other words, trampolining provides a more significant increase in oxygen uptake than the increase in oxygen uptake in gait training.

Specifically, trampoline training produces an increase in VO2max that is 2.56 times greater than the increase in VO2max from running training.

In other words, since VO2max is a measure of endurance and cardiovascular fitness, we can say that trampoline training increases cardiovascular fitness 2.56 times faster than classical running training. 

Talk about an impressive fix...


Trampoline exercises for older women with osteoporosis

A 2019 study examined the effects of trampoline exercises on a mini-trampoline performed by older women with osteoporosis. 

The scientists found that rebounding exercises focusing on balance, strength, and cardio on a trampoline produced several beneficial effects:

  • Significant improvement in functional mobility of older ladies
  • Improved balance thanks to the exercises
  • More strength as a result of cardio training on the mini-trampoline
  • Optimized and improved running and walking performance for the ladies
  • Less fear of falling and more self-confidence thanks to trampoline exercises

It was concluded that mini-trampoline exercises are valuable and safe for older people suffering from osteoporosis. In fact, thanks to cardio training through trampolining, they can boost their quality of life and self-confidence.


Health benefits of trampolining

Low-impact training on the joints

Outdoor Trampoline Exercises For Weight Loss Purposes Great Cardio Training

Trampolining is a low-impact sport on the joints. 

The ground surface of a trampoline gives well and springs so that the moment of acceleration when rebounding and the moment of deceleration when coming down is much longer than in other activities such as walking.

In short, rebounding puts much less strain on your joints, knees, hips and back than classic cardio training such as jogging because it is a very low-impact exercise (thanks to the elastic and springy ground surface)

Improved overall coordination

Trampolining improves overall coordination.

To perform a cardio workout on a trampoline soundly and adequately, you must be able to coordinate your leg and arm movements. 

In addition, you should also learn to engage your fast muscle groups to perform various types of advanced exercises.

Detoxification thanks to improved lymph circulation

Trampolining is not the same as a real detox cure, but still, it has detoxifying properties.

Jumping and rebounding, periods of hovering (weightlessness), and greater-than-average forces during rebounding allow the body to optimally rid itself of waste and toxins.

In other words, thanks to the trampoline and exercise, you can enjoy gravity effects that are essential for the lymphatic system to work optimally.

Improved balance

Health Benefits Of Exercising On An Outdoor Trampoline At Home

You need to develop a keen sense of balance to jump on a trampoline fairly regularly in one place.

You must discover by doing how to adjust (and compromise) your body's balance using your limbs and torso.

Rising self-confidence

Even if you are just a beginner, you will gain confidence and eventually become more confident after a while.

And even if you are not really confident in sports, you will at least be able to make progress on a trampoline or mini-trampoline.

Trampolining is low-threshold, and the surface itself springs along. Therefore, it can be pretty soft if you fall (compared to concrete, asphalt, or even grass).

After a few times, you will get some experience, and your confidence will increase.

Development of bilateral motor skills

Trampoline Cardio Workout Advanced Level Rebound Fitness Gym

Trampolining involves jumping up and down continuously. At the same time, you must maintain your balance using your arms, legs and torso.

You must call upon both sides of your body and brain to do this. And this is quite unique compared to other sports, where one often develops one body half and somewhat ignores the other. Think about tennis or soccer, for example.

Improving cardiovascular fitness

Trampolining can be considered cardio training. This is because jumping on a trampoline increases your heart rate, strengthens your muscles and bones, and positively affects your cardiovascular system.

In other words, rebounding on a mini-trampoline leads to an increased VO2max which means your cardiovascular system strengthens and your endurance increases.

A 2018 study showed that rebounding significantly improves fitness as early as 3 workouts per week of about 19 minutes each (consisting of about 3 minutes of warm-up, 14.5 minutes at high intensity, and 1 minute of cool-down).

In other words, with about 60 minutes of trampolining per week, you can already improve your fitness significantly! Also, it can reduce your body fat by more than 5%.

Non-seasonal sports discipline

Cardio Training By Jumping On Trampoline Burning Belly Fat

The advantage of trampolining and rebounding is that it is not weather-related.

In particular, rebounding on mini-trampolines can be done both indoors and outdoors. By the way, with motivational music, this really never gets boring. 

You can do it under supervision by taking a group class at a fitness center. Or you can do it at home with the help of an accompanying video.

In any case, it's a great way of cardio training that is both innovative and relaxing.

Prevention tool against osteoporosis

By repeatedly jumping up and down on a trampoline, your bones are stressed enough to strengthen them and arm themselves against that pressure and strain of jumping.

In other words, trampolining is an ideal tool for seniors in the fight against bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Alternative form of strength training

Big Trampoline Perfect For Total Body Workout

Using cardio training on a trampoline, you can develop strength for your upper and lower body just as effectively as you can with weightlifting.

Moreover, the advantage of trampolining is that you can build muscle without the heavy strain or major risks of sprained or torn muscles. 

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is better than swimming as an all-around exercise to strengthen and maintain your muscles.

More information about trampoline exercises

Conclusion about trampoline exercises

To burn fat and lose weight, you should focus on rebounding.

Thanks to trampolining, you can improve your fitness and health, and moreover, it will also make you mentally healthier.

Rebounding is an excellent form of cardio training without putting a lot of strain on your joints (unlike running, for example).

Moreover, the magnitude of biomechanical stimuli in trampolining is greater than in walking.

Put another way, trampolining offers greater benefits than jogging in terms of fat burning, weight loss, fitness building, and preventing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Moreover, jumping on a trampoline or mini-trampoline is relaxing and enjoyable. 

In short, trampoline exercises are highly recommended for anyone who wishes to lose weight in a sustainable way using cardio training and at the same time increase their endurance.