Vibration plate for belly fat: How to lose visceral fat and build muscle

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Vibration plate for belly fat can achieve more results than with traditional training methods. This happens in a unique way, via unconscious stretching reflexes in much less time and without extra strain.

Vibration plate for belly fat: How to lose visceral fat and build muscleTraining on a vibration plate is suitable for a much larger group of people, including seniors, children, people with various health problems, and even rehabilitating patients.

As a general rule, vibration plates offer an increased metabolic rate which leads to improved fat burning and higher basal metabolism, reducing fatty tissue layers. Several studies show that abdominal fat in particular, shrinks thanks to whole-body vibration training sessions on a vibrating plate.

Read on to learn more about how vibration training also offers several cosmetic effects and benefits, such as combating cellulite, collagen enhancement, and a welcome fat reduction.

Vibration plate for belly fat: Introduction

A vibration plate generates vibrations that are transferred to our bodies as energy. This mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex that occurs 20 to 60 times per second, depending on the frequency set.

As a result, the muscles continuously tighten very hard during exercises on a vibration plate.

Classical training exercises tire the body, and rest restores it. Through repetition, the body adapts to the effort, resulting in increased performance over time.

This phenomenon, called supercompensation, also occurs when training on a vibration plate.

However, while the training duration of a whole-body vibration session is much shorter, the training effect is more significant, and hormonal release is increased.

And all this with less strain on the musculoskeletal system and the body than conventional training methods.

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Effects of the vibration plate

Improved well-being

Exercises on a vibration plate provide relaxation and purposeful exercise.

A whole-body vibration workout allows you to forget about everything for a while to focus on the vibration plate and your muscles.

After the workout and a nice shower, you can enjoy renewed energy and a relaxed feeling. In short, a vibration plate is boosts your mental well-being!

Increased fat burning

The metabolic rate increased by training on a vibration plate leads to improved fat burning and higher basal metabolism, reducing fatty tissue layers.

Special massage exercises can also target specific problem areas locally. For example, think stubborn cellulite on the thighs and butt.

Cellulite and cosmetic implications

Massage exercises on a vibrating plate loosen adhesions and lead to increased mobility of tissue layers.

The vibrations of this fitness device create a massage effect that breaks down cellulite and strengthens connective tissue.

This will also deeply improve the skin in terms of structure.

Even the facial muscles are lightly exercised using a vibrating plate, and collagen fibers are more easily stored.

Activation of the circulatory system

During the training on the vibration plate, the muscles continuously pump blood into the smallest capillaries.

As a result, the cells receive fuel faster, and waste products are removed more quickly, allowing the body to regenerate faster.

Huge time savings

Highly effective training is performed by engaging many muscle groups simultaneously. In just 15 minutes of whole-body vibration training, you achieve the same training effect as with 1 hour of conventional exercise.

Increase in flexibility

Strong blood flow, muscle heating, and tendon reflexes allow the body to become more flexible and release tension and adhesions.

Improved fitness

As the muscles become stronger thanks to vibration training, more will also be demanded of all the delivery systems, including the heart.

As a result, these systems will work more efficiently, and fitness and endurance will improve.

Fast muscle building

While working out on a vibration plate, most muscle fibers in all muscle groups are utilized.

Both muscle strength and endurance increase markedly thanks to vibration training.

Vibration plates provide more muscle power

Several researchers confirmed that a vibration plate indeed works as advertised.

The vibration plate or whole-body vibration is one of the more recent wonders in the fitness and health industry, promoted as an alternative and low-impact method to improve your muscle strength and explosiveness.

With this fitness device, the idea is to do exercises on a vibrating platform so the nerves are stimulated, and the muscles contract even more forcefully.

Several scientific studies showed that a vibration plate actually makes the muscles stronger.

Training on a vibration plate does have an effect, for example, in terms of building strength in the knee extensors and jump height.

In other words, a vibration plate provides significant strength gains. In fact, the strength gain is similar to the strength gain resulting from training with heavy weights.

Although training on the vibration plate and classical strength training produce about the same results, one is not better than the other.

On the other hand, the vibration plate doesn’t feel as taxing, requires less of the joints, and the contraction of the muscles occurs naturally.

This makes a vibration plate much more approachable than classic strength training that requires you to lift weights.

A vibrating plate is not the same as electrical stimulation via stickers. With electrical stimulation, an electrical signal passes through stickers to your muscles.

In contrast, the vibration plate involves a mechanical stimulus that generates the vibrations.

Vibration plate to get rid of belly fat

The vibration plate indeed works as advertised: it burns fat.

Several studies show that abdominal fat in particular shrinks thanks to whole-body vibration training sessions on a vibrating plate.

The vibratory plate caused quite a bit of controversy in the past with many believers and non-believers. But given the abundance of scientific evidence, that has changed.

The link between an active lifestyle and metabolic syndrome

What is the connection between an active lifestyle and metabolic syndrome, a term for several factors including high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and obesity?

Scientific research shows that unhealthy fat is burned more easily by people who engage in vibration training.

People who regularly practice whole-body vibration lose more weight permanently. Moreover, people who work out on a vibration plate burn much more belly fat than those who never work out on a vibration plate.

Thanks to vibration training, the amount of fat between the intestines and abdomen is noticeably reduced. And that’s a good thing because it is precisely this unhealthy visceral fat that seriously affects health.

Vibration plate for belly fat: Conclusion

Researchers have long sought numerous solutions to address that unhealthy visceral fat.

In this context, the vibration plate is an extremely useful addition for those who want to exercise more and live healthier.

You can use it to build your muscles, burn excess belly fat, and achieve permanent weight loss!

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