Walking for fat loss: Success tips for plus-size people

Megan Smith
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If you are plus-size or obese and looking to get into shape, this short article will give you great ideas about walking for fat loss.

walking for fat loss tips for plus-size peopleWeight problems are increasing to worrying rates worldwide. Weight gain is getting out of control with our increasingly inactive lifestyles.

If a person is obese, high-intensity exercises can cause injuries and joint pain.

If you are plus-size or obese, then you have to focus on low-intensity workouts such as swimming and walking first.

Then, when you are fitter, you can advance to more high-intensity exercises such as running and interval training.

Now, walking might appear simple, but you need to apply the methods listed below to prevent injuries and optimize your workout.

Here are some tips for plus-size persons who are interested in walking for weight loss:

Integrate interval into your walking workout

Adding intensity (and interval) to your walking routine is the best method to build strength and to increase your endurance.

Eventually, this incremental approach will lead to other exercises such as jogging, running, interval training and others.

If you have already started with a beginner program, you could progress to intermediate and advanced walking workouts.

Tip: You can start with walking for fat loss at a moderate pace. And once you get stronger, you can increase your speed and start jogging being plus-size

Get a four-legged friend

If you do not have a training buddy, you might want to consider getting a pet (like a dog).

Dogs need at least one daily walk, which is an excellent reason for putting on your trainers.

All dogs need at least one walk daily to stretch their legs and explore all those exciting smells.

And while you might not be sniffing at corners and lamposts, you too can have a walk. A dog can keep you active and focused.

Idea: Go to an animal shelter and adopt an adorable new best friend.

Add variety to avoid boredom

Walking can be fun, but if you’re someone who bores easily, you need to have something different to look forward to.

After all, variety is the spice of life. How can you do this?

Change your routes, discover new places, or you might even want to go for a hike!

You’ll be looking forward to your walks and you won’t need any extra motivation to put on your walking shoes.

Have a plan and set objectives

Where and how to begin walking may seem overwhelming. You’ve piled on the pounds and can’t see how to lose them…

Remember, you can’t get results overnight and everyone was a newbie once.

Make a note of your target weight and how much time and effort you are willing to invest in this.

Consider buying a sturdy treadmill with a high weight limitation so treadmill walking to lose weight becomes possible whenever you like.

When you tick your daily walk off the list, this alone will make you proud of the effort you’ve put in.

Try aqua walking for fat loss

Aqua walking is an excellent alternative for people experiencing arthritis and having weight-related problems. 

Performing workouts in water can help cushion your joints against injury, improve versatility and reinforce your muscles.

Aqua jogging promotes weight loss and prevents injuries, not to mention the individual’s overall mental and physical improvement.

Listen to music

Walking while listening to music is an excellent activity. You could also listen to podcasts, audiobooks and inspirational speeches.

It’s simple to concentrate on what you are listening to without losing focus on your walk.

Create a playlist of your preferred music (or inspirational talks) on your phone and listen to them.

No playlist? No problem! Find an app with nice motivational music specifically for walking (and weight loss).

Use your arms while walking for weight loss

Although your legs are the most used limbs during walking, did you know it’s possible to use your arms to maximize your weight loss results?

You can use your arms more effectively by swinging them backward and forward.

You can even carry a set of light dumbbells while walking.

Conclusion: Dare to use your arms while walking for fat loss (they can help you with burning extra calories).

Find a walking pal

There are times you will feel like bailing out, and this is why you need a buddy who shares your interests.

Find someone else passionate about walking, perhaps even more than you are.

Who is that person who won’t stop knocking on your door until you come out?

All of us require a person to motivate us. You could also join a support group in your location.

As for work, many companies support walking for general mental health as well as fitness.

Choose the best weather conditions

Cool cold weather is best for walking. A hot, bright sunny day might entice you outside, but then it will be too hot for exercise, and you would sweat more.

Sweating promotes fatigue, so if you think it might deter you, go for an early morning walk or late at night (especially if you have had a long working day).

Consider purchasing a high-weight capacity treadmill for plus-size persons to safely support your weight-loss efforts around the clock, night and day.

It’s also essential to keep well hydrated, so check that you are drinking enough water, especially when out during hot weather.

If you are obese, initially, walking may be somewhat challenging, but you will reap many benefits if you push through your initial resistance.

And remember: Walking alone can’t help you lose weight if your diet is not correct. Healthy nutrition is important to maximize your weight loss.

Start slow when walking for fat loss

You can’t expect to walk 10 miles when you just started as plus-size individual.

Besides, you’ll end up injuring yourself by putting a lot of pressure on your joints and ankles because of excess weight.

Some after-effects of walking could be uncomfortable if you’re not used to working out. 

The trick is to begin slow if you are interested in walking to lose weight and burn fat.

Everything takes time. Start with a few meters and then graduate to a more extended range.

A brisk walk of 30 minutes a day three times a week is the best way to start.

Idea: Start with 10 minutes a day. The next week try to walk up to 15 minutes daily. Then try 20 minutes a day until finally, you can walk 60 minutes without issues.

For more information, also read our practical guidance about what to do on a treadmill to lose weight.

Muscle warm-up 

It would be best to warm up your muscles before walking.

This prevents injuries, especially for your legs and feet. It also improves your blood flow and stops lactic acid from forming.

Without warming up, you could experience pulled muscles, cramps or convulsions that can be pretty painful.

Choose an attractive route

A lot of us would agree that nature makes us calmer and more serene.

A walk with some beautiful scenery will provide more motivation.

You get to appreciate the landscapes while distracting yourself from the time, effort and discomfort you might be feeling during the walk.

Several research studies suggest that walking helps with weight loss and improves confidence. It also increases our brain function from anything from 15% to 20%.

If there are parks or green areas in your home location, why not try heading there for a couple of minutes every day and see how good that makes you feel?

Are you prepared for walking for fat loss?

The clothing you wear must be comfortable.

It doesn’t need to be dull or it won’t be as enticing to put on and get moving. There are numerous plus-size exercise clothing outfits to choose from.

The shoes you picked should fit well, be shock absorbent, and feel comfortable.

We suggest that you wear trainers that are not tight-fitting to allow a good blood flow to the feet.

Buy great brand names that promise great value for money. Don’t cut expenses on footwear as it will be more expensive in the long run.

Add some strength training exercises

As you are recovering from a walk, try to include bodyweight workouts like wall push-ups or chair squats rather than standing or sitting on a bench.

You can do upper body cardio workouts while sitting, which will help enhance your arms and core.

Strength training will promote increased muscle mass and enhance your metabolic process.

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