What are good outdoor activities for the elderly? Great ideas & tips

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What are good outdoor activities for the elderly? Imagine you have adapted your home in preparation of old age and want to continue living at home for as long as you can.

What are good outdoor activities for the elderly? Great ideas & tips

But how will you occupy yourself when things get a little less easy? In a nursing home, of course, all kinds of activities are organized. At home, you have to take care of yourself.

We’d like to help with that. So we thought of giving you a nice overview of outdoor activities you can also do on your own.

There are many outdoor activities that seniors can enjoy: hiking, pet-sitting, gardening, relaxing in the garden, or ambling down to the shops and stopping to have a chat with other members of the community.

Read on to learn more about senior-friendly outdoor activities and the benefits that come with them.

What are good outdoor activities for the elderly?

Reading in a rocking chair

Do you have a terrace or balcony?

Then consider investing in a comfortable rocking chair that will give you years of pleasure.

It is a soothing way to sit outside and unwind at the same time thanks to the rocking movements.

Grab a good book (or the newspaper) and enjoy your day.

Set up a convenient table nearby on which to place a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

Sounds interesting? Have a look at these heavy duty outdoor rocking chairs.


Riding a tandem bike is a great activity for seniors. You can do this with someone else if you are less able-bodied yourself.

You just go out with your child, grandchild or together with friends.


Most people can usually work in the garden well into old age.

By planting flowers, growing herbs, harvesting vegetables and fruits, you can get a lot of satisfaction and fitness out of it.

Gardening offers many health benefits for seniors and it is an activity that is also therapeutic (the same goes for camping, an excellent form of vacation for seniors that offers many benefits).

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Walking is good for people! There may be a walking or rambling club in your area, check it out.

Discover new routes and meet new people. Are you no longer as good on your feet? Perhaps a good walking stick is for you.

They come in all kinds of versions: from cheerful prints to beautiful carvings.

Is it painful to walk? Fair enough – you can always go out on a mobility scooter.

Make sure you have a pair of good walking shoes or hiking sandals. In any case, get out into nature and enjoy.

Babysitting pets

Have you ever heard of a dog sitter?

Via an organizations, you can get in touch for free with owners who are looking for a reliable babysitter for their dog, cat or other pet.

You can enjoy a nice walk with the dog when and where it suits you.

You’re also helping the owners, because their dog is home alone for less time. This way you have the all the benefits without the obligations of a pet.

So a win-win for everyone. Not least the pooch.

Enjoying life with outdoor activities for the elderly

Who doesn’t like to go outside for a while? Just sitting inside causes us to become locked in our own brooding thoughts.

By going outside and doing some sightseeing of nature, store windows or the brilliant blue sky, we can take our minds off things for a while.

Moreover, basically all the activities you can do outside are more or less active. This is good for the body, too.

Exercising every day will help keep your muscle strength up. You remain supple and are less likely to fall.

And daily exercise has a positive effect on brain function too.

Nature as green medicine for the elderly

Gardening, tending chickens, picking flowers, weeding, and so on are all wonderful, leisurely pursuits.

Most elderly people really enjoy spending time in nature. Moreover, nature can excite on many levels and has numerous positive effects.

Nature has a positive effect on the human body with reduced heart rate and lower stress levels, resulting less illness.

Contact with nature also reduces sleeping problems, (chronic) pain, eating problems, and improved bowel movement.

Nature invites you to be active and provides physical stimulation.

This improves motor skills, physical functioning and decreases the risk of chronic diseases.

All in all, health, well-being, and overall quality of life are better in older people who can be outside in nature to lessen weight gain on a regular basis.

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Mental benefits for the elderly as well

In addition to physical benefits, nature has mental benefits to offer (and that’ s why recreational fishing also offers surprising physical and mental benefits). Spending time in nature makes people feel more comfortable and in a better mood.

Self-esteem and satisfaction with life increases which counteracts depression, a common complaint in the elderly.

Another common complaint is loneliness.

Nature offers the elderly low-threshold opportunities for social interaction with animals and people such as neighbors, walkers, cyclists, tradespeople, and so on.

On an individual level, this means that nature and also camping in nature can help overcome stressful situations (such as the death of a loved one).

What are good outdoor activities for the elderly? Conclusion

Anything goes, depending on your physical state. You may opt for a walk, a bike ride or simply sitting outside in the sun.

Gardening is a popular hobby too. Remember that in corpus sano mens sana: A healthy body is also a healthy mind.

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