What are stretch pants for men? Tips for men with a heavy bottom

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What are stretch pants for men? It’s not too different from the ladies.

What are stretch pants for men? Tips for men with a heavy bottomFind the right fit and pair them with something that fits well.

What are stretch pants for men? Introduction

For ladies, stretch jeans are here to stay but men still sometimes have the wrong idea.

This is actually unjustified because most men’s jeans today include stretch, even though you may not have known this.

So what exactly about those stretch pants? Is it possible that men can wear them well too?

What are stretch pants for men? A fashion item

It stands to reason that more and more men are starting to see the benefits of stretch jeans as well as the ladies.

Not that long ago, you only had one type of pants in one particular wash for men.

Now you have stretch jeans for men in all shapes and sizes.

Also, the trendy slim fit jeans that are currently popular are usually stretchy to increase comfort.

Men who try stretch jeans often find them comfortable.

Determining the size of stretch jeans for men

Elastin is the material in the fabric that makes the pants fit so snugly.

Unlike normal jeans, you often stretch jeans a little more.

As a rule of thumb, you should buy stretch jeans one size smaller, but it is important that you look closely at the size chart.

If you follow it properly, you can be sure that you will buy the right jeans that fit you well.

A new pair of stretch jeans may be tight at first but they should not pinch. That’s how you know you have the right size.

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Stretch in work pants for men

Most jeans today are stretch jeans.

Men think that these jeans that are tight around your legs (just like, say, women’s skinny jeans) but this is not the case.

The characteristic of stretch jeans is that they stretch with your body.

This is a great feature when you move around a lot or have to sit, bend or make other movements where freedom of movement is important.

This is obviously the case with good work pants. Several brands produce full-fledged work pants and stretch collections.

Tips for wearing jeans with big buttocks | What are stretch pants for men?

Here are a few personal tips that have helped me wear jeans more confidently.

Wear pants with an eye-catching accessory or top

This diverts attention away from your bum

A woman might pair them with a nice heel, a fur jacket or an eye-catching shirt, so for the men, a sports jacket or well-fitted shirt would work well.

Wear a top that is long enough

If you are a little less confident, wear jeans with a long cardigan or a blazer or sweater that falls just over the buttocks.

That way you don’t have to worry about it literally and figuratively all day long.

Don’t wear something very tight at the top

Pair jeans with a slightly wider sweater or shirt or an oversized blazer. This will make your legs and buttocks look slimmer.

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Always buy pants too small

You may have quite a bit of trouble getting the pants closed the first time.

Buttocks that you have to stuff into pants naturally look smaller than buttocks that have all the room in the world.

And jeans always stretch over time. That’s why they have to be a bit tight to begin with.

Never wear a sweater, jacket or shirt that falls at or halfway up the buttocks

When the item falls on the largest and widest part of your butt, it appears larger than it actually is.

Make sure that what you’re wearing falls either above or just below the buttock.

Avoid jeans in a light color or wash

Pants in a print or thick fabric with bleach spots also make the buttocks and legs look bigger.

So dark pants in a solid color look are the best look for anyone with a bigger behind that they want to hide.

Beware of very cheap pants with poor stretch.

At some point, these will start to bulge and stretch, which doesn’t do much good for your buttocks either.

Discover which brands suit you and your figure best

You should experiment, and you’ll soon find yourself sticking to a couple of brands..

You will develop self-esteem and confidence and even follow and buy newer models which you may have not considered before.

Know what model, color and fabric not to wear

High waist pants make the buttocks stand out and skinny jeans don’t do much for your buttocks either.

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Go for pants with a slightly straighter leg (like the classic 501, for example) or jeans with a wide leg (flared jeans) to divert attention.

In addition, the buttocks appear smaller when placed slightly more inward without too much space.

Do not wash the jeans too often

Don’t wash your jeans too often. And when you wash them, wash them on a cold program (maximum 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you do wash jeans at higher temperatures, the stretch will be ruined quickly, the fabric will weaken and it will no longer provide any support.

Final tip on drying stretch jeans | What are stretch pants for men?

If you’re going to wash stretch jeans, it’s smart to let them air dry afterwards. No tumble dryers!

It shortens the lifespan of any stretch jeans.

The elastin (stretch) found in jeans breaks down due to the extreme heat released when pants are dried in a washing machine.

Try it once and you’ll probably be convinced quicker than you can say “I’ll take them”.

Good luck picking out your new stretch jeans!

What are stretch pants for men? Conclusion

This article shows that in this respect, men’s jeans don’t vary too much from the ladies’.

Make sure that they fit well and choose the right tops and shoes to offset your good points.

Take good care of them by washing in cool water and let them dry naturally to extend their lifespan.

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