What causes inner thigh fat? And how to get rid of it?

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What causes inner thigh fat and what is the most efficient way to get rid of it? Especially that stubborn little spot that seems to stick out no matter what you do?

what causes inner thigh fat and how to get rid of itMany women see their (inner) thighs as a problem area. I also have a love-hate relationship with my thighs.

It’s one of the hardest body parts to lose weight, too. So that’s why we decided to help you out!

Many of my friends have asked me already what exercises I do to slim down my thighs.

It’s essential to know which ones are the right exercises!

What causes inner thigh fat? Introduction

Some workouts make it even worse and cause your thighs to get bulkier instead of making them skinnier.

Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation about the right way to lose inner thigh fat.

Many sources say that doing gym device workouts is the best for inner thighs.

Regrettably, those workouts usually don’t work because they only build more muscles instead of burning fat.

It took me a while to figure out how to get rid of big fat thighs, especially how to burn inner thigh fat more efficiently.

That’s why I’ll explain how to get slim inner thighs and get leaner.

I’ll also talk about the most common mistakes you should prevent when trying to lose inner thigh fat.

What triggers inner thigh fat? Insights

What causes inner thigh fat? A situation where you consume fewer calories than you take in.

Whenever you consume more calories than you use during the day, your body will store these “unused” calories as fat.

Sadly, we cannot choose where our body will store that fat. This horrible decision is made by genetics, gender, and body type.

The majority of ladies hold excess body fat in their inner thighs, hips, and lower stubborn belly. This is carefully related to their physique.

You may not know this, but there are different physique types, and they all respond differently to diet and exercise regimes.

Different body types store fat in different ways

There are 3 body types to keep in mind: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

If you want to get the body of your dreams, it’s important to find out which body type you have. This will lead to the best possible results.

Some ladies naturally have less body fat, and they’ll find it much easier to slim down. Those ladies are more than likely to have an ectomorph body type.

Others may find it rather challenging, especially if they train in a way that isn’t fit for their body type.

Personal trainers frequently ignore these differences and train everyone the same way, which is not effective.

This is why you can see two women follow the exact same diet plan and workout regime…

And one can have great results while the other lady will see almost no improvements at all.

Inner thigh fat is so hard to lose, but why is that?

As said before, when it comes to losing fat, the inner thigh zone is one of the most stubborn places for women.

Even ectomorphs, the people who are naturally slim and lean, may not know how to lose fat from their inner thighs, or don’t know how to do it properly.

Among the most common mistakes are ladies trying to find tricks to lose inner thigh fat specifically, which is impossible.

What does ‘spot reducing fat’ precisely mean?

For example, you want to lose stomach fat, so you start doing 120 crunches a day, focusing all your energy on this body part.

Will I lose stomach fat and get those abs? Sadly, no. We can’t choose where we lose fat.

The majority of women usually find it easier to lose upper body fat instead of thigh fat.

So sadly, if your goal is to lose inner thigh fat, you’ll have to lose fat all over your body.

What’s the most efficient and fastest way to reduce body fat? Following healthy diet tips with a calorie shortage, followed by cardio and resistance training.

This will help you slim your inner thighs down without extra muscle bulk.

But always remember: do not starve yourself! Your body still needs nutrition and proteins!

How to reduce your inner thigh fat

Above, we already elaborated on the question What causes inner thigh fat?.

Now is the time to look at the solutions to this physical problem…

Here are some more tips to burn fat in those stubborn inner thighs, followed by the exercises you should avoid.

Do the right type of exercises for slimmer inner thighs

Yes, you can still do exercises to tone up your entire body, including your thighs.

Try out a few different exercises other tips to see which fit best for you and your physique.

Right below, you can find the best exercises for slimmer inner thighs that work for most women with thick thighs.

The very best exercises to burn stubborn (inner) thigh fat

If you want to burn that stubborn, inner thigh fat quickly, you need to combine cardio with the right type of resistance training.

Start with the proper type of resistance training

For example, resistance training doesn’t really get rid of inner thigh fat. Resistance training will tone up your body while helping you lose weight quicker.

Doing the best type of resistance training will keep you lean and toned without adding too much muscle bulk.

Because if your goal is to become skinnier, you don’t want to get very muscular and bulky after losing fat.

In short, any type of resistance training is great.

But do you worry about your legs getting bulkier with resistance training, or are you trying to lower the size of your legs? Then be mindful of the type of exercises you do.

Do the kind of exercises that help you get in shape without making you bulky.

When doing cardio, focus on low intensity

In all my experience, the best workout for eliminating inner thigh fat and getting lean legs, in general, is strolling!

No, not running, swimming, biking, elliptical, dancing, and so on.

Strolling reduces inner thigh fat. I know, sounds too easy, right? Do not underestimate its power, though.

Walking is straight up the best exercise for eliminating all fat, including your inner thighs.

Still, you do need to do a lot of strolling. By a lot, we mean 10,000 steps at least per day (or 10kms, if you can!)

I know this sounds like a lot, but the 10,000 steps don’t need to be done at once.

You can achieve these steps during the day. And remember: it’s just strolling!

The easiest way is to start each morning with a 5km walk, so you’re already halfway!

Throughout the day, try to do as much walking as you can by making small changes:

  • walk around the office as a break
  • have lunch outside the office
  • meet with friends for a walk
  • walk home to work or to the bus/train stop

Simply put, do whatever you can to get those extra steps!

Other interesting activities to slim your thighs

In addition to walking, swimming is also a great type of cardio that can help slim your legs.

It won’t target inner thigh fat as efficiently as strolling, but it can be a great alternative.

Running is a fantastic exercise and will help you lose weight all over because it burns lots of calories.

But it doesn’t actually get the same outcomes as walking, especially for somebody types.

Some endomorph females can get bigger legs because running develops leg muscle.

Generally speaking, long-distance running won’t bulk up your legs as much as sprinting.

But again, it is extremely specific, so notice how your body responds to running.

It may be best to avoid running and stick to power walking, especially if you know this applies to you, and growing thigh muscles is not one of your fitness goals.

Avoid workouts that make your inner thighs look bigger

Many women try to lose thigh fat by doing the exact opposite of what they should do (in terms of workouts).

Doing certain workouts that significantly increase thigh muscles (without losing any fat) will only make your legs look even bigger! And for many women, that’s not their goal.

Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with increasing muscle size on your legs, for example, by lifting (heavy) weights. Read What is the best exercise for big thighs? for more tips and tricks about growing your thigh muscles.

However, this will not eliminate the fat on your thighs which is not an absolute tragedy in all honesty because big thighs also come with benefits.

Workouts that might make your (inner) thighs bigger

Here are the exercises you should avoid if you don’t want bulky thighs:

  • all squat variations
  • weighted leg makers
  • lunges
  • CrossFit and HIIT workouts that heavily work your legs

Don’t get me wrong, these are amazing workouts! If you want to get muscular thighs instead of fat ones, these workouts will be perfect for you.

But in this post, we’re trying to prevent you from getting even bigger thighs!

Skip resistance training that can make your thighs bigger, because I see many women target their thighs with this at the gym.

But this won’t make you lose fat in your inner thigh area!

These types of resistance training will focus on working that inner thigh muscle and may make it more prominent in size, but it won’t get rid of the fat.

In fact, it could simply make this area end up looking bigger.

You’ll end up questioning why your legs are getting bigger when you only want to lose fat.

So unless you want to make your thighs larger, I would avoid workouts that heavily target your quads.

Tip: Do you like jeans? But do your thick thighs make it difficult to find a suitable model? Don’t worry! Take a look at our overview of the best jeans for big thighs.

Avoid thigh-intensive cardio that bulks up your thighs

The most common cardio to be skeptical about is:

  • cycling
  • elliptical cardio
  • stair master
  • running upstairs or uphill

These are all fantastic cardio workouts since they increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn many calories.

But they won’t slim down your legs like strolling or running do, and they won’t always help you burn inner thigh fat.

Many of these types of cardio will actually build muscle (especially if you’re an endomorph), so your legs may get bigger instead of slimmer.

Tune your diet plan for maximum loss of thigh fat

No matter how hard you work out, you’re not likely to get great results if you still eat junk food.

Your body needs a well-balanced diet plan with many veggies and fruits, lean protein, good fats, and fibers.

You should prevent alcohol, sugar (in any form), processed food, baked goods, deep-fried foods, and so on.

You genuinely need to change your diet (and stick to it!) to lose inner thigh fat quickly and get leaner.

What causes inner thigh fat? Conclusion + Guidance

What’s the recommended diet for losing inner thigh fat?

It’s recommended you have a slight calorie shortage and follow a low-carb diet for the fastest results.

When we lack energy, our body begins burning carbs first, followed by protein and fat.

If you eat a low carbohydrate diet plan without enough carbs, your body will begin to burn more fat and protein.

In short, this means that you’ll burn more fat on a low carbohydrate diet, using it as a primary source of energy.

If your goal is to both lose weight and reduce body fat, you should have a slight calorie deficit: a few hundred calories a day, 500 calories max!

But it’s crucial to remember that any form of dieting and calorie restriction can possibly slow down your metabolic process, so start with a slight calorie shortage!

If you starve yourself by eating too little, you’ll unnecessarily slow down your metabolic process, and you won’t slim down.

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