What color bra to wear with each color top and outfit?

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What color bra to wear?

What color bra to wear with each color top and outfit?It’s all about personal choice, but it also has to do with colors and material of your outwear – and your sense of fun!

What color bra to wear with each color top and outfit? Introduction

In the past, showing off your lingerie was really something that couldn’t be done.

Nowadays it seems to be all the rage; leave a small detail of your lingerie visible.

But the rule remains: Do think carefully about how you do it.

In any case, for many women, it is still unclear which color of bra they should put on under which clothing.

That’s why we’ve listed some do’s and don’ts about colors for bras below.

White bra

Many ladies wonder what they should wear under white clothing in terms of lingerie.

If it were up to us, it wouldn’t be white, because white under white is very visible.

A white bra under white clothing enhances the color and is therefore very visible.

So it’s better to keep a white bra to wear under less see-through clothing.

Did you know that white is the color of choice when it comes to bridal lingerie?

Champagne colored bra

Champagne, ivory, off white, cream, there are plenty of names for this color.

The advantage of a champagne-colored bra is that the color stays beautiful for longer than a white bra.

That’s why many women choose this color.

But what do you wear such a champagne-colored bra under? NOT under very thin and light clothing as this color will show through.

But other than that, you can wear a champagne colored bra most colors.

Black bra

Black is a color you can wear under many garments.

Many women choose a black bra in the winter because that’s when you usually wear dark colors.

But a black bra can also come in handy in the summer. If your clothes are made of somewhat thicker fabric, a black bra really won’t show through.

However, the disadvantage of a black bra is that you cannot wear it under light, translucent clothing.

Skin color bra

Skin color, flesh color, and so on. This designation is neither sexy nor very clear because what skin color are we talking about?

So many women, so many different shades.

So we also can’t make more of it than what it is. A skin tone bra is just practically convenient to wear under white clothing.

Most lingerie brands think this way too and have countless cool skin color bras in their collections.

Red bra

You might not expect it but red is a perfect color for light-skinned women to wear under white clothing.

It is, of course, a lot prettier than skin-colored bras.

You can wear a red bra under your white clothing as a light-skinned woman because light skin has a red undertone so that red bra matches your skin.

In addition, you can actually wear a red bra under any type and color of clothing.

Do you have a light brown or deep brown skin tone?

Then a blue bra under a white blouse or top is highly recommended.

Of course, a red bra can also be beautiful on darker skin tones, it all really boils down to personal choice.

Pink bra

Another good alternative to a skin colored bra is a pink bra, and this is especially true if you have a light skin tone.

Like a red bra, a pink color goes well with light skin because of the red undertones such skin has.

But pink can also be stunning on a darker skin tone.

However, in such a case, it is better to choose a softer pink and not too bright, fluorescent pink which may be too harsh.

Colored lingerie

You can wear a colored bra well under all types of non-transparent clothing.

But do you want to make your outfit just a little more exciting? Then combine your lingerie with your outerwear.

It’s no big deal if you wear a blue blouse with a blue bra underneath, for example.

On the contrary, it is beautiful when you can subtly see a small detail of your bra.

Especially with an eye-catching bra strap, you can make your outfit more fun.

Lingerie with a print

A printed bra is harder to match with your clothes but in general, of course, women don’t wear white blouses every day.

So there are plenty of garments under which you can wear a bra with a print.

It is also fun to combine the print of your bra with the print of your clothing. If your bra strap is showing, it’s not too obvious.

Would you still like to put on a bra with a busy print? Then wear a camisole over it so the print doesn’t show through too much.

What color bra to wear with each color top and outfit? Conclusion

Black, red, pink, champagne or skin color. Such a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors.

You now know what color your bra should be for a specific garment based on the above information.

Ultimately, it’s about whether you feel confident with the clothes you wear.

Confident is one thing but of course you should also feel comfortable, so have a look at our top bras guide for plus-size breasts.

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