What do I put under my pool ladder to protect my liner?

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What do I put under my pool ladder to protect my liner? It may not be common knowledge, but you can put a liner guard under your pool ladder for protection.

What do I put under my pool ladder to protect my linerAnd if you’re wondering why, the reason is simple: The liner covers the walls and bottom of the pool, creating an impenetrable surface (no leaks).

So it stands to reason that it goes protected.

What do I put under my pool ladder to protect my liner? Introduction

You can either invest in a custom-made guard or a standard bath mat with suction cups at a pinch.

Put it under your pool ladder, and there you are: Your liner is protected against any wear and tear to the lining.

It’s cheaper and easier to buy than a specialized mat.

Do I really need to put a protector pad under my pool ladder to protect my liner?

Listen, if you’ve started to use your pool and haven’t thought about protecting the surface under the ladder, put your mind at rest.

It’s doubtful you’ll find a leak because of that.

But here’s the deal: Since the expense is relatively minimal compared to the actual purchase and installation pool, it shouldn’t be put off.

It’s a cheap and effective tool to extend your pool’s lifespan.

After all, the reason why you want to put some form of protection underneath your top heavy-duty pool ladder is simply that a leak in your pool is the last thing you want.

So that simple protection will help you avoid that. Consider how much cheaper it is than to repair any damage that could happen.

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How exactly do I protect my liner by putting something under my pool ladder?

By putting some form of cushioning between your pool ladder and your pool liner at the bottom of your pool, you can prevent friction and chafing of the pool itself.

And that is what helps you get the most out of your investment.

Otherwise, the liner material would become thinner and more susceptible to rips or tears over time, increasing the likelihood of springing a leak.

What material can I use to protect my liner?

The actual material itself doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you are avoiding direct contact between the ladder and the pool liner at the bottom of your pool.

There is bound to be some movement, as the ladder will move around with swimmers getting in and out of the water.

Over time, this causes wear and tear through abrasion between the liner and the pool ladder or pool steps.

The ideal mat would be non-skid and made of a high-quality material that provides adequate protection between your liner and the bottom of the ladder.

If you’re going for a bath mat, find one with suction cups that will allow it to stick to the bottom of the pool and prevent it from floating away.

However, we must point out that standard bath mats may not last very long due to chlorine.

They may attract algae growth after prolonged exposure to UV rays since they are not made for total and continuous submersion.

You may have to wash them regularly or replace them when worn out.

Alternatively, you could spend a little more at the start and buy a proper protector guard fit for purpose.

It will stand the test of time better than a regular bath mat.

What do you put on the bottom of a pool ladder?

Other items you could use as cushioning are:

  • Foam pool noodle cut to size. We wouldn’t really recommend this – noodles tend to disintegrate when left in the water for too long (and then clog up your filter).
  • Bath mat or shower pan liner with suction cups cut to size if you’re not keen on the idea of a large mat under your ladder.
  • Any other kind of rubber mat. Shake those brain cells, and come up with something different (maybe a pickup truck bed mat or a heavy-duty rubber doormat will do the trick!)
  • Flip-flops! If your ladder has two ‘legs,’ fit them with a cheap pair of flip-flops. It’s like putting a pair of socks on the feet of your pool ladder. You can use simple zip ties to keep them attached.

What do I put under my pool ladder to protect my liner? Conclusion

In the end, all that matters is that you’ve got something under the legs or steps of your pool ladder to protect your pool liner.

Anything is better than nothing and you can avoid a leak and extend the lifetime of your pool!

The rest is a personal choice; the type, any type of material you eventually end up choosing, is better than nothing at all.

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