What do large breasts indicate?

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What do large breasts indicate? What causes them and what are possible solutions if they hinder you?

what do large breasts indicateBoobs are. Simple as that. They’re there. You have them, your mom has them, your aunt does too.

So do your hairstylist, your grandmother and your favorite influencer.

Despite nearly half of the population having them (we’re just talking about us ladies here), breasts are always a subject of interest and conflict.

Conversations vary from how big they should or shouldn’t be…

What they look like, and how much of them we should be able to see. Not that that seems to be much of an issue lately…

What do large breasts indicate? They show high reproductive potential in ladies

Numerous studies seem to agree that the bigger the boob, the higher the success fertility rate of a woman and her capability to bear and carry children.

It seems that there is an association between a specific fertility-related hormone and larger breast tissue.

Another link was found too:

You’re more likely to conceive if you have bigger breasts and a smaller waist-to-hip ratio.

What causes large breasts?

I don’t know about you, but my boobs were a major concern when I hit puberty.

We all know that our breast size strongly impacts our self-confidence, one way or another.

If you’re on the bigger size, you’ll probably be familiar with back and neck discomfort, if not downright pain.

The challenge of finding clothes that fit well and don’t draw unwanted attention is another pain, albeit in a different part of your anatomy.

So what makes for bigger boobs? Do you have any control over their size?

Let’s find out:

Use of drugs

Particular drugs can result in enlarged breast tissue in both sexes.

Males, in particular, might develop gynecomastia (overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys) through marijuana and anabolic steroid use.

Gaining weight

Our breasts are made up of both fatty and glandular tissues.

If you gain or lose weight, the amount of fatty tissue will vary with weight gain and loss.

Genetic predisposition: What do large breasts indicate?

Some women and males are predisposed to having a fuller breast size.

You inherit boobs from both sides of the family.

Not something you can do about, really. Sorry about that…

Changes in hormones

Reaching puberty means that estrogen levels in women increases, and that’s when your breasts develop.

And of course we all know that pregnancy and milk production trigger breast expansion due to hormonal changes.

How to prevent big breasts?

You can’t prevent big breasts.

Well, to be more precise, you can’t prevent or treat big boobs without surgical treatment that addresses hormones or genetics.

On the other hand, if you have a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and a sensible exercise routine, you can undoubtedly negate breast growth through weight gain.

Breast reduction surgical treatment is an option

Breast reduction surgical treatment is an excellent way to address the issue.

It removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin to reduce breast weight and appearance.

In addition, the breast and nipple are raised to create a perkier shape.

This is ideal for those with naturally large breasts causing pain and discomfort.

Breast reduction surgery is a quick method, and often the only way, to lower large breasts to a more comfy size.

Such surgery is also suitable for males experiencing gynecomastia. I mentioned this further up, it’s a condition triggering growth in male breasts.

In such cases, surgeons usually prefer liposuction.

What do large breasts indicate? The opposite of joy

Big breasts don’t mean more fun (and finding a top-rated bra for heavy and saggy breasts can take up a lot of time and energy). We’ve mentioned this before and it’s time to expand on that.

If you’re something of a sporty type like me, then the balls you want to bounce aren’t those on your chest.

And as for finding well-fitting clothes between the neck and the waist, well, that’s a veritable battlefield.

Read What not to wear if you have a big bust? and learn from our clothing tips for women with large breasts.

Some of us will find specific physical activities impossible to carry out simply because of our breast size.

That’s not to mention backache, neck pain and skin irritation (rashes under the boobs, anyone?).

You might want to consider surgery in such cases, but as always, make sure to consult a reputable doctor first.

Can big breasts be dealt with without surgery?

While it is true that discomfort may be temporarily eased by inflammatory medications, heat packs, massage, chiropractic, physical treatment, and so on.

There is no fast track to a permanent solution.

Adequate bra support with a comfortable bra for plus-size women is definitely helpful in the short term.

But it will not help with the issues caused to your neck and back from carrying excess weight.

Tip: Read How do you manage heavy breasts? for more tips and tricks on living with a large bust.

Is having large breasts a good thing?

Really and truly, there is no right or wrong breast size.

While some women are comfortable having a smaller chest, others are naturally more large-chested than others.

But be careful. Make sure that wanting to increase your bust size isn’t merely a response to your insecurities!

Big boobs won’t necessarily make your life better.

It seems that fewer women are choosing surgery to change their bust size.

What do large breasts indicate? Conclusion

It appears that the trend is to embrace what you have, as long as it doesn’t cause pain.

What truly matters is that you’re happy and comfortable with how your body looks.

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