What Do You Do If It Rains While You’re Camping with Kids?

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What do you do if it rains while you’re camping with kids?

What do you do if it rains while you're camping with kids?

It’s really not a problem! Campsites often offer activities to be pursued indoors.

And what better time than to play a few board games?

Read on for some more ideas!

What do you do if it rains while you’re camping with kids? Introduction

Imagine when you wake up at the campsite, the sky is grey and it’s about to rain.Β Don’t panic and pack your bags!

Though you might wish you stayed at a hotel and not a campsite, or wish you had the comfort of an RV versus your tent, this article is going to cheer you up and give you ideas for the whole family.

Activities for kids at the campsite while it rains

The campsite

Rainy days can be a good time to find activities that we don’t necessarily have time for the rest of the year.

Enjoy the activities of the children’s club

Look through the animation schedule as there is probably a slot for your children.

The kids will adapt and the animators will definitely have something up their sleeve for a rainy day.

And you’re already paid for it, so don’t worry!

Cook with your family πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

With this simple and original idea you will put your feet under the table!

If it’s late afternoon and it’s raining at the campground, ask your kids to be a chef for a night.

They can come up with a menu (starter, main course and dessert without forgetting the aperitif) and you write the shopping list.

You can help them do the shopping, and they settle down make supper.

You, the grown ups, are the guests for that evening.

They might even offer to do the dishes!

Quiet activities in the tent or mobile home

Board games 🎲

When it rains at the campsite, we obviously think of board games. Go and pack them already.

Most campsites have dozens of games for all age groups.

Books and comics for everyone πŸ“š

If some people are less fond of screens, a good book should do the trick.

For younger children, try sticker or perhaps coloring books.

You might have to trudge through the rain to get to the campsite library, but it’s not so tough.

Films and cartoons of all kinds πŸ“Ί

We’re pretty sure one of you has a cell phone or tablet.

Plus, being the good parents that you are, you even packed a portable DVD player in your suitcase.

So take advantage to settle down, all together, and watch something that everyone will enjoy.

Outings outside the campground

Face the rain 🌧

If the rain doesn’t discourage you from going outside, why not take a walk outdoors?

In the forest, the foliage will partially shelter you and you will be able to observe the nature under the rain.

If your campsite is located near a beach, nothing stops you from walking along the beach.

The rain, highlighting the colors of the pebbles, will transform this simple walk into a treasure hunt for the children.

If you are at the ocean (or a lake), watch the waves of the rough ocean break on the shore. 🌊

Be careful, however, not to let children get too close to the water.

Culture activities

Thematic activities

In the middle of the summer season, it is common that local sites offer thematic activities lasting from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Just go to the reception and they will give you a list of activities for the next few days. Some of them can be pursued in the rain.

Tourist sites πŸ›

You can visit sites or museums attractive to children.

Avoid places where children are likely to get board, or at least, cut it short.

Fun activities

Indoor activity parks

Sure, it’s not easy for parents, but it’s great fun for your kids!

They can let off steam by climbing, jumping,and sliding around for hours.

Most of these parks offer a package including entrance, a snack and sometimes a token for games.

Indoor pools 🏊

Swimming in an indoor pool is a great idea!

Choose the best time for you and your family, and while it rains, you can have a wonderful time!

Cinema session 🎦

You might have a cinema in a town nearby.

So, it’s up to you to choose the movie and the screening and then head out. The campsite will be able to guide you.

Planning is important

Even if the weather forecast is for fair weather, remember to bring these items that will be of great use in case of rain.

Bring a raincoat and a change of clothes.

Leave a pair of socks, shoes and a change of clothes in the car where they will be safe from moisture.

With these clothes, you will be comfortable even if you get caught in the rain.

Take the time to properly waterproof your tent (or the canvas walls of your tent trailer) with liquid silicone, sold in sprays or gallons for brush application.

Bring a mosquito net shelter, which you can erect over the picnic table at your campground upon arrival.

Thus, you will be able to eat in a mosquito-free environment and away from the rain. If you don’t have one, use a plastic tarp.

After the rain πŸŒ‚πŸŒˆ

Scan the sky for rainbows when it’s clear.

For a breathtaking show, head to a place with a nice view and wait for the rain to end.

Rainbows over a bay, a valley or a village will make great photos!

Later you can of course simply get back to the other camping sports and activities.

What do you do if it rains while you’re camping with kids? Conclusion

It makes sense to make sure that a rainy day (or days) doesn’t ruin your vacation.

Investigate what the campsite offers as alternative entertainment, and pack your board games as well as the other items on your camping gear list.

Check out to see if any nearby towns offer attractions such as museums or cinemas.

You can be more adventurous and go exploring in the rain, but make sure to keep safe and not stray too far!

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