What is the appeal of camping? Benefits

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What is the appeal of camping?

What is the appeal of camping? Benefits

Camping plays a big role in the way of life of many city dwellers because it allows them to get away from it all for a while.

Explorers, trappers, prospectors and pioneers were the first to spend long months in unexplored regions, camping where the night surprised them.

Today man, slowly suffocated by urban life, feels the desire to rediscover the healthy pleasures of outdoor life.

What is the appeal of camping? Introduction

Depending on the country, modern campers explore wilderness areas by canoe.

Others follow mountain trails. And still others pitch their tents on campgrounds.

There, they find themselves in a world different from their daily life.

While they cook their meals on a wood fire, smoke rises among the trees.

The sun dances on the water and they are surrounded just by the sounds, smells and views of nature.

If you’re at a site, by a secluded lake or on the side of the road, there are rules to follow to make the most out of your trip.

What is the appeal of camping?

Different kinds of camping

There are many ways to go camping and all kinds of places you can do it in.

In almost all cases, however, it is best to have an experienced person with you, especially the first time.

Later on, you will be able to go on your own with your friends.

But even then, let someone know exactly where you’re going, what you plan to do, and how long you will be staying.

Good ways to train

One of the best places to start is in a backyard or garden.

Learn how to pitch a tent, build a fire and prepare meals in the open air while being close enough to home in case of danger.

Campers must get used to the dark and the rain and never leave unless there is a real threat.

You can just hike during the day, walk through the woods with friends or if you ride your bike and have lunch outdoors.

Often this trip will be combined with fishing, swimming or photography.

But take it from us, the meal is an important part to make this an unforgettable day.

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Start with an overnight trip

Later, when you have enough experience with day camping, you’ll want to try camping for longer periods.

These excursions can last one night, a weekend or even a week or two.

It is better to start with one night.

Go on foot or by bicycle

There are practically no limits to the number of interesting places you can visit on foot or by bicycle.

There are marked trails for hikers on many mountains.

Tour clubs or travel agencies will give you maps and guidebooks showing any trails.

You can get all the information you need about the area you’re visiting.

The maps usually indicate campgrounds and mountain huts where you can spend the night.

When you decide to travel by bicycle, the roads are endless and invite you on a journey of discovery.

You can’t camp just anywhere

However, remember one thing, whether you are traveling on foot or by bicycle.

Unlike the adventurers of old, people are not allowed to camp wherever they want.

Unless you are in a public, licensed campground, you need the landowner’s permission before pitching your tent.

Go kayaking or canoeing

If you like boats and water, you can go canoeing.

This is another popular type of camping.

You can take a short trip on a river near your home or venture further afield across lakes and rivers.

In well-watered areas, there are many such excursions to make.

You can obtain the necessary information by writing to the travel agencies or tourist offices of these regions, in order to establish your itinerary safely.

They will send you brochures with maps and descriptions of the different canoe trips.

Includes information on campsites, distances, rapids and waterfalls that are dangerous and that you will have to carry your boat around.

Camping by car

Finally, there is car camping, which has recently become the most popular of all.

Every summer, more families discover the pleasures of this little outdoor adventure.

Every year, several million people drive to camp.

Some families go directly to a pre-selected campground and stay there until the end of their vacation.

Others go on adventures in the area, visiting new places and setting up their tent each night at a different campground.

What is the appeal of camping? Conclusion

These different kinds of camping are all fun.

Whether you’re walking for the day, kayaking for a week, or driving all summer with your family, you’ll need to pack a number of things.

One of those basic things is a good camping chair, have a look at these camping chairs that are top rated for heavy people.

Your equipment will depend in part on the type of trip you plan to take and its duration.

Make sure you know what you’ll need for your trip!

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