What is the best office chair for butt pain?

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What is the best office chair for butt pain and how to avoid annoying buttocks pain?

What is the best office chair for butt painInvesting your time and money in purchasing an ergonomic office chair, which you’ll be using for hours on end, is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

You might not be aware, but if a chair is ergonomic, then it’s been made by experts to ensure comfort and support.

What is the best office chair for butt pain? Introduction

We’ve all sat in chairs for long hours…

And if your career means you spend a considerable amount of time sitting down, then you know that it can be a pain in the ass.

And we mean that literally! So ask yourself:

Isn’t it better to spend just that little bit more to avoid a troublesome rear-end?

These things might go right over your head, but you’d be surprised to learn that it can be enough to throw you off course.

And you’ll be miserable and only end up in pain, unhappy, and you’ll suck at your job.

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been in this position, then you’ll know how off-putting pain can be.

And if you have ever switched to a comfier chair, you know how much of a blessing the right seat can be.

Convinced? Great! Let’s move on.

How to buy a great ergonomic office chair?

It’s not enough just to know that you want to buy an ergonomic chair. You have to know which one to choose.

Tip: You should definitely have a look at What are the best office chairs for a large person? to get some excellent examples.

So, for example, someone who needs to take care of neck pain doesn’t have the same needs as someone who has a hurting bottom.

To make this easier, we discuss the pros and cons you need to consider.

Read on and make pain a thing of the past!

How to find butt-friendly office chairs

To find the best workplace chairs for your coccyx, these are the features you need to look for: lumbar support, seat height and cushioning, textiles, and any other extras.

We understand that a quality seat cushion goes a long way towards reducing tailbone discomfort, just like back support.

The same goes for other features such as a recline function.

A slight recline will give your back a break during the day and lessen pressure on your rear. And that’s not all.

Guidelines when looking for a good office chair

As funny as it may sound, ass pain is no laughing matter because it’s challenging (to say the least) to concentrate when you’re in pain.

What is the best heavy duty office chair that is butt-friendly and comfortable for plus-size users?

The best seat would be u-shaped, with the front middle part eliminated.

You could also consider office chairs with a waterfall edge or that have thicker, high-density or memory foam.

Pay attention to body posture

Look for seats that can be adjusted in either depth or tilt.

These features will help you maintain a correct posture, which will offer a lot of relief, instantly.

Do your feet rest comfortably on the floor?

If not, and you’re dangling your feet like a kid, then you’re putting more pressure on your hips, legs and back, and… Yep, you’ve got it: Butt pain here we come.

The right chair will give you an adjustable seat height, with a range between 2.5 and 5.5 inches.

The back will usually be handled separately, but it’s not a given.

Lumbar support is important: What is the best office chair for butt pain?

Lumbar support is likewise crucial in tackling lower back and bottom pain.

The best ergonomic office chairs offer integrated lumbar assistance.

Look for those extra features, such as extensive recline angles, tilt locks, adjustable armrests, and anything that makes using an ergonomic office chair simpler.

And let’s not forget the textiles.

By and large, mesh-combination chairs are the most popular since they’re more breathable and tend to be very affordable.

Suppose you’re not too keen on that sort of material.

In that case, there are some excellent alternatives, ranging from vinyl to leather to fabric, which will provide some eye candy in the office.

Buying guide for finding good office chairs to eliminate tailbone pain

How do I know what office chair is right for me?

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page by listing the most essential factors to consider:

Support for your lower back

Together with a comfortable seat cushion, you need to try to find an office chair with the proper back support for your spine to keep its natural curve.

While many office chairs offer fixed back support, others allow more flexibility.

The back support can be adjusted to your personal needs and thus is definitely to be considered.

Height of the seat

We do suggest a chair with a backrest that can be adjusted independently from the rest of the chair.

Yes, they cost more, and yes, we understand that you may have a budget.

But believe us when we tell you from experience:

It’s more expensive to go to doctors and buy medicine than getting the right office chair.

You’ll need to compare your height to the range of adjustability allowed by the seat and backrest.

If you’re taller than average, look for more chairs with a broader range than usual.

Cushioning of the seat: What is the best office chair for butt pain?

This goes without saying!

If you’ve got a sore bottom, the most important thing is your seat, especially if you’re using it for a considerable amount of time.

If a seat is too hard, sitting for hours on end in the wrong position can put a tremendous amount of pressure on your tailbone.

Instead of sitting down to take the weight off your feet, you’ll end up dreading the moment you’ll have to sit at your desk.

Extra features

A footrest can be a terrific alternative if you’re stuck to your chair for hours on end.

What is the best office chair for butt pain? Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my chair harm my tailbone?

It’s not the tailbone that’s really hurting; you’re actually straining the two ligaments connected to it:

  1. The sacrotuberous ligaments, and
  2. The sacrospinous ligaments

These ligaments can become irritated during long hours sitting on a hard area or getting up from a seated position.

Can a chiropractic practitioner aid with tailbone discomfort?

Yes, a chiropractic practitioner can help align your spine, and therefore, your tailbone.

If switching to an ergonomic chair or prioritizing your posture doesn’t reduce your pain, you need to consult a chiropractor for pain relief.

What kind of chair should you sit in to avoid tailbone discomfort?

The best chairs should be u-shaped or have shorter seats; the same applies to kneeling chairs.

Have you thought of trying a balance ball or even a Gaiam classic ball chair to help with back discomfort?

Lower back pain restricts movement and, therefore, weakens the muscles.

Exercise balls are great for gentle mobility and core strengthening, preventing further injury.

How can you sit with a hurt tailbone and what is the best office chair for butt pain?

Tailbone pain can be debilitating and is usually brought on by a combination of bad posture and sitting in the wrong chair.

The correct posture can help to minimize pain. Sit with your back against your chair and your feet flat on the floor.

This will take the pressure (and weight) off your coccyx. Lean forward as you sit down.

If you can’t find the right chair, you could buy a pillow insert.

It’s easily identifiable with a u-shaped cutout that supports your tailbone and minimizes pressure and discomfort.

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