What is the best way to fight cellulite? Prevention and treatment tips

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What is the best way to fight cellulite?

What is the best way to fight cellulite? Prevention and treatment tips

Cellulite is related to a local accumulation of fat and a modification of fatty tissue in certain areas of the body.

Cellulite mainly affects women, whether or not they are overweight, and manifests itself on specific areas of the body: back of the thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms.

As a general rule, there is no single best way to fight cellulite as it is such a complex phenomenon. However, you can combat cellulite on several fronts simultaneously for the best results, such as: exercise, sauna, eating healthily, drinking water, and avoiding stress.

In this article, we’ll discuss these anti-cellulite tips and more for preventing and removing the dreaded orange peel.

What is the best way to fight cellulite? Introduction

Cellulite is a dysfunction of the adipose tissue of the hypodermis, i.e. the fat cells.

It occurs as a result of the succession and combination of several factors:

  • hypertrophy and accumulation of fat cells (adipocytes) of the hypodermis
  • poor drainage of the area
  • the blood and lymphatic vessels passing through the hypodermis are compressed by the swollen or excess fat cells
  • a phenomenon of water retention, associated with blood and lymphatic circulation disorders.

The area concerned is becoming congested. Fatty clusters form in the hypodermis and give an irregular appearance to the skin surface.

Anti-cellulite prevention and treatment tips

Do simple exercises on your bed or sofa

Cellulite can be fought from the comfort of your sofa or bed. And that’s not going to happen by eating cookies and drinking soda in front of the TV.

Lie on the bed, head raised. Contract and relax the gluteal muscles, while firmly sliding your closed fists on the outside of  yourthighs (12 times).

Second exercise

Lie on your side and bend your legs a little. Then raise one, parallel to the other, which remains on the ground. Do it for 4 times in sets of 9 and then change to the other leg.

Bonus exercise

For the courageous ones: for this exercise, lean with your back against a wall.

Then bend down until our legs form a right angle, just as if you’re sitting on a chair, Without the chair. Do 4 sets of 25 seconds each. Feel the burn baby!

Adopt the sauna in your daily life

Here’s a piece of advice that’s fun. Fighting cellulite can be done gently, and by mixing business with pleasure.

The next time someone asks us why we go to the sauna once a week, you tell them that not only does it make you feel good, but it also helps you get the body of a goddess.

And it’s true: whether you prefer the dry heat of the sauna or the humid heat of the hammam, the result is the same.

We sweat. And that’s good, because sweating is our body’s reaction to the heat.

And when we sweat profusely, our body expends a tremendous amount of energy#.

That energy comes from our fatty tissue, thus helping us to eliminate cellulite.

And to optimize our sauna-hammam session, we can apply anti-cellulite gels after a shower. As the heat will have dilated our pores, the active ingredients of the cream will be absorbed better.

Emphasize foods that have vitamin C

In addition to orange and green fruits and vegetables (more on that later), we will focus on those that contain vitamin C.

As we have just seen, free radicals are partly responsible for cellulite.

These oxygen molecules attack the fragile walls of our veins and worsen the appearance of the skin.

The flavonoids in foods rich in vitamin C help improve the appearance of our skin.

So on the next grocery run, stock up on fruits rich in vitamin C: kiwi, king of vitamin C, without forgetting orange, grapefruit or blackcurrants.

We will not only protect the walls of our veins, but also improve our blood circulation.

Remember that cellulite is also due to poor blood circulation.

Poor circulation is encouraged by a too-sedentary lifestyle, too tight clothes, and exposure to high temperatures (sun, hot baths…).

For breakfast, pair your bowl of cereal with a fresh orange or kiwi.

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Avoiding stress is important

Say no to stress! It is well known that stress is not our body’s friend.

Not only does it make us store bad fats, but it also makes us rush to the cookie jar!

For both mental and physical benefits, try yoga, tai chi, relaxation, acupuncture, and reading, walking, and breathing exercises.

Anything of the above will do, as long as they make you feel better.

And another more surprising method: yawn and laugh. Laughing and yawning makes us contract and relax our abs.

Massage yourself regularly every day

It is well known that to prevent and fight against cellulite, nothing is better than a good massage.

We’re not talking about a hot stone massage, but the massage that you can do yourself after a shower.

To remove cellulite through massage, different techniques exist:

  • Either we apply the good old method of palpate-roll: we pinch the skin between the fingers while making it roll gently. This technique is the most common as it fights cellulite by attacking the fatty deposits, and it allows to firm up the skin. Always massage from the outside of the thighs towards the inside, pressing quite firmly.
  • Use massage accessories, such as an anti-cellulite stimulating brush, which you can find in pharmacies or even in large supermarkets. With this brush you can massage your buttocks, thighs and belly, and gradually remove cellulite.

For optimal effectiveness, massage 3 times a week and combine these massages a horsehair glove to stimulate the circulation.

Always massage from the bottom to the top.

You need to get into sports

Fighting cellulite without mentioning physical activity at some point would be too good to be true.

There is no secret. It is essential to combine a healthy diet with sports activity to fight cellulite.

And to banish cellulite, we must favor sports that mobilize and promote blood circulation in the legs.

This drainage action in the fatty tissues will really help to chase away cellulite from our buttocks, hips and thighs.

There are lots of sports that work mainly the lower body muscles, such as fast walking, swimming, cycling, Nordic walking, fitness..

Medium-intensity sports that will boost blood circulation, and make our body use up fat as fuel.

Ideally, you should practice one of these sports at least two or three times a week, 45 minutes each time.

Needless to say, in order to boost this, forget using elevators, escalators and the car for short trips!

And if “sport is not really our thing”, start walking. Daily.

When you exercise on an empty stomach, you burn more calories.

Don’t be afraid of cold water

We all know the benefits of a cold shower on the figure. Well, in theory, because in practice, it’s a bit tricky.

So the next time you’re about to get out of the shower, grit your teeth and turn that dial/

We won’t lie, it’s not the best sensation in the world.

But a jet of cold water on the hips, buttocks, thighs and calves is the best way to boost blood circulation in these areas.

No pain, no gain – and it’s not perfection that’s needed, it’s consistency.

After each showers, allow cold water run over your body for 3 minutes.

Cheating a little is OK

Palpate-roll, sport, cold water jet… Are there any gentler ways to get rid of the cellulite on our thighs and buttocks?

Well, you could buy anti-cellulite creams.

Be careful, however: these are by no means miracle cures, and they are not sufficient on their own, unfortunately.

In other words, these slimming or anti-cellulite creams are mostly effective in prevention, before cellulite has really appeared.

As they should be applied by massage, it will also promote blood circulation in these areas, and delay the appearance of cellulite.

But these creams do not get rid of cellulite once it is there.

However, when combined with sports activity and a healthy and balanced diet, they can give good results, but they will only be skin deep (excuse the pun).

You can’t just banish your orange peel with a magic cream on its own, but it can certainly help.

Drink properly and sufficiently

Drink or suffer cellulite, it’s your choice.

And yes, even if we all know that drinking enough water per day is essential, we don’t do it enough.

Big mistake! Water is what allows us to drain and eliminate toxins from our body.

But water is not the only drink you can rely on when you want to prevent cellulite.

Green tea is indeed known to fight against the formation of cellulite.

It is rich in anti-oxidants, thus promoting the toning of our cells. And toned cells are cells that won’t let orange peel skin set in!

Make it your favorite drink, but avoid it after late afternoon; it can disturb your sleep.

Introduce red, orange, and green colored foods into your diet

To fight cellulite effectively, you must not only pay attention to what you drink, but also to what you eat!

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of our cellulite with a diet of pizza, hamburgers, fries, beers and sodas every day.

Limit sugar intake and limit fat intake and focus on a balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables.

The famous 5 fruits and vegetables a day is not so complicated as you may think.

To effectively fight the orange peel appearance, go for fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants.

The latter are indeed known to fight against free radicals, partly responsible for cellulite.

And you don’t need to have studied nutrition to know them: they are very easily recognizable by their color, red, orange or green.

For example, beet, red fruits, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, cherries, broccoli or spinach.

Now, we’re obviously not saying to banish French fries and deli meats from our plates completely and permanently, but to do so more occasionally rather than daily.

What is the best way to fight cellulite? Conclusion

Prevention is better than cure, but the cure can also be prevention.

Eat healthy and combine that with exercise, treatments and massage and you’ll soon notice a difference.

And make sure to keep well hydrated!

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