What is the proper riding position on a bike? Practical help

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Your first concern when getting on a bike should be the frame size of the bike.

what is the proper riding position on a bikeOnce you have a bike with the correct frame size, the next step is to make the required changes to the saddle to ensure you are correctly positioned on it.

When you pedal, a proper riding position on a bike will make it much easier to manage your leg power by ensuring that your muscles work the most effectively.

You’ll feel more comfortable on your bike when the height and position of your saddle are perfect.

What is the proper riding position on a bike?

And how to set your riding position correctly? Discover the most practical tips below:

Find a wall and someone to help you

Support yourself against a wall and ask somebody to help by observing you.

Take off one shoe and sit up straight.

Turn the bike’s pedal to the bottom of the revolution, and place your heel on it.

Adjust the seat height for a proper riding position on a bike

Raise or lower the saddle till your leg is completely straight.

Your saddle is at the proper height when your leg is straight with your heel on the pedal.

Ask your helper to check your posture from behind

Put your hands on the handlebars as you usually would when cycling.

Check if the clamp bolt under the saddle is tight, then put your shoe back on.

Ask your helper to stand behind you.

Ride away from your assistant and ask him/her to examine that your hips are not rocking from side to side as you pedal.

If your hips rock at all, the bike seat is too high (and you will need to readjust it).

Ensure your knee is in line with the pedal axle

Support yourself against a wall.

While having your elbows parallel to the floor, put the widest part of your foot/shoe over the pedal axle of the bike.

For clip-in pedals, adjust your cleats as needed.

Then your assistant needs to check if your knee remains in line with the pedal axle.

Last but not least, a final tip: Read how can I improve my pedaling efficiency? to lose as little energy as possible.

Adjust the brake levers if necessary

Brake levers need to be angled, so you pull on them in line with your arms.

You need to be able to quickly apply your brakes with two fingers.

In order to obtain a proper riding position on a bike, you need to have the range adjusted if you are extending too far to brake.

Follow the owner’s manual instructions or ask a bike shop if you’re not comfortable doing this by yourself.

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