What kind of bed frame is good for a heavy person? Best Tips

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What kind of bed frame is good for a heavy person? Bigger people know the importance of sleeping on good bedding without having to suffer from their weight.

What kind of bed frame is good for a heavy person?Two essential criteria to consider when choosing a bed frame and mattress are:

  1. firm or very firm support
  2. sleeping comfort

Other factors include mattress size, choice of materials, and filling of the mattress.

Everybody wants to have a peaceful sleep and an improved sleep quality, especially when you’re a heavy person, since the excessive weight tires you out.

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In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and guidelines on choosing the best bed frame and mattress.

How to choose a bed base when you have a large body?

The choice of the bed frame is essential, especially when you have a heavier body. The active, passive, or sprung slatted base will contribute to the support of your bedding.

Preferably, the bed frame should be made of thick, passive slats of good quality. Ideally, a box spring with passive slats will better resist wear and tear over time and extend the lifetime of your bedding.

The quality of the materials is fundamental. Preferably pick a bed frame with corner weights and central reinforcements.

For large sizes, you should always opt for double bedsprings. A double box spring will be much stronger, robust, and reliable than a wide box spring.

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There are many ways to get a good night’s sleep when you are a large person.

In general, box springs are well suited to people with large bodies. The rigid protective layer gives strength and support to the bedding.

However, this type of bed frame is less well ventilated than the other models. Therefore, it is not suitable for people with allergies or who sweat a lot.

If you choose a classic slatted bed base, choose one that is made up of about 20 slats. Choose a good quality slatted model, neither too soft nor too hard, with suspensions and firmness sliders.

If possible, choose solid wood to guarantee long-term resistance.

Are you going to share your bed with a partner? Then you can also choose a reclining bed frame or a double bed base for better sleeping independence. This tip is especially handy if your partner is not as weighty.

How to choose a mattress for a heavier person?

We already know that an excellent bed frame is important. But there are other criteria that matter for a person with a larger body since they need an adequately adjusted bed.

For example, the firmness of the mattress, its robustness, and its durability.

Dimensions of the mattress

The dimensions of the mattress are essential for a tall or strong person. It is better to buy a wide mattress for more comfort than the standard size.

Nowadays, you can easily find different types of queen-size or king-size mattresses.

Breathable materials for better hygiene

A heavier person often sweats more while sleeping.

The material of the mattress, particularly filling and coverage, should be able to withstand this additional moisture. Choose breathable materials for better sleep hygiene.

Filling is important

Choose fillings that are not too soft.

The mattress should be firm enough to keep you on top. When you sink into the bed, it can be harder to move around and need more effort.

Which mattress technology is suited for a heavy person?

A mattress for a heavy person must respect both criteria of firmness and density adapted. It needs to support a significant weight while also delivering certain quality criteria to guarantee a maximum life span.

3 technologies can meet these 2 criteria under certain conditions:

Latex mattress

A latex mattress can provide good support for a strong person if it has a high density.

Latex is an interesting technology because it is naturally elastic. It offers a toned sleeping environment and allows easy movement.

However, ensure the mattress support is firm or extra firm and that the latex thickness is consistent.

The thickness of the mattress guarantees better durability, better support, and can avoid heeling.

Pocket spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress can also provide good support for weighty people, but only when the suspension is firm. It should offer firm or extra firm support to properly support the pelvic area.

Pocket spring mattresses are especially suitable since they offer excellent sleeping freedom for people who sleep with their partner.

The suspension’s firmness is related to the number of springs and the section of the steel wire. At the very least, go for a 500-spring mattress, but test it out to make sure it’s supportive enough.

Foam mattresses

A foam mattress is only suitable for people with a large body if it has a suitable thickness (about 25 – 30 cm) and a high density.

Ideally, you should choose a memory foam mattress that combines great firmness and sleeping comfort by adapting to the sleeper’s morphology. A memory foam mattress will generally offer excellent sleeping freedom.

What kind of bed frame is good for a heavy person? Final tip

Note that for each type, there are specific zones within the mattress.

For example, there are mattresses that offer 3, 5, or 7 differentiated zones of density and firmness adjusted to the part of the body they support.

This means that the mattresses are designed to be softer on the shoulders and reinforced in the pelvic area!

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