What not to wear if you have a big bust?

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What not to wear if you have a big bust? Whatever your choice of attire, your bust is most likely to be the center of attention of your whole outfit.

what not to wear if you have a big bustThe reality is somewhat stark for women with big breasts…

If you’re somewhat larger on top, your girl pals may be a little green-eyed at the sight of your luscious curves…

But then again, they might not realize how difficult it can be to find something decent to wear.

What not to wear if you have a big bust? Introduction

Naturally, a big bust rules out some styles that look so flattering on smaller busted ladies.

So if you’re heavier on top, the best way to negate this is by wearing a sartorially balanced outfit, making sure that nothing adds bulk from the waist up.

I thought it would help to list some things you may want to avoid if a big chest is the cause of any fashion faux-pas.

Large-width belts

Belts can be one of the best ways to define the waist, which many bigger ladies try to achieve by putting on a belt.

That being said, the belt width does make a difference to its overall impact.

And it’s important to know what sort of belt you should choose to maximize it.

Please don’t choose really wide belts if you have a huge bust.

They take up a great deal of space and reduce the distance between your chest and your waist, which will enhance your breasts even more than before.

Many busty ladies have a shorter upper body, so with a wide belt diminishing that area, well, you’re in for a disappointment.

Avoid that by sticking to narrow belts; the best size is 2.5 to 3.25″.

You’ll benefit from a waist clinching effect without shortening your torso.

Crop tops

Adding length to your upper body is a fantastic way to balance out a big bust.

Wearing crop tops will make your upper body look shorter and your boobs larger (because of the shorter length of the hem).

You should really go for tops that are a little longer, which gives the illusion of slenderness and smaller breasts.

Ruffles near your chest

A ruffled shirt or top is a big no-no if you have a big bust.

I agree that ruffles are fun and feminine, but they add bulk to your figure, so if you have a bigger bust, you’re not going to like the look of it.

A better way of dealing with a large chest is to keep the amount of material and detailing minimal.

This will enhance your shape without adding any more to it.

Bulky necklaces: What not to wear if you have a big bust

I simply love chunky necklaces. They’re fun, versatile, and can make an otherwise plain outfit stand out superbly.

The downside? Well, they’re heavy, big, and add a lot of extra weight to your neck.

If you’re already feeling burdened by having a big chest, you really don’t want to add weight to that area or draw more attention to it.

Here I should add that if you’re big on top, your choice of jewelry must work with your body.

I know I’ve said that you might want to avoid big showy pieces around the neck, but teeny-weeny lockets won’t look too good either.

They’ll merely make your curves look bigger by comparison. How about statement earrings and longer pendants?

The latter is longer than a necklace (keep it on the delicate side) and will add length to the upper body.

So fret not. There is no need to give up your penchant for pretty jewelry.

Just make sure it compares favorably with your body shape.

High necklines

It is so obvious yet sometimes so difficult to get right. Necklines are critical, and even more so for us with bigger boobs.

Yet, sadly, they are often the most ignored information in our clothing.

High necklines, such as turtlenecks and crewnecks, aren’t your best choice since they shorten the area around the bust.

Instead, I suggest that you opt for more flattering necklines that open the area around the chest, such as V-necks and scoop necklines.

They give more space and balance to your upper body.

Cut-outs around the bust

Cut-out tops or gowns are pretty trendy, and they can look hot and edgy.

They are, however, something of a challenge with a big bust. You really need to be careful with those cut-outs.

They’re taking up a lot of space, and if you’re petite on length but big on breast, you already have a shorter torso to contend with.

Wearing a top or dress with cut-outs near the bust and the wrong move could see you in a Janet Jackson Super Bowl pose, albeit perhaps a little less shockingly.

And without Justin Timberlake at your side. So keep ’em in.

It is really more elegant and flattering to cover your breasts adequately.

Abundant sleeves

Remember we mentioned ruffles on top?

Full sleeves have the same effect, and if you’re trying to minimize your bulk, then steer clear.

Sleeves should be somewhat fitted, and I’m going to explain why.

First of all, it gives more area between your arm and bust/torso location, and in turn, has a slimming effect.

Secondly, it keeps you from adding more to an already heavy top half. You don’t want to add on in that location.

Frills on your shoulders: What not to wear if you have a big bust

Shoulder detailing refers to shoulder pads, cap sleeves, embellished shoulders, etc.

They’re all statements that can make your clothes more exciting and stylish, but drawing attention to the shoulder may also draw attention to your bust.

Keep it simple on the top half so as to flatter a more prominent bust rather than making it the focal point.

Shoulder detailing is a great way to draw attention to your top half, but to be avoided if you don’t want to.

Double-breasted coats

Double-breasted coats add width to the body and make the chest seem larger by default.

Coats with a lot of additional detailing such as buttons, pockets, and so on are something to consider carefully as they add bulk and volume to the top half of the body.

This is why single-breasted and minimal coat detailing would really go a long way in flattering your shape.

Streamlined jackets will also make your body look proportioned and balanced.

Thin spaghetti straps

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times and I’m saying it again: balancing out your body is essential, particularly if you’re top-heavy.

It stands to reason, therefore, that spaghetti straps are best avoided.

I know they can be fun to wear, but bigger chested ladies know that they lack support and draw much attention to the chest area.

And given that the straps really are almost spaghetti thin, they’d necessitate wearing a strapless bra, which is certainly not ideal for us on the heavier side.

Thinner straps can look disproportioned on a bigger bust.

Your best bet is to stick with wider straps that will allow you to wear a comfortable bra for plus-size ladies without the shoulder straps showing and which will balance out a larger bust.

Read How can I wear a bra with big boobs? to discover more practical tips and tricks on how to wear a bra in a comfortable way with a large bosom.

Loose tops

Comfort is essential when getting dressed, but you’re going to have a strategy in place.

Many ladies tend to associate too-loose tops with comfy. While they might be true, they’re not the most flattering alternatives…

They’re shapeless and only make your body look larger than it actually is.

Your best bet is to go for tops (and dresses, coats, and so on) that are somewhat fitted.

They’ll help create a clear waistline and that creates a slimmer silhouette.

What not to wear if you have a big bust? Horizontal stripes

This may not be new but bear with me. I think it is very important to revert to the classics every now and again.

Avoid horizontal stripes if you have a big bust. Instead, they broaden the body, and if you’re big on top, you’ll only be enhancing it.

If you really love stripes, do try to keep them to the bottom half.

It will draw attention to that part of your body and create an excellent balance to the top half.

Keep it to the bottom half of the body if you really love wearing stripes.

And if you want your legs to look longer, you should go for vertical stripes!

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