What Should an Elderly Recliner Look Like?

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Recliners are an older person's best friend, especially if there are any mobility issues. So we thought that it was absolutely essential to delve deeper into the subject by covering the question What should an elderly recliner look like?

what should an elderly recliner look like

What, exactly, is a recliner? If you're thinking of some sort of bed, boy, have we got news for you! A recliner is so much more!

Think of it as a piece of furniture that allows you to rest comfortably, with a high degree of flexibility and individuality, and that still looks good in any setting.

If you thought that a recliner is merely intended for avid TV viewers or video gamers, then you're not alone.

What you may not know, however, is that there are recliners developed for people that otherwise would be confined to their bed.

What should an elderly recliner look like? Introduction to recliner chairs for the elderly

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We can happily testify that there's a great market if your elderly friends and relatives are looking for a recliner.

Some are made to accommodate people with restricted movement or strength.

Others will offer features useful for older people or someone recovering from surgery.

Believe it or not, there are actually models with built-in storage to hold that nice cup of coffee.

And you won't be losing your TV remote anytime soon!

Different recliner chairs for the elderly

Retired Woman Wearing White Shirt Takes Afternoon Nap In Her Gray Recliner

Given the myriad choice on the market, we thought it wise to explore the different models and take the pain out of research.

Tip: Read our reviews of best recliners for large guys in order to select a suitable and durable heavy-duty model without losing too much time.

Read on and discover what to know before buying a recliner and which sort of recliner you should be considering:

Basic reclining chair

A basic reclining chair allows you to extend your legs with ease while seated.

Simultaneously, you can lean comfortably against the back and gently lean into a reclining position until you find just the right angle.

Power reclining chair

Eletric Power Recliner Made Of Leather Comfortable Model For Elderly People With Some Overweight

Limited use in your hands and arms because of arthritis or other reasons?

Then you might want to look at a motorized version instead of a manual recliner. To recline to your optimal position, you won't need to exert any pressure at all.

The mere touch of a button will take the stress out of sitting.

They're extremely popular in assisted living homes and health centers, proving their ease of use and durability.

Multi-function recliner

A multi-function recliner chair is a little more complex to operate.

But it allows you to lie down, unlike the more common recliner that merely gives a good tilt.

Commonly known as a geriatric recliner, it is extremely popular with bedridden people who might find a conventional chair (or even a wheelchair) inadequate for their particular needs.

Some great features reclining chairs for the elderly can have

Beige Wooden Blocks That Collectively Form The Word Features In Context Of Handy Recliner Features For The Elderly

Side pockets that allow for convenient storage of several items

Married Couple Sitting Together In Their Two-Seater Recliner And Reading On Tablet And In Classic Book Stored In Recliner Storage Compartment On Side

You don't have to be elderly to appreciate a chair that offers storage for your tablet, reading glasses, newspapers and a nice cup of tea or coffee.

However, if you have mobility issues, you'll appreciate these little extras that much more.

It's not only comfier: The fact that you can have what you need right next to you is safer too!

So no stumbling over carpets to get to those pesky glasses you left on the sideboard.

Wear-resistant upholstery that's easy to maintain

If you're spending a good chunk of your time in a recliner, you really need to give its upholstery a lot of thought.

It must be cleaned easily in case of spills, and the best hard-wearing material for that is microfiber.

It also gives a more modern and streamlined look. No need to have a great, hulking armchair lurking in a corner anymore.

No more being tucked away in dark corners: Be the envy of friends and family with a great-looking piece of furniture!

USB charging port

Convenient Usb Port Built Into Side Of Leather Recliner Very Handy For Charging Smartphone And Tablet

What should an elderly recliner look like? Such a recliner should have an integrated USB port.

Now, why on earth would you need a USB power port in an armchair? Fair point.

But listen, we think it's important to consider, so bear with us.

If you're finding it challenging to move around, then you don't want your mobile, tablet or e-reader too far away while it's charging...

Or worse, have it go flat on you while you're alone in the room.

If you have a USB port cozily tucked away in your lovely recliner, then you can continue serenely with whatever you were doing.

No need to worry or someone to help you out.

On the other hand, if you're keeping an eye on someone, there's no need to stress about your loved one getting up to check on their e-toys.

Comfortable cushioning: What should an elderly recliner look like?

Enormously Comfortable Leather Backrest With Thick Padding For Comfortable And Relaxing Sitting And Lying Experience

Price can be a little worrying. We get it. Some choose a state-of-the-art recliner with all the benefits that a $4,500 cheque can provide.

On the other hand, you may not be willing or able to stretch your finances that far.

And the fantastic news is that you don't have to compromise on comfort if you can't.

Recliners for the older person often have memory foam cushioning.

It closely imitates the pressure on our bodies while sitting down and so provides a wonderfully comfortable layer of added comfort.

So for whatever reason you're buying a recliner, make sure that it includes memory foam cushioning. It's the ultimate word in relaxation and comfort.

Backlit ergonomic remote control

Handy Black Remote Control To Operate The Recliner From A Sitting Or Lying Position Very Ergonomic And User-Friendly Solution For Older People

We've come across various studies that recommend a recliner with an ergonomically designed push-button control (which will have an LED light for ease of visibility).

It seems that the most common complaints of senior citizens were the positioning and strength needed to operate this blessed button.

Sometimes it was too hard to press or else barely visible.

Quiet and smooth operation

Elderly Lady Gesturing Silence And Raising A Thumb Important To Select Quiet Recliner That Does Not Make Too Much Noise

Let's talk about quality. How can you determine quality when it comes to recliners? It's not as hard as you may think.

You see, the quality of an older care reclining chair is determined by three elements:

  1. size,
  2. weight (your chair should weigh around 200 pounds to your 150), and
  3. how much noise it makes.

The first 2 are easy, no complaints there.

It's the third that is a little more complicated...

Basically, your chair has to move and operate as Michael Jackson. You really need a smooth operator!

It's got to be easy to use, with no vibrations or noises that annoy other people and that's not even taking you into consideration!

What should an elderly recliner look like? Conclusion

Elderly Gray-Haired Lady Smiling And Enjoying Sitting Comfortably In Her Dark Blue Recliner With Red Blanket On The Backrest

So, after all this, let's recapitulate. What kind of recliners are there to specifically meet the wants and needs of older people?

To make the best-informed decision, look into all the features of your preferred model. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the physical limitations of the end-user, and you'll know precisely what functions you'll need.

This will steer you in the right direction and help you avoid spending money on something that doesn't give you what you need.

We do suggest that you talk to an expert! Perhaps a geriatrics specialist, who might be able to advise on any long-term physical needs in line with the power recliner's expected lifespan.

Whatever the ultimate choice, make sure that you consider various aspects such as upholstery, cushioning, angle options, arm and back rest height, chair size, and footrest types.

We know it seems like a lot of work, but this is a considerable financial investment worthy of your attention.

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