What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Healthy foods

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What should I eat at the beach on a diet? There are a number of healthy foods you can bring to the beach and eat healthily even if surrounded by ice creams.

What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Healthy foods

Examples of healthy foods to bring with you to the beach are: apples, grapefruit, melons, kiwi, broccoli, beans, soup, whole wheat bread, rice, yogurt, chicken, and fish.

Read on to learn why these foods are healthy for you.

What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Introduction

Many foods will keep you from gaining weight, and there are quite a few that also help burn fat!

They do not add fat to your diet, but they also reduce your hunger and cravings, speed up metabolism and make you feel satisfied.

So plan your trip well and prepare some of these in advance so you can bring them with you to the beach.

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Apples have a reputation for being very healthy.

An apple lowers your blood pressure and reduces the amount of cholesterol in your blood.

They help burn fat by raising your blood sugar (to a safe level), keeping it up longer, and leaving you satisfied for longer.

In addition, apples are one of the best sources of fiber. Fiber, especially soluble fiber, prevents hunger by balancing sugar levels.

For example, an average apple contains only 81 kCal and has no sodium, saturated fats, or cholesterol.

Whole wheat bread

Bread may have a bad reputation when it comes to diet, but it actually does not deserve that! It’s not the bread itself that makes you fat, but what you put on it.

Whole wheat bread, in particular, is a natural source of fiber and carbohydrates, so it is perfectly okay within your diet. The darker the bread (more whole grain), the healthier.

On the other hand, white bread is less filling, causing one to eat more. Because of the fiber in the bread, you feel satisfied for longer, which lowers the craving for other (fatty) products.

A sandwich with whole-grain bread contains complex carbohydrates which are the best energy source you can offer your body, combined with a good amount of protein.


Grapefruit has long been known as a dietary product. This is because grapefruit and its juice help burn fat and dissolve cholesterol (which is a silent killer).

Grapefruit is fat-free, has low sodium content, and is rich in vitamin C. It’s also is healthy because it helps prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

But people with such health problems often need to take medications that may not be combined with grapefruit (juice).

This is because the active ingredient in grapefruit that dissolves cholesterol neutralizes the active ingredients in the drugs.

Try not to sprinkle the grapefruit with sugar. That’s not the point in the fight against excess pounds! Instead, consider adding a pinch of cinnamon to replace sugar.

What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Soup

Soup is healthy and good for you! And not the canned or powdered bags from the store but classic, freshly made soup.

Soup fills your stomach in a healthy way without making you gain weight. But, of course, you have to pay attention to what kind of soup you are making.

Cream soups and soups based on pork are not the best choices. Instead, it is better to choose vegetable and chicken soup.


Do you know the rice diet? This is a special diet based entirely on rice. At the beginning of the diet, rice is really the main part of your entire diet. Later, you mix in fruits and vegetables.

The result is impressive weight loss while becoming healthier. Research has shown that this diet works well for kidney problems and combats high blood pressure.

But did you know that unpolished rice is better than white rice?

What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Chicken

Of all the meats, chicken contains the fewest calories. This type of poultry is a source of protein, iron, and zinc.

It is best to remove the skin after cooking. This way, you keep the chicken meat tender and eat as little fat as possible.


Fish has been considered very healthy for centuries, and it still is. Some fish are also low in calories, even the fattier kinds!

Fish contains oil that thins the blood and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. As a direct result, it significantly lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Some people with stiff or inflamed joints, for example, rheumatism and arthritis, use daily fish oil supplements to relieve pain.


Beans: that is plant-based food at its best!

They are low in sodium and fat and high in protein and potassium.

Plant-based protein is not full-fat, so you have to add something to it to get to a full meal. We recommend adding whole grains to get enough nutrients.

For example, add rice, barley, wheat, or corn to your meal based on beans.

So you get the same serving of protein as meat, with only a minimal amount of fat. Research has also shown that regularly eating beans and other nutraceuticals can greatly lower your cholesterol.


Like all dairy products, yogurt is a good source of calcium and protein. That’s why dairy products are a requirement in your diet.

Yogurt, especially low-fat yogurt, is a good and healthy food product which can help you poop more easily too. It’s great as the base for breakfast with a piece of fruit and/or granola or cereal.

You can also use yogurt in sauces, as filling, or even on sandwiches. For example, it can replace heavy milk products like cream or whole milk in many dishes, making it calorie- and fat-poor.

There are many types of yogurt, most of them have added fruit and sugar. For the sake of your weight and diet, it is best to buy plain, fat-free, or low-fat yogurt and add fruit yourself.

What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Melons

Melons contain a huge amount of healthy fiber, making them a great addition to a healthy meal.

All types of melons are low in calories and very rich in vitamins A and C and potassium.


It’s a well-known fact that fruit is healthy.

Kiwi is a hairy fruit that is a natural vitamin C bomb.

Kiwis also hold a lot of potassium, which is great for your blood pressure.


Broccoli contains very few calories and has many nutrients you need to live healthily.

It lowers the risk of cancer, contains no fat, and is high in healthy fiber, vitamin C, and calcium.

When you buy broccoli, pay attention to the color. The florets should have a deep green color, and you should not see a trace of yellow. The logs must be firm, or they will be dried out.

What should I eat at the beach on a diet? Conclusion

There is no need to succumb to all the indulgences commonly found at the beach like soft drinks and ice creams.

Instead, you can plan your trip to the beach by preparing a number of healthy foods to bring along with you such as soup, broccoli, beans, fish, rice, chicken, whole wheat bread, apples, melons, kiwi, grapefruit, and yogurt.

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