What should I look for when buying a vibration plate? Buying guide

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What should I look for when buying a vibration plate?

What should I look for when buying a vibration plate? Buying guideVibration plates have become quite popular in the fitness world in recent years. You will improve your strength, flexibility, and circulation with these devices.

As a whole, vibration training involves counteracting an imposed imbalance when standing on a vibration plate. Buying factors to consider include oscillating vs linear vibrations, budget, intended users, and purpose. Consider sturdiness and load capacity for dynamic workouts on the vibration plate.

Read on to learn how to choose a vibration plate and what to look for when buying a good vibration plate.

There are some crucial factors that you should definitely not lose sight of.

What should I look for when buying a vibration plate? Introduction

Nowadays, there are a lot of different fitness machines that can help promote your fitness, basic strength, and muscle growth.

Some of these devices are useful, others not at all. For example, a vibration plate falls into the first, useful category of home fitness equipment.

A vibration plate is precisely what the name suggests… It is a fitness machine with a plate on top that is set in motion by a little motor at the bottom of the device. This is a simple concept, but many people benefit from this system.

What is a vibration plate?

A vibration plate is a piece of fitness equipment that uses vibrations to strengthen your body. The plate sends out rapid pulses. In this way, your body is thrown off balance. So to still maintain your balance, your muscles have to work.

A good vibration plate provides comfort and easy exercise and is made of quality materials.

Ten to fifteen minutes per training session is sufficient for a complete workout.

More advanced athletes also do additional exercises on their vibration plate. Think push-ups, squats, or yoga exercises with sessions of up to 30 minutes.

Training with a vibration plate improves your strength, flexibility, and circulation. In addition, it is a well-known aid against cellulite.

So there are several good reasons to get started with a vibration plate.

These devices are not for everyone. Pregnant women, persons with back problems, or prosthetic limbs are better off not using it.

Selection criteria for a vibratory plate

Type of vibration system

A vibration plate sends vibrations through your body. In this way, the device unbalances your body. Your muscles then restore that balance which makes for a solid workout.

Short sessions of 10 to 15 minutes already strengthen your whole body.

Beginners sit or stand on their vibration plate and best perform only static exercises. The vibrations eliminate the need for other movements.

Experienced athletes, on the other hand, can combine the vibration plate with additional exercises. In this case, we speak of dynamic vibration plate exercises.

Examples include squats, push-ups, and yoga exercises performed on the vibration plate.

Two different types of vibrating plates

There are roughly 2 different systems:

  • Linear vibrations.
  • Oscillating vibrations.

The main difference is in the direction of vibration.

Linear vibrating plates allow you to work out solidly. A linear vibrating plate simulates the jumping reflex in your body. With each vibration, muscles on both sides of your body contract simultaneously.

In doing so, your body is stressed all over the place. Still, you are mainly training the larger muscles. A linear vibration plate has little effect on the smaller muscles.

Linear vibrating plates offer limited comfort. In some cases, users may even experience pain.

Oscillating vibrating plates aim at a similar effect. In the process, they limit the negative impact on your body. Because the plates vibrate differently, you distribute the load better on your body. Your muscles contract alternately.

The body movement with oscillating vibrating plates feels more natural. As a result, these oscillating vibrating plates are better for your joints, back, and tendons. So you can get started on it responsibly.

Load capacity and strength

Some vibratory plates are like toys and cannot carry enough weight and absorb forces.

There are also heavy-duty vibratory plates at the other end of the range of vibratory plates that can handle enormous amounts of weight.

Are you suffering from obesity? Then be sure to focus on the vibration plate’s load capacity and make sure the vibration plate has enough capacity to support your body without breaking down.

Always factor in some slack. In other words, make sure the maximum load capacity of the vibration plate is a little higher than your body weight.

Also, think carefully about how you want to use your vibration plate.Do you want to stand or sit on it? Or do you want to use the device intensively, including dynamic exercises instead of just static exercises?

For example, if you plan to do squats and push-ups on the vibration plate as well, you better look out for a sturdier one.

Sturdiness and load capacity are less critical for less dynamic workouts or purely static workouts.

The programs of the vibration plate

You can use specific pre-programmed workout programs with a set intensity, speed, and/or strength.

There are vibrating plates with specific programs to lose fat, get rid of cellulite, and improve your fitness, balance, and posture.

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Definitely keep that in mind when you buy a vibration plate because these pre-programmed programs are worth the money!

Be sure and think carefully about precisely what you want.

How much variety are you looking for with the vibration plate? There are vibratory plates with pre-programmed options and others on which you can create your own programs.


Determine your budget in advance before you start shopping. Then see what is possible within that budget.

There are vibratory plates on the market in all kinds of price ranges. The cheapest ones cost +/- $100, and the more expensive devices from the professional segment cost several thousand dollars.

Know that a good vibrating device often costs a little more money but also lasts much longer.

A cheap device will most likely have to be replaced quickly.

In other words, the cheapest device could be a lot more expensive in the medium to long term because you have to replace it, often after the legal warranty period has expired.

The type of training you want to do on the vibrating plate

You need to consider the specific type of workout you want to do on the vibration plate.

Most standard vibration plates are suitable for toning your muscles or improving circulation.

A vibrating plate with an oscillating vibration system is recommended for rehabilitation, fat burning, and weight loss.

And there are thankfully quite a few of those to be found these days.

Good to know: Vibration training is also used as part of specific treatments, such as Fibromyalgia treatment with whole-body vibration therapy

Functions of the vibration plate

Control panel

Almost every vibration plate on the market is equipped with a control panel.

Some control panels have an LED screen, but that is certainly not standard with every vibration plate.

There are also several devices that you can control with a remote control.

Vibration direction

Simple vibrating plates vibrate linearly.

On the other hand, more expensive vibratory plates work with oscillating vibrations.

Oscillating vibrating plates are generally slightly better for your health because they offer a varied workout with a limited negative impact on your body.

Vibration frequency

The frequency or vibration speed of your vibration plate is essential. Most vibratory plates offer about twenty different speeds.

Top devices from the professional segment often allow up to 100 or more different frequencies.

That way, you will always find the right frequency for your training session.

The safety of the vibration plate

Safety first! Always pay attention to the safety of the vibration plate you want to buy.

Although most models do not have additional security features, some models are specifically designed for the elderly/seniors.

For example, sometimes, a vibration plate for the elderly has a long bar with handles for more grip, making its use less dangerous.

Ensure the vibration plate is equipped with an anti-slip surface to minimize the risk of falls!

Built-in technical gadgets

There are vibrating plates on the market with built-in speakers that function using a Bluetooth system.

This allows you to pair your cell phone with the vibration plate and thus listen to your favorite music while exercising on the vibration plate. The motivational tunes then come out of the built-in speakers from the vibration plate!

There are also vibrating plates on the market with a built-in sensor to measure your BMI. Moreover, there is also a program available that will fully tailor your training to your calculated BMI in such a situation.

The dimensions of the vibration plate

How much space do you have available in the room where you plan to place the vibration plate?

Looking for a compact device? Or are you more looking for a sturdy appliance with a permanent place in your home, in a spacious room with plenty of room to put your best foot forward?

Vibratory plates come in different shapes and sizes. There is a suitable vibration plate for every situation.

There are a lot of models that are very compact and therefore easy to store and set up.

Other vibratory plates take up a lot of space but are more powerful and professional, and you might want to consider these if you have a separate area available to set up a home gym.

Or do you just want to use your vibration plate somewhere in the living room corner?


With some vibration plates, you get an elastic resistance band on top to train your upper body.

There are also vibrating plates that include a training chair equipped with handles that allow you to experience more stability during the exercises on the vibration plate.

You can adjust the chair’s height, which makes this accessory particularly interesting for training your abdominal muscles. Such a chair is perfect for doing crunches and other abdominal exercises.

The capacity of the motor

First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to the vibrating plate’s motor capacity. Not every vibratory plate has the same power.

Typically, an appliance with a more powerful motor will cost more. Still, that also depends on the brand and other factors.

The capacity of the motor determines, among other things, how fast the plate vibrates and how strong the vibrations are.

In addition, a more powerful motor almost always guarantees a longer life of the vibratory plate and fewer technical problems in the medium and long term.

What are the benefits of a vibration plate?

What does a vibration plate do to your body? Does a vibration plate really work?

A review of the benefits of a vibration plate may help:

Strengthening of your muscles

First and foremost, a vibration plate can help tone your muscles. This is thanks to the vibrations’ effect on your individual muscle fibers.

Because of the constant vibrations, your body naturally becomes a little unbalanced. To restore that balance, your muscles must always contract and relax again. And that will make your muscles tighter and stronger.

More balance and equilibrium

Another benefit of whole-body vibration on a vibration plate is that such a system improves your coordination and balance.

Due to the device’s vibrations, your body must continuously make adjustments in terms of cooperation between the muscles.

This will teach you to stay balanced despite an uneven/moving surface.

Less cellulite

Cellulite is often the result of poor circulation, blockages in the lymphatic system, an unbalanced diet, and inadequate waste removal.

But suppose you use a vibrating plate regularly. In that case, your lymphatic system and blood vessels are more easily cleared of these toxins.

You will also have less from cellulite due to a vibration plate’s muscle-strengthening and fat-burning effect.

Good for the circulation

Finally, a vibration plate is good for circulation. A vibrating plate triggers the lymphatic system, the blood vessels, and the heart.

So if you naturally have problems with poor circulation, a vibration plate can definitely help.

Lose weight faster with a vibrating plate

The effect of a vibration plate on your body weight and fat content may be significant because a vibration plate has been scientifically proven to stimulate fat burning and weight loss.

Because you are more active while using such a plate than sitting still, you burn more calories than when you are at rest.

On top of that, your muscles will get a little bigger, so they will start burning more energy even at rest.

As a result, a vibration plate makes it easier to lose weight!

Combine exercise sessions on the vibration plate with a healthy, balanced diet for maximum fat burning!

Painless way of doing sports

Exercise is good for everyone, but many people cannot do it because of pain in the muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Buying a vibration plate is a good idea if you want to exercise daily without pain.

People with osteoarthritis or another bone or muscle condition, for example, may benefit from such a fitness machine.

The vibrations are strong enough to activate your muscles, yet your joints are not stressed like classic strength training.

Strengthening bones and joints

Finally, you can also use a vibrating plate to strengthen your joints and bones.

Like regular sports, your muscles become active, but your bones also experience tension and light pressure.

This causes them to have a higher density and contain more minerals. As a result, the risk of bone fractures, arthritis, and fibromyalgia is much lower.

What should I look for when buying a vibration plate? Conclusion

A good vibration plate is golden for your health, but finding the most suitable and best vibration plate is not always an easy task.

Nowadays you can find a lot of models in accessible supermarkets. What to look for when buying a vibration plate depends on who and why it is being used.

Whether you are looking for a vibration plate for the elderly, want to lose weight faster, or do something about your fat rolls, training with a vibration plate can definitely help you.

Please note that vibration plates are not recommended during pregnancy or for people with prosthetics, a pacemaker, diabetes, bronchitis, or hypertension. Always check with your doctor first to see if using a vibration plate is for you!

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