What to do if I’m scared to poop? How to deal with it

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What to do if I’m scared to poop? We’ll explain the fear of pooping and the possible psychological causes.

What to do if I'm scared to poop? How to deal with it

More importantly, we’ll also cover the possible negative health effects of holding your stool and your farts.

After having been informed properly, we hope this article will help you deal with your fear of pooping.

We finish by highlighting how physical exercise can help your bowel movements.

What to do if I’m scared to poop? Introduction

Going to the bathroom seems like a normal thing to do. But in reality, it’s not the most normal thing for everyone.

Pooping is something everyone needs to do, but it is not so easy for many. Knowing that someone can hear or smell it is already a problem for some.

As a result, they hold their bowel movements and don’t go to the bathroom for days. Getting over this fear is not easy for most…

Holding in your poop is absolutely not good for the bowels and can cause many problems.

Stinky poop on the toilet

Poop doesn’t smell good on anyone. Yet some suffer from this more than others.

Some people can quietly poop in a row of toilets with the toilet doors open at the top and bottom.

While others urgently need to go but can’t get it done because there are other people around.

Indeed: These are often people who can’t even go to the bathroom when a family member is around. Shame and upbringing are often the cause of this.

Make no mistake: some men believe that ladies should not leave an odor on the toilet. This type of man thinks that ladies should always smell like roses and let their bizarre vision show as well.

In addition, some parents can burden their children with mental struggles by letting them know their stools really stink.

But poop stinks because it is a waste product. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. The one who goes to the bathroom simply can’t do anything about it.

Going to the toilet when someone is around | What to do if I’m scared to poop?

Actually, going to the bathroom should be ordinary and even relaxing. This probably used to be the case in the past, as people did their needs outside in an outhouse or even in a barrel.

Fortunately, nowadays we’ve got more comfortable toilet bowls and toilet seats. We’ve even written a whole article where we compare toilet seats for overweight individuals.

So that’s where you sat, and all the pee and poop from whole families gathered. No one simply cared.

The barrel was emptied every other week, and there you see the product of an entire family’s week of poop and pee.

Nowadays, everything has to be perfect, and body odors cannot be smelled. For that, we have toilet sprays and extractors in the toilet.

In Japan, devices even make noise when someone is on the toilet. Because this is another problem for many people: the sound they make when they produce their stools.

Therefore, most people with poop issues have already found all sorts of solutions.

For example, they turn on the shower faucet when they are on the toilet to override their own bowel sounds.

Or people go to the bathroom and turn up the TV in the room.

There are also many techniques and ways to mask the smell. For example, toilets where the wastes go directly into water leave less smell. This is because the poop disappears underwater.

In older toilets where this isn’t the case, the motto is to flush immediately when the stool hits the bowl. So don’t wipe first and then flush, but immediately move on. Success assured.

It needs more water, but if that’s the cure for better bowel movements now, it’s worth it.

Many people lose their embarrassment for a moment when the bowels take on a life of their own. For example, someone who has eaten something wrong and who’s dealing with an intestinal infection.

They are all too happy to empty the bowels without considering the effects on the bystanders. Simply because there is no other way.

And it’s better too because not going to the bathroom on time can cause many problems and damage.

Congestion caused by stool withholding

It’s terrible not to go to the toilet regularly because of the shame. It can harm your health!

Among other things, intestines become lazy when they frequently don’t have to do what they want to do.

Laxatives also take care of that, by the way. Intestines become highly dependent on those drugs. But, at some point, they don’t do their job at all.

Therefore, laxatives should only be used if there is really no other way. For example, when someone has not been to the toilet for days.

Not going to the bathroom when your belly calls for it

The bowels lose their elasticity and peristaltic ability if they are not emptied when they tell. Most people know the feeling of having to poop; it’s an urge that’s hard to resist.

But most hold it in if you can’t find a toilet for a while. Some even hold up if they don’t want someone to know that they poop.

This puts your guts under pressure, which is very unhealthy. Holding in farts is also harmful, by the way (and holding your pee is harmful too!).

Of course, no one needs to unashamed throw farts around everywhere. But on a toilet or in the privacy of one’s own room, it’s a different story.

Holding farts: bulges in the intestines

The danger of constantly holding in farts can lead to bulges in the intestines, which can cause inflammation.

In addition, toxic intestinal gases can enter the bloodstream, creating fatigue and headaches.

A person who additionally has a belly full of flatulence and gas may even feel like they have heart disease.

The gas then pushes upward, causing tightness. So time to visit the smallest room in the house!

Proper exercise is good for bowel movements

Those who cannot go to the toilet, for whatever reason, will benefit from exercise. Examples of activities that promote bowel movements are:

  • swimming
  • walking
  • cycling
  • gardening
  • doing household chores

Why is physical activity good for bowel movements?

Movement triggers digestion and contractions in the intestines. It’s also important to exercise because it reduces stress. In fact, for many people, stress is a factor in irregular bowel movements!

Stress causes people to unconsciously tense their muscles, resulting in poorer food digestion.

In this case, the intestines work much worse than usual and produce more gases than average.

By the way, some people also produce a lot of gas because of temperature changes.

So when they go to the sauna and shift between hot and cold environments, their belly swells up like a balloon, and their intestines take over everything…

What to do if I’m scared to poop? Conclusion

Understanding your fear is the first step so in this post we explain the fear of pooping and the possible causes.

We’ve also gone over the negative consequences of holding your stool and your gas.

Finally, we’ve explained how physical exercise can help you go to the toilet more smoothly.

You should now be in a better position to understand your fear of pooping and deal with it accordingly, good luck!

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