What to wear to make you look taller and thinner? 6 Style tips for women

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What to wear to make you look taller and thinner?

What to wear to make you look taller and thinner? 6 Style tips for womenIt’s all about the right fit, the right underwear and the right colors.

  • Are you looking for clothing advice to look slimmer and taller?
  • Are you wondering how can colors help you do this? Perhaps what width of pant legs is best for your stature?
  • Will you choose a V-neck or rather a round neck?

In any case, you can make yourself look taller. And if you look taller, you immediately look a little slimmer.

What to wear to make you look taller and thinner? Introduction

We all have something to hide, a belly, full arms, wide hips, just to name a few.

The dumbest thing you can do is compare yourself to models, who are often extremely tall.

Which also makes their body proportions look very different.

Also, don’t go extreme slimming to meet that ideal image but make sure you look your best using your clothes.

I’ve listed some interesting ways to look slimmer for you below.

This boosts your self-confidence, and when you know you look good, you radiate it.

You will find that people will also approach you differently.

Apply principles based on day-to-day applications

It’s a fun challenge to find nicely fitting pants that also make you look slimmer.

After all, looking slim is what every woman (and man) wants. Also, most women want to look taller (which is often true of men as well).

It’s also striking how ladies always rate themselves much heavier than they really are.

Many women describe their upper legs as heavy when this is absolutely not the case.

Ladies often start dressing too big after slimming down.

They have lost considerable weight, but they are still that heavy lady in their minds.

It takes a long time for them to catch up mentally.

You can slim down as much as you want but still keep your typical body shape forever.

An A-type with wide hips will remain wider on the hips than on the shoulders even after dieting.

A lady with heavy upper arms usually retains them to some extent, even after losing so much excess weight.

A difficult issue, for example, is also losing weight on the abdomen.

Even though the woman in question weighs so much less, it seems like that belly just won’t go away then.

Clothing advice to appear slimmer on the entire body or parts of the body is fundamental for so many of us since clothes can transform your mood and boost your self-confidence.

What to wear to make you look taller and thinner? 6 ways for women to look slimmer

Wear shoes that fit your legs and ankles

Just because certain clothing is currently fashionable doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Ankle straps and ankle-covering shoes, for example, make your legs look thicker and shorter to the eye.

Low cut shoes make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Invest in a good bra

Spend a little less on outerwear and buy a quality bra from a quality store.

There you will be measured and get the bra that really fits your heavy breasts.

You’ll see that your clothes fall much nicer and you’ll also appear slimmer.

Your breasts should be at the right height, and breasts that are too low make your upper body look shorter (and therefore wider).

Your breasts should be in that spot where space has been made in the clothing for your breasts.

If they are not in the right place, you will appear fat. A too-tight bra creates skin folds and loose skin above your bra and skin rolls on your back.

Give away a garment if it doesn’t fit

Remove a garment from your closet if it doesn’t fit.

Don’t look at the clothing size, it’s just a number. One size 40 is not the other.

Clothing that is tight around your body makes you look fatter than you are.

Clothing that is too wide also has that effect.

Clothing that doesn’t make you look fat has the right fit for you, fits well (it glides along your body) and always shows off your slim points without accentuating them.

That point can be just below your breasts or at your waist level.

Watch out for the following problems that make you look fat:

  • tight sleeves
  • buttons that are in tension
  • too low crotch
  • bags that are out/open
  • the seam of your pants that gets stuck between your buttocks
  • a waistband that is too tight (causing a muffin top)
  • broad shoulders

Provide an unbroken vertical line

Horizontal lines shorten but vertical lines make you look longer and therefore slimmer again.

Provide a medium to dark top and pants/skirt and wear a cardigan/jacket in a more striking or lighter color over it.

Make sure this cardigan or blazer is longer than the t-shirt or top you are wearing.

Wear the jacket/vest open, so as to create an unbroken vertical line that makes you look taller and slimmer.

Also with a jacket in the same color as your pants/skirt you can look slimmer by closing the jacket.

Choose your colors carefully

A noticeable transition in color between your top and pants/skirt creates a horizontal line, and horizontal lines have a shortening effect.

The trick is to dress in monochromatic color combinations.

Monochromatic colors are colors that differ in depth, for example, a combination of a light blue top, medium blue jeans and dark blue boots/shoes.

But also an outfit in analogous colors makes you look taller and slimmer.

Make sure your pants are the right length

Pants legs that stick to your shoes create horizontal creases on your ankles.

And such horizontal lines create a shortening effect.

For more information on pants in particular, check the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants

What to wear to make you look taller and thinner? Conclusion 

Now that you know six ways to look slimmer, it’s not hard to look good.

Even if you are a size up and would like to lose some weight.

If you accept your body as it is now, you can also lose weight more easily in a sustainable way.

While this article focused on women, we’ve got a guide for men as well, check out our top jeans guide for plus-size guys.

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