What Type of Chair Is Best for Office Work? Plus-Size Tips

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What type of chair is best for office work if you are tall and/or plus-size?

what type of chair is best for office workYou’d think that choosing an office chair is an easy job…

But that is unfortunately a mistake if you have special requirements in terms of load capacity and/or dimensions….

What type of chair is best for office work? Introduction

Still, when you actually think about it, so many factors come into play that you’d be forgiven for giving it up as a bad job.

For example, you have to consider the amount of time you’ll be sitting in it every day, to the office you’ll be working in.

Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of how we sit in an office chair, while sitting posture is really important.

So we’d thought that we’d compile a list to help you out.

Points of attention when buying an office chair

Try to find out which chair would provide the best support for your individual physical needs.

Be sure to pay attention to the following points (and you should also check our reviews of the best office chairs for heavy persons):

How does it look? 🧐

You really need to prioritize comfort over looks.

We understand that many are put off by the bland blacks and grays that populate most offices.

Think about textile choice, colors, and other personal preferences such as the office chair weight limit to help you choose your ideal office chair.

Good support for your (lower) back 🔙

The most basic office chairs don’t offer lumbar and back support to prevent back pain and are more of a one-size-fits-all kinda chair.

Because we all have different torso lengths and lumbar curvatures, the ability to adjust your chair is really important.

An excellent back-rest will support you no matter the angle you’re in, whether it’s straight or tilted.

Is reclining easy? ↙

Reclining is very important for sustainable, prolonged sitting since you can move more.

But it must allow you to move around quickly without any effort.

Beware: Prolonged sitting is to be avoided. Read our other articles to learn more about the disastrous health effects of sitting too long in an office chair and which office chair to choose for long hours.

Duration of the warranty period ⏲

Whereas an unbranded office chair may offer a warranty for a couple of years, an office chair with 5 years of warranty is the minimum for a high-end office chair.

We think that a reliable chair should at least give a five-year service warranty, preferably longer.

It should also cover almost everything that could break, in contrast to cheaper versions with limited service warranties.

Price tag: What type of chair is best for office work? 🏷

The distinction in quality between a $55 workplace chair from any average seller and a $999 workplace chair from an already established business is significant.

Chairs that cost less than $175 are usually made with cheap plastic and metal, have fixed armrests and limited seat depth, and don’t have much going for them in the way of looks.

Their warranty wouldn’t be anything to write home about either.

Look at models priced at around $275, and you’ll find chairs that are more adjustable built with top-quality products.

For around $950, you’d be able to choose from a broader range of colors and functionalities and a warranty that replaces almost any worn parts even after a decade.

In addition, it will have excellent foam cushioning and lumbar assistance.

Ability to make adjustments ⚙

A more flexible office chair will be suitable for more people, and you’ll find you’re happy with your purchase.

At the very least, your chair should have an adjustable seat and arm height option and allow you to choose the tilting angle.

Top-of-the-range chairs will allow you to customize the tilt range and the pressure needed to push back.

Is it comfortable? 💺

Every person’s body is different, and the right office chair is subjective.

It all depends on what work you do, your size and your posture.

Another measure of comfort is how you feel when you get up, just like sitting down.

And this all depends on how much your chair can be adjusted to suit you.

Tip: Read our other pages to learn more about how to prevent back pain and to learn more about discomfort and body ailments such hip pain in an office chair.

Sturdiness and materials used: What type of chair is best for office work? 💪

A lot of things can go wrong with a chair. For example, the arms may come loose, a knob could split, or a piece might break off.

Cheaper office chairs develop annoying noises quickly, and chances are that you’ll have to replace them by the end of the year.

Seat cushions are particularly subjective to wear and tear.

Less expensive foam will start to sag within 6 months, even if it felt perfect initially.

And if you’ve chosen casters for your chairs, then you don’t want one to suddenly break and throw you off balance.

Tip: Have a look at our other post for more detail on durable office chair materials to choose from.

What type of chair is best for office work? Conclusion on selecting the ideal office chair

As you can see, the market offers an impressive range of office chairs.

Your choice depends on your particular needs and budget but remember: Cheap comes at a price.

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