What’s a good vacation for seniors? Camping

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What’s a good vacation for seniors?

What's a good vacation for seniors? CampingA campsite offering diverse activities for seniors (and their grandkids) that don’t stretch the purse strings sounds perfect!

At retirement age, seniors take advantage of their newfound freedom to travel or pursue their passions.

When you’re over 65, it’s time for last-minute weekends, unforgettable family vacations and the chance to meet new people without any strings attached.

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Why are camping vacations so popular with seniors?

In this article, you will discover the winning combination of seniors and camping!

What’s a good vacation for seniors? The advantages of camping for retirees

For some, camping is first and foremost a lifestyle. For others, it is a simple way to spend a vacation in a tent, caravan or mobile home.

In any case, this type of stay is becoming more and more popular among retired people.

The campsite offers a state of mind based on conviviality

The conviviality, the simple and warm human relations, this is what attracts retired campers to a campground.

What a joy to participate in the daily aperitifs, to play petanque or board games, in a bungalow or a chalet if the weather is rainy!

There is also mutual support among the older vacationers, creating sincere friendships.

Diversified activities for senior campers

Camping establishments offer a multitude of relaxing activities to entertain seniors during their stay.

At most of the campsites, you can find among others :

  • Animations (games, contests) and dances
  • Visits to historical sites (e.g. museums)
  • Walking or biking on bicycle paths
  • Wellness activities such as aquagym classes in the heated pool in the heart of the aquatic area (supervised by instructors during the summer)

At the campsite, it’s impossible to get bored. Many activities are planned to entertain young and old.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take the grandchildren on vacation!

They are often offered fun activities by several animators according to the age group but also for the whole family.

What’s a good vacation for seniors? Budget

The affordable prices of the campsite

Retirees can take a vacation at any time of the year.

They then benefit from interesting discounts by renting their site in low season.

A camping trip from April to June or from September?

Here are pleasant vacations in a mobile home or in a motor home with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The different types of accommodation offered in camping

Depending on the season, the number of people, the desires and the budget of each person, several types of outdoor accommodations and pitches are available.

In general, retired vacationers choose between:

No doubt you will find the one that suits you at several campsites (such as XXL pitches in tents or mobile homes).

How to make sure that your camping trip goes well?

Seniors don’t approach camping like young people.

For students, the organization is relative and the lack of comfort is not so important.

But for older people, comfort is key to a successful vacation.

Whether you are traveling by motor home or staying elsewhere, make sure your accommodation is air-conditioned.

In summer, bring a fan and misting spray, and remember to stay well hydrated.

In recent years, heat waves have become longer and more intense.

If your budget allows it, you may opt for mobile homes and lodges rather than tents.

You will enjoy more comfort and essential facilities, such as a dishwasher and private bathroom.

We advise you to go in low or medium season, to avoid crowds. It’s cheaper too!

What gadgets to bring with you when camping?

In the past, we used to go camping with the bare minimum.

Today, the only constraint is the space you have in your vehicle.

You can also ask at the campsite reception to find out about all the services you are entitled to.

Don’t give up the gadgets that keep you comfortable every day!

There are portable espresso machines that allow you to serve coffee wherever you are.

And, for more peace of mind, you can equip your main residence with a remote video surveillance system.

This way, you will be able to have a look at your home from your campsite.

When it comes to simply sitting down to take a break, don’t forget to bring a good camping chair: have a look at our best camp chairs for big guys list.

Finally, if you have health problems, it is better to be careful.

Some gadgets detect falls and cell phones are designed with an integrated assistance service for seniors in difficulty.

Think about it to reassure your loved ones!

Camping is no longer reserved for young people. It’s just as popular with the seniors!

In addition, many campsites offer services dedicated to this new audience.

Cruises, tours and events are organized especially for seniors to ensure a successful camping experience.

What’s a good vacation for seniors? Conclusion

Camping is the perfect holiday for anyone who wants to spend some time with family and other people.

In summary, the outdoor hotel industry is increasingly popular.

Seniors see it as an expression of a certain freedom, of a convivial way of vacationing at a controlled cost.

An ideal vacation in the fresh air! So senior friends, are you ready for the next camping vacation?

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